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Ever climb a 69 story

building? Well on March 21

16 firefighters from the City of Bend

will compete in a stairclimb event

at Seattle's Columbia Center to raise

money for leukemia research. Here's a look

at how they train and what motivates

them to compete. The Seattle stairclimb is

a fundraiser for the lymphoma and

leukemia society of America

It's a friendly competition between firefighters

to help raise funds for

research and hopefully find a cure.

What we do is we climb the tower

in Seattle 69 flights high

1300 some odd steps

in our full gear that you

see, the full ensemble

We're here at Ray's Food today and

our firefighters are climbing on the stairclimber

to simulat what they have to do

at the stairclimb - full gear, airpack

and breathing out of a tank of air

to help make

the public aware of what we're doing and

to raise some money to take up with us in March

when we go up there. There's 16

firefighers from Bend doing this event

and we all get out

and work out together and really

try to push each other to

get in good shap for this and put up some fast times

and do the best we can.

We have an inspiration that's here locally

he's a neighbor of several of our

firefighters - his name in Daniel

he was diagnosed with

cancer and he's an inspiration to us

because this funddraising

goes directly to help find a cure

his type of cancer.

And so it's a lot more personal for me

he's friends with both my kids

and so it's really a

big inspiration, having somebody locally

that we take in and

help raise money for the cause to hopefully cure

this disease. All the firefighters from

Bend are all doing this on their own time

this is a way that we can help raise

funds for the society and help

find a cure. No one is

doing on City

time - it's all volunteer time.

I'm feeling really hot and sweaty

and tired and can't wait to get out of this

the reason we train

so we can do this without killing ourselves

Otherwise, it's hard work

you can't shed body heat in this stuff so

it wears you out in a hurry. If you like to

donate come by any

of these events we're at or

visit the city's website

or give the Fire Department a call and you can help

donate any dollar helps

and you can donate as much or as little as you can.

It's a lot of fun and

it's a great cause and

I really can't think of any

better way to do it. People love to give

when they see us out here working out

showing that we're really

putting it out there to raise money for this

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