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Friends and welcome to another video

Today we're gonna be testing out questionable beauty hacks from Instagram videos now

We've previously tested out some strange hacks from Facebook videos

with mediocre success and since then pretty much all I've been seeing on my

instagram explore page are similar Beauty hack videos

They seem to think that I'm a hacker that I like hacks or that I am a hack so I've decided to take these

Referrals as a sign that I should dive back in and put these videos to the test

Instagram has a lot of beauty videos in general which are often speckled or arranged into playlists on the explore page or free booted from

individual creators and reposted by big make up accounts and by design you can churn through like

Dozens of these videos at a time

I mean look at those thumbnails

Don't you want to click on those? Is that James Charles? Almost all of these videos are sped up, have little to no

talking and oh yeah Instagram also doesn't have a progress bar

so you can't skip around or rewind. In addition I find that Instagram videos are more prone to

true click-baiting than Facebook videos. You'll get some classic thumbnails like this one with a giant red vampire

Eye, but then when you click into the video

It's just a normal eye shadow tutorial

but some of these videos are just click baity in that they use a

Ridiculous seeming method in order to get an enticing thumbnail whether or not that method helps you do anything faster or better

Or anything at all and those are the videos we're gonna be mostly focusing on today as much as I would like to try out

Permanent retina damage. Alright, so let's dive right into these the first hack is certainly beauty related

But it's not for your face. It is in fact for the pits. That's right your armpits. That's what I mean

It's an armpit Beauty hack! Alright, so this video was reposted by makeup vines

But it's originally by Sarah revolta the comments are pretty harsh. There are a lot of like nauseous green emojis and

um, one girl says tbh I threw up. So basically what happens is Sarah wakes up, and oh no, she has armpits!

She doesn't want you to see them, so she's gonna cover them with honey oats and baking soda

I think actually the premise is that she has like dark skin on her

Underarms or something because she certainly doesn't have any hair. Interestingly enough,

DIY armpit lightening masks are kind of a motif throughout a lot of Instagram hack videos

I feel like it's kind of like bleaching your b-hole it's like a little unnecessary

But if you really want to I guess you can. So she puts her DIY mixture like on her armpits

And then she sits with it for a while to let it do it's good stuff

She doesn't say how long you should leave it on for? Oh... all right

So maybe she means ten minutes because as she's leaning back

She just goes "Ten!", but after some amount of time she scoops the oatmeal off and feeds it to her boyfriend

I am so happy and yet also sad for Tyler that that occurred because now he has to eat my armpit oatmeal. TYLER: what you showered

today right? SAFIYA: yes, I shower every day *not convincing smile*

and I smell very good always. TYLER: that's a lie. SAFIYA: all right the first thing she does is, honey

And it doesn't look like she has like very specific proportions

She just kind of has like a big old spoon and just puts in a big old spoon. As for the oats

She kind of does like one heaping tablespoon, so I'm gonna do like a couple of these there

We go and for the baking soda. She kind of just does like a little less all right so her next step

Is that she mixes it together and right off the bat? It's pretty dry

I think I might need a little more honey. How am I so bad at this?

I will say she just seems like she just sort of did a couple of swipes

And then it was like a nice sort of wet mixture. All right ready for the application.

TYLER: Ah that's nasty dude. SAFIYA: is this what I'm supposed to do? TYLER: this feels like the worst like sexy role-playing thing ever SAFIYA: it's like a

Cosmo tip it's like spice it up by bringing food into the bedroom

Oh, it's honey and baking soda in your pits. I will say it smells kind of good though. All right

I'm like a little bit unsure of how to do this with my other arm pit full of oatmeal already

Oh, I need help

I can't do this with my left hand TYLER: it really doesn't spread does it? SAFIYA: Oh, No spread it down no, no! down, not out!

I'll hold the camera. OH NO! TYLER: oh s**t.

oh God, I just dropped a huge chunk.

SAFIYA: No, no, not out. Ty, up and down, clearly. TYLER: I think we have different definitions of armpit here. SAFIYA: Alright, here

We go after some struggle both my armpits are oated. My arms are gonna get tired

Okay, so it's been about 10 minutes since I put on the right armpits oatmeal and the oatmeal has definitely warmed up. In fact,

It's turned kind of like whitish and creamy almost as if it's cooked or perhaps like reacted somehow with the baking soda

She basically just like scrapes it off with the spoon, and then immediately tricks her boyfriend into eating it.

Alright Ty are you ready, I got a spoonful of oatmeal for you. TYLER: Why am I doing this? SAFIYA: Oh? That's not food is it?

These are really that bad? Ew!

You just drooled all over me. TYLER: very salty. SAFIYA: It's salty? That's my sweat TYLER: *disgusted noises*

Alright so after wiping off our oatmeal mask completely. I'm not sure that my armpits are any lighter

it kind of feels like maybe they were just

Exfoliated a little nicely. I did really have to kind of scrub those oats off and taking a look at her after armpits

They look pretty much the same, but in terms of the execution of this hack

I just got oats all over this floor and my shirt

and I might have poisoned Tyler so I think that you know you could probably just use like a body scrub on your armpits and

Save yourself a lot of mess alright so for our second hack

We're gonna go in for another lightining treatment except this time instead of being for your underarms

It's for your under eyes, so this is a video by Medina shrien zada

She basically sort of pops up and she has like very exaggerated dark circles

They look pretty fake like maybe she just put like a lot of eyeshadow underneath her

Eye, and then she's skins and cuts up a potato puts some honey and black pepper on the slices and puts them under her

eye for five minutes

And then when she lifts them off of her eyes the dark circles are gone as well as the eye shadow now it does say

Further down into her caption that she's mimicked dark circles, but it's pretty far down

And I think people in the comments aren't really having it so with that. Let's try it

This is coincidentally a great time to try and test this hack because I was up till 6 a.m.

Last night, and I have a whole under-eye suitcase situation going on. Okay, so the first step is to peel the potato

TYLER: do you know how to peel a potato? SAFIYA: No, I'm not very good at this, can I just slice off the

Peel? This is much better. I got it to be sort of like a geometric gemstone by just peeling it with a knife alright

So basically she just sort of cuts off like little sections

That would cover her under eye area, and then next she just puts a little bit of honey on 'em.

and then she goes like this. So then the next thing she does is she just

Sprinkles some black pepper on and then applies it to her eyes. Cheers. Okay, this isn't so bad.

I will say that right off the bat

The potatoes kind of cold, so I'm feeling some refreshment

So that's probably actually good for your under eye circles. Move over a cucumber slice potato is coming for your wig

I'm not feeling any sneeziness, or eye pain because of the pepper as of yet, the pepper is more just like texture

It's like I feel like a piece wedged in between the potato and me. Alright so in five minutes

Let's take these bad boys off and see if my under-eye circles have packed their bags and left

Are you ready for my Princess Diaries reveal? TYLER: Well you don't have a unibrow so... SAFIYA: I do have a unibrow. I just plucked it tada

Oh, I look like I was just crying coffee grounds. Oh actually now that I've lifted the potato up

I'm actually feeling the tingling from the black pepper and like almost a little spice. Oh, oh it's hot. Oh. This is odd

I feel like I have like a bengay patch underneath my eyes you and I mean like a Salone puss

I think that maybe some of the logic behind this hack is that the pepper will like stimulate blood flow

But my undereyes just kind of hurt, and I don't think they look much better. Now

She said this was her under eye 'routine' so maybe like one time isn't enough

But that is a lot of work and pain for a 'maybe'. So I've put on some foundation

because the next hack is a makeup hack so this account dramatized free booted and

Reposted this video from promisetamang. They gave her some credit

but you definitely had to click read more to see it so the thing that stuck out to me about this hack is that it's

Basically like a surprise double hack from the thumbnail

It looks like she's using tweezers to somehow contour her nose

And when you click in she's actually

Using the tweezers to draw in her eyebrows

After he completely does her eyebrows at the very end she does her nose kind of quickly

So it was kind of like an emotional rollercoaster, I thought I had been click baited and then right at the end

I was saved. All right

so I think what she does is she just like takes the eyebrow gel and like paints the ends of her tweezer with it. she

Has thinner eyebrows than I do so I worry that my eyebrows may not be

Contained by these tweezers. As she gets to the back


Closes the tweezer. Did that do anything? I feel like I just got a little bit of eyebrow gel in the head of my brow

Right here. I do have slightly wider tweezers that maybe would work better, so let's try those that didn't do much

I'm gonna try more of a pomade than a gel just to you know give it more of an impact. Oh, that's darker

That's better and then narrow it narrow it oh

I skid marked all right

Let me try the other side

And then we'll try and fill them in oh no oh no left hand no good the thing is it's not

Decidedly worse than the other one, but neither are really great. TYLER: you look like an Angry Bird right now. SAFIYA: I feel like an angry bird right now

I feel like I'm getting the intent of the hack, but my artistic abilities are not really up to snuff

So let's try out the nose contour. Maybe I'll be better at that since there's less like drawing involved all right ready

*humming* TYLER: oh that's a good draw right there.

I don't think I did that well with this one either. I think that this hack easily goes skidmark

It takes the skidmark exit nearly every time. I don't know what kind of brush

She's using so I'm just gonna use this brush and just try and buff it out buff it out. What Wha What What buff it out

I will admit that I don't do nose contouring very often this side looks okay, and then you go over to this side

And it's just sad now though compared to my nose contour my eyebrows are looking great

So I'm happy about that at least I think if you have the right features that fit

Inside of like a normal sized tweezer, maybe this might actually work for you

But besides that I do think it's a little more trouble than it's worth

Okay, so the next hack is another makeup hack, and I actually recognize the company. That's made it

It's Cristine's favorite channel troom troom. CRISTINE: *singing* Gotta get those troom troom views!

Yes, so this video was reposted by DIY amazing DIY, but I think something got lost in translation

Because the video doesn't really make a lot of sense. Early on in the video

They introduced the hack

Which is like using a spoon over your eye to like create like an eye shadow?

Look and then they sort of like put clip in extensions in their hair apply some eyeliner

And then are like told by a third person to only use one hand

And then by the end of the video they've given up on doing their makeup entirely none of that is explained or captioned

It's just if you keep watching the video after the hack you'll notice that there's a lot more video

And it doesn't make any sense. Okay, and with that let's try it. Alright

I'm just gonna put like a little bit of a base shade on

I don't really know what else this girl does she just kind of puts a spoon on her

Eye, and then goes to town though to be fair

She kind of does like this sort of crease action and then moves on to do something off-camera

And when she comes back her eye shadow looks a lot better, so there's definitely some movie magic involved. alright

I've got a couple different spoons

I think I'm gonna go with this one because it's flatter and then I'm gonna take a little bit of this brick color and go

In oh that's moving my contact around I can feel that but this is hard to do with one. Eye

TYLER: oh, that's gonna be a good cut crease. SAFIYA: first doesn't end up being a cut crease it just sort of ends up being like a

Dramatic crease look okay my contacts back tada. I think that over here

We are seeing something that could be like an eye shadow look, but in general

It's not very symmetric or even. let me try the other spoon on the other eye

I think this one's a little more rounded. So hopefully it'll be a little more flush to my eyeball

TYLER: alright, you know what, that looks pretty good! SAFIYA: the thing is for a starting point for eye shadow like you could start from here

And then just like keep blending it out

I'm just not sure that using a spoon is easier than just like putting the product straight onto your eye

Just to be fair to troom troom, I'm gonna blend this out a little bit

You know just to make it like more of a look in general this video. Just confuses me

I think it's almost like a game of like bad Beauty hack telephone

But that seems to be a big part of Instagram videos in general a lot of them are stolen and chopped up

I guess that might contribute to why they're so confusing

Originally I had suspected that this was multiple troom troom videos cut together

But amazingly all of the footage is actually just from one video called makeup challenge

full face using food and school supplies

I guess these weren't meant to be hacks after all okay

So this last hack is a hair hack that I'm very excited about so this video was posted by a page called makeup vines

But it was free booted from five-minute crafts

So basically what it is you put a scrunchie on like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner?

And then you vacuum up your hair put the scrunchie on and voila ponytail this hack in particular

I remember seeing in like a viral video from a few years ago about like a disgruntled dad

Trying to do his daughter's hair so Tyler will have the honour of vacuuming my head today,TYLER: so basically. It's me testing this hack

SAFIYA: Yes, but it's my head on the line TYLER: without further ado *turns on vaccuum*

SAFIYA: AH! TYLER: Let's vacuum some hair! Are you ready for an instant ponytail? SAFIYA: *yelling* No!

TYLER: It keeps getting your shirt SAFIYA: *screaming*

SAFIYA: Did it work? TYLER: *vacuum shuts off* is that what they want us to do?

SAFIYA: You know that tickled. The sound was absolutely terrifying, but the sensation was quite nice, try it again

TYLER: So I'm gonna double it up this time because I think it was a little loose

Hey, that wasn't so bad. SAFIYA: I have a complete chunk of hair, that's missing, but that's artful

I guess TYLER: you look like a spunky like zoo Disney character right now. Let me try it one more time

It's still a little messy. Ah! you've got so much hair. Oh here. We go here. We go here we go

That's what I'm talking about and that's a ponytail

It's not perfect, but it's close the level of perfection from five-minute crafts is pretty mind-blowing because there's like stray hairs everywhere

SAFIYA: It's not so bad. I'm surprised that it worked. Even as well as it did a major con to this though

is that the inside of a vacuum sees some stuff and you probably don't want that stuff on your head besides that I'm

Not sure, it's faster than just doing a normal ponytail yourself

But it's definitely more exciting so viral video. Yes hack that you recommend to people

I don't think so this could be kind of a good prank though

Hey, let me help you but like give you a slightly messy ponytail

Okay, so those were my questionable Instagram hacks

I'm not sure

I really got the hang of any of these hacks

But I think the one that was the closest to a hack that might actually work was the tweezer one the other ones may have

had some effect

But I don't think the results were worth the trouble pain or mess so I wouldn't consider them better than traditional methods

I think my main

Takeaway from this is that the reason why Instagram has so many hacks like these which are so ridiculous in nature

Is that the video posters or reposters are working within the confines of

Instagram where you only really get a thumbnail to work with

There aren't any visible video titles on Instagram, and you can only see the caption after you've clicked it

So you kind of have to make a video that will lend itself to having a crazy thumbnail

And if you don't well

Then you just have to make up a thumbnail to be fair these videos can be pretty entertaining

So if they were marketed more as things you should watch rather than things you should do

They'd be a lot less perplexing. I would just also say to Instagram

Please add a progress bar and to you all at home. Maybe don't put black pepper under your eyes

thank you guys so much for watching if you like that video make sure to

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A big shout out to respect the Beck for watching. Thanks for watching respect the Beck and I will see you guys next time

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