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Welcome to "Spread the Love." I am here at TETA-The Texas Educational Theatre Association.

And one of the most awesome things about coming to conferences is that I get to meet teachers

and students who have done my plays. I talked to a guy who's going to do "Bright Blue Mailbox

Suicide Note," and another one who did "Pressure" last year, and here I have Marisa. And you

are from Barber Middle School. Yes.

And you did "School Daze" last year? We did "School Daze", yes. I came to teach

here with some other teachers in the district, and I stopped by and saw it and was like,

"Oh middle school plays, I got fifth graders, they're young, we don't really do that much."

So. Found "School Daze", and bought "School Daze" and this Phone 2.0 and this Phone, and

the next generation. So, grabbed all those and read them and thought, "School Daze" is

so much fun because the kids relate to a lot of stuff, because they're getting ready to

go to sixth grade where there's lockers and all that kind of stuff, and they're like "I

don't know what I'm going to do!" So, I read it, and was like, "Oh, this is going to be

so much fun!" So I teach the play in my class, we do auditions in class, we do all that kind

of fun stuff because there's no after-school program, and we rehearsed in class and like

set the play on. And, with that, my principal came in to observe, and she was like, "Oh,

this is so cute!" And we just had a new campus built for us, so we're moving into the new

campus, there was a dedication, and they said, "You know what, could your kids-could you

pick a few of your kids to do this at the opening ceremony?" And I was like, "Uh, what?

Are you kidding?" She's like, "No, it's great, they'll love it!" So I picked a few scenes,

and we got to perform for the public, just a couple little scenes for the opening ceremony,

like five minutes. It was so much fun. That must have been very exciting for the

students. The kids were so excited. They were like,

"Oh, really? This is so much fun!" So it turned out really well, and they loved it, so.

Do you remember which scenes you did for this place?

I know we did the locker sceneů Um. We did, uh. Oh now you've pulled that on me. What

did we doů? Um. ůScenes that they would love and that were

perfect for going into grade six! Yes! Exactly right!

Awesome! That is so great, and I'm really glad. And "School Daze"-you know, that was

the whole point of it, is that, that first day of middle school, and all changes. And

it was amazing to me, when you start looking at it, all the things that are different,

from going into that, into lockers, and going from class to class. And justů Middle school

is such a difficult time. It's a hard transition for them.

It's a transition of from: Some kid stuff is too young and fairy tale and kiddy, and

some stuff is just, it's just meant for older teenagers. So to put a place square in the

middle like that, it just makes my day, including that work for everybody.

Oh they loved it, it was so much fun. The parents loved it, the principal, the administration,

the woman they named the school after came to watch it as well, Shamarion Barber, she

came in, and she was like, "That was so much fun!" So, yes, it worked out well.

That's great! That's it for "Spread the Love!" Thanks!

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