Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DR RP : GOD | CHAPTER SIX - EXPLANATION

Difficulty: 0

"Hey everybody ! I know I usually don't talk, but... I thought this time it was necessary."

If you're watching this video, you probably understood that I chose death by myself.

I thought... that I should be the required sacrifice to save you all.

Or at least...

That's what you thought I was gonna say, right...?

Have you seriously believed in this masquerade all along ?

Xean knew about my secret and Akamaru about my past, and yet, you understood nothing ! How cute, how naive !

I knew from the very beginning what was happening, but you never realized !

Ah... It's so much harder to try not to say too much when I use my voice...!

Let me explain everything, then, mh? Even if *someone* among you won't like it at all.

You see, in the past, I was put in charge of your elimination because you found some government secret that had nothing to do with you.

Then, when you were in the train back from Athens, I placed bombs on the rails, as the government asked.

Apparently, it was to avoid a war. Unfortunately... I failed. You were all seriously injured, but not enough to be dead.

However, fate has smiled upon us, and here we are, in this thrilling game ! Never have I ever been so glad to make such an enormous mistake.

I didn't have to do anything. You just killed each other to get out of here, and I was simply there, watching. And what a show you offered !

For someone who never felt empathy, it was so much fun to see you torture each other !

But unfortunately, the game would come to an end. So, I asked myself : how could I end it properly ? How to hit hard and destroy everything ?

You, the survivors, suffered enough, and you deserve a reward !

I was initially there to eliminate you all, but this idea is far too barbaric now. I decided to do something else.

I offer you the mastermind's life !

Thanks to me, this person is in the game. And thanks to me, this person is guilty of murder and must be executed.

You think I'm cruel, maybe sadistic ? But it's nothing in comparison with the person who made you kill each other. Me ? I tried to give you a quick and painless death.

You can blame me for lying to you ! But remember I was only watching the game, unlike the person pulling the strings.

What are you waiting for ? You're so close to guess their identity.

Or maybe... would you want to confess it yourself ?