Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trump declares coronavirus a national emergency

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we begin with the u.s. is the latest measures against a Cove in nineteen in

America US President Donald Trump has declared a

national emergency over the corner virus outbreak that includes a freeing up a

fifty billion u.s. dollars to fight the virus let's take a listen to unleash the

full power of the federal government that this effort today I am officially

declaring a national emergency two very big words the action I am taking will

open up access to up to fifty billion dollars of speaking in the White House

rose garden at Trombetta that is giving the Secretary of the Health and Human

Services emergency authority to waive a federal regulations and laws to give

doctors and hospitals of flexibility in treating patients Trump also said these

are considering adopting South Korea's a drive through a testing system which

allows people to go through the tests in their car the state of New York opened

its first drive-thru testing center in New Rochelle on Friday describing the

system as a smart and safe Trump said that he will probably get tested for the

virus a fairly soon as an interactive recently with an aid to Brazil the

leader who later tested positive as global authorities including the u.s. a

ramp up their responses to the virus Wall Street rebounded on Friday with

stocks are surging nine percent

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