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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Starla | Episode 1 | October 7, 2019 (With Eng Subs)

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Kids, stay here, okay? And finish your food.

- Hey! - Ouch!

Quit hogging all the food.

Why are you always picking on me?

I'm not doing anything to you.

I don't care!


You're mean.

You want to fight, huh?!

No. There's too many of you, and you're bigger than me.

And my dad told me I shouldn't fight with anyone.

Just admit it, you're a coward.

And your dad told you that because he's a coward too.

My dad's not a coward!

Of course he is!

And he's a runt too, just like you!


That's why no one wants to adopt you!

You're a coward and a runt!


Speak for yourselves!

I've only been here for a year

and you've been here longer than me.

No one wants to adopt any of you because you're bad!

What did you say?!

You really want a piece of this, huh?!

Hey, let go of me!

What's going on here?! What happened?!

Why are you boys dirty?

Buboy threw his food at us.


It wasn't me! They started it!

That's impossible!

I've known them for years, and you just got here!

Now, come here! Move!

- You're going into your room! - Please don't!

You need to be taught a lesson!

I've had it with you!

You've brought nothing but trouble

ever since you came here!

It's not my fault! They started it!

You're answering back now, huh?!

Since you threw away your food earlier,

you won't eat dinner tonight until lunch tomorrow

and you can't play outside! You'll stay here!

- But--! - No buts!

You're staying here, you runt!


The kids are asleep now.

I went out so they won't hear me.

You know how naughty they are.

Alright, I'll visit you next week.

Hey! Who's that?!


Guard! Guard!

Hurry! Where did you go?!

Sorry, I just drank water.

Buboy's running away! Hurry! We need to catch him!


Buboy! Buboy!

Where's that kid?! Did you see him?!

- Not yet, Ma'am. - Where did he go?!

Hey, Mister!

Mister, wait!

- Did you see a kid here? - A kid?

A small scrawny boy with a bun on his head.

He ran away from the orphanage!

I didn't see anyone here.

Maybe he went there.

Damn that kid!

He'll really get it from me!

Hurry up! We need to find him!

Hey! Who are you? Where did you come from?

Did you sleep there?

You're the kid that woman is looking for.

ran away from the orphanage?

Come on. I'll take you back.

No, that's not me!

That's not me!

- That's not me! - Hey!

Where am I?

What's that?


They're pretty.

They're so pretty!


There's so many of them!


Look over there!


- They're so pretty! - Amazing!

They're beautiful!

Look! They're so pretty!

They're beautiful!

I never thought I'll see this again before I die.


The dance of the fireflies!

I saw this before when I was a kid,

in San Martin!

That one!

Hey. Let's go back inside.

Don't get any funny ideas. We need to sleep.


How are you, children?

Did you like your field trip to Earth?

- Yes, Granny Tala! - Yes, Granny Tala!

That's good to hear.

visiting Earth is a vital part of your training

as wishing stars.

That was the first and last time you will interact with humans.

Humans are very complicated creatures,

which is why you need to study,

understand, and take care of them.

Because that is our duty as wishing stars.

And taking care of them doesn't mean

granting all of their wishes,

because we can only grant wishes

that are coming from their hearts.

Because most of the time, what their mouth says...

Isn't what their heart really wants!

Very good!

I hope you learned a lot from your visit to Earth.

Did you, Nova? Celestia? Star--



Oh no! Where's Starla?

Great, Starla's missing.

Where's Starla?


Hey! What are you doing?!

Why did you catch me?!

I have my own firefly now! Yes!

Starla, my dear. Where are you?


Oh no!


Oh no, they're gone now.

At least they have a place to go home to.

But at least I have you.

Hey! Let me out of here!

It's like I have my own flashlight!


Hey, where are you going?!

Let me out of here!

Someone, anyone, help me!

Let me out of here!

- Please, Mister Greggy. - I already told you.

If you don't have money, I won't give you anything!

I won't go to you if I have a choice.

I just need a few seedlings, please.

Why? Do I bother you too when I need something?

You're heartless.

My wife is right. I shouldn't have ever come here.

Then why didn't you listen to her?!

Leave me alone!



- Who's there?! - [THUNDER ROARING]



Hey, kid! Let me out of here!

I said let me out!


Hey, kid! Let me out!

Hey, kid!

Hey, kid. Are you okay?

Oh no! You're shivering!

Hey! Are you okay?

Oh no! Hey, kid! Wake up!

What should I do?

Hey, kid!

Oh no!


You poor little kid.

Don't worry. I'll take care of you.

I just need to make sure that no one will see me,

because that's what Granny Tala told me.

There. You're not cold anymore.

Hi, Lolita! I'm stopping by for some coffee later!

I don't care! Just go already!


Hey, Mister Apol!

Is that the smell of stale bread?

-Or your sweaty armpits? -You and your jokes!

One more time!

- Miss Ibe! - What?!

Stop milking poor Beyoncé!

Stop milking poor Beyoncé!

Mind your own business!

Don't annoy me this early in the morning!

Good morning, Father Thomas!

Good morning, Boyong.


Good morning, Doctor Philip!

You're so hard-working! You should get married!

Stop joking like that, Boyong.

Good morning!




Good morning, Mister Greggy!



Boy, is he grumpy!

If Mister Greggy asks for my help someday,

I won't give it to him

because that old man's completely arrogant!

Stop being so negative this early in the morning.

Just smile! Hi, I'll have some coffee.

Smile! It's a good day.

You're pretty chipper. What's with you?

Don't forget to pay for that, by the way.

Didn't you see

the fireflies dancing last night?

You're still not over that? We already talked about that.

Anyway, when are we getting the power back on?

That's exactly what I'm talking about.

It was really dark last night,

but the fireflies suddenly came

and brightened things up.

You see, fireflies don't just bring light around us,

they also bring hope.


The fireflies make me feel good, but you don't!

Just drink your coffee, alright?

But hey, what I'm saying is true.

They say fireflies bring luck.

-Really, Boyong? -Yes, Mister Ambo.

Mister Kulas told me all about it.

You see, he lived in San Martin as a kid,

back when the Japanese forces were still here.

He says his hometown was cursed too,

just like Barangay Maulap.

Their crops were dying.

The animals were getting sick.

Then the fireflies appeared one night...

...dancing in the night sky.

Their luck suddenly turned for the better.

Their lives changed and the town prospered.

I hope what Mister Kulas told you was true,

because that's exactly what Barangay Maulap needs.

Just my luck.

I was busy arguing with Mister Greggy

when the fireflies appeared last night.

Enough about grumpy Mister Greggy, okay?

Just forget about him, Pedro.

I believe that those fireflies are just around somewhere,

protecting us and ready to bring us luck.

Right, Mister Ambo?

Do you think we'll get lucky, Van Damme?

Hey, how are you all doing?


You didn't lay eggs again?

That means your days are numbered now, Pining.

Oh, you too?!

All of you?! What's happening to all of you?!

Are you rebelling against me?!

I knew it.

Someone's stealing eggs around here!

Oh no, he can't see me.



[UNHEARD] Finally, you're awake.

[UNHEARD] Looks like you already feel better.


Who are you?! What are you doing here?!

You must be the one stealing my eggs!

I didn't steal any eggs!

Oh, really?!

Go tell that to the cops!

Hey, get back here!

Come here!

If I get you, I swear...!


[UNHEARD] Oh no! The poor old man!



My back...!

[UNHEARD] Help him!

Do you have arthritis, mister?

Do you need help?

This is all your fault, you little brat!

I didn't steal your eggs, I promise!


I'll help you, but please don't hurt me.

I don't need your help!


Ouch, it hurts...

You don't look alright, mister.

I said I don't need your help!


Don't just stand there! Help me up!

I told you you need help.

Here, grab my shoulders.

Please be careful. You might slip.

Hold on tight.

Your back hurts, right?


Here you go.

-Over here, right? -Yeah.


By the way, what's your name?

Where are your parents?

Are you from Jolo?

Are you Destre's grandson?

My name is Buboy.

I got lost, that's why I'm here.

What happened?

Where are you going, anyway?

I don't know.

I ran away from the orphanage.

I see. So you don't have any parents?

I do, and they're the kindest people I know.

Did you have fun?


I know they love me very much.

-I love you, son. -I love you too, Mama.

I love you even more. Here, put this on.



...they died last year.













I was really sad when they died.


Poor Buboy...

An orphan with a sob story? But of course!

No wonder you live alone, mister.

What do you mean by that?

You're not very nice, that's why.

Do you want to eat or not?

I do!

Slow down! You're choking on your food!

I'm not spending money on your hospital bills, kid!


Wait, you ran away from the orphanage, right?


They just let the older kids bully the younger kids.

So where are you off to now?

I'll go look for a family who will take me in,

and who will love me

the way Mama and Papa did.

Then just go back to the orphanage.

Parents who want to adopt kids go there, anyway.

But they like babies more,

and the pretty and handsome older kids, too.


Yeah. Who would take in some ugly chimp like you?


But I can do chores,

and I work very hard.

And I study hard, too.

Because I want to finish school someday.

You see, I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

So that the people who killed Mama and Papa can go to jail.

Yeah alright, just eat up.

Because you'll be doing a lot of walking later.


-Mister Greggy? -Hm?

I have to go now.




Do you need help?



Are you sure?

I never needed anyone's help,

and I never will.

You got that, kid?

I only gave you food because you helped me.

Now we're even.



Just go already, kid!

I don't need your help!


Hey, hey!

What are you doing?!

Hello, chickies.

Food's ready.

-Here. -Not too much!

I don't want fat chickens around here!

Come and get it.

Here you go.

I'll take care of this, Mister Greggy.

-Go on. -Leave it!


Your back still hurts.

Why don't you sit down?

It hurts...



Stay right there.

Have some more, come on.

Here you go.


Where should I put this, Mister Greggy?

Just leave it there. I'll take care of it.

Go have some snacks.

Oh, wow!

Looks good.

[UNHEARD] They look so sweet!

It's really good!

-You can have it, go on. -No, it's fine.

I insist. You deserve it for working hard.

-It's fine. -Just take it!

Go on.

[UNHEARD] You'll make a great grandpa to Buboy, Mister Greggy.

Now I miss Grandma Tala.

I'm not even sure myself.

You helped me earlier...

Don't mention it. I just saw that you needed help.

How could I say no to you, when you've been so kind to me?

You gave me good food and you even gave me snacks.

You were really kind to me.

Thank you very much!

Alright, you don't need to hug me.

It's just that ever since my father and mother died,

you're the first person who has ever been kind to me.

Thank you again.

You should go now.


You're really not a thief, right?

No, I'm not!

You can even check my bag! I didn't take anything!

Alright, I know that. I'm just asking.

If you're not a thief...

Since you helped me a lot today,

and it's almost evening already,

you can sleep in the garage again tonight.

But just for tonight.

And you can eat dinner here too.

Really, Mister Greggy?

You're the best!

Thank you!

Alright, alright. That's enough hugs already.

Buboy, I don't like being indebted to anyone.

That's why I'm letting you stay the night here, okay?


Mister Greggy!

You're cooking is really delicious!

Stop flattering me, okay?

Now go to the garage so you can sleep.

I'll help you clean up here first.

You don't have to.

We're even now.

We're even now.

Give me that.

Are they your family?

Where are they?

I told you to go to the garage and sleep, right?

And don't pee on the walls so they won't stink.

Okay, I won't.

There are so many stars tonight!

I bet it feels great up there!

Yes, it is.

That's where I live.

I miss everyone, already, especially Granny Tala.

I'm sure they're really worried about me.

They're the only family I have.

I bet you miss your family a lot too,

since they're dead now.


Slow down or you'll get indigestion!


Look at you! You're gobbling it all up!

You're really hungry, huh? Here's some more.


Isn't it too early for you to be this noisy?

Why are you laughing?

I'm just really amused with them, Mister Greggy.

Whenever I'm talking to them,

it's like they're talking back to me.

Can't I do that to your chickens, Mister Greggy?

You can. I'm just not used to the noise.

Sorry about that. I was just really amused with them.

Why are you doing that, anyway?

You'll be leaving later, right?

I just wanted to help you out with your chores today,

because your knee might not be better yet.

You've been really kind to me, Mister Greggy.

I will never forget you.

Don't get used to hugging me.

You should go now, before it gets late.

I have to go to the market to buy chicken feed.


- I'll be going now. - Alright.

Ow! That hurts.

Does your knee still hurt?

Why do you have to ask when you already know the answer?

I'm just asking, Mister Greggy.

How about you take me to the market with you,

so I can carry your bags for you?

Are you okay, Mister Greggy?

Yeah, I'm fine.

How much for the bananas?

Hey, Mister Greggy!

Who's this kid? Did you adopt him?

No! He's just helping me out.

I'm Buboy!

Hi, Buboy! I'm Boyong!

Hold on. I think I've seen you before.

You were there when the fireflies were dancing, right?

Yes, I was!

Dancing fireflies?

Oh, that was us!

But we're not fireflies. We're wishing stars!

Yeah, the fireflies were dancing, Mister Greggy!

Too bad you weren't there.

And there's a saying that it's a sign

that good fortune is coming to Barrio Maulap.

- Good fortune, huh? - Yeah!

Oh, come on! That's just an old wives' tale!

That's right, Mister Greggy!

We were just having a field trip,

so we can understand humans better,

and so we can grant good wishes.

Don't be such a spoilsport, Mister Greggy.

That good fortune has finally arrived!

We know that Barrio Maulap badly needs help.

Your crops are dying,

your livestock are getting sick,

and it's been weeks since you last had electricity.

That's why Rosales Developers is here to help all of you.


We know that you need money.

And we're here to address all of your needs.

Our client wants to buy your land here in Barrio Maulap.

You'll see from the pamphlets

being given away by my co-workers

the terms of our sale.

And we can assure you that you have nothing to lose here.


Hold on a second.


Your offer isn't even half of the market value

of the land here.

That's not true.

Almost all of the farm lands here

have already been abandoned,

that's why the value of your properties have dropped.

Then you didn't come here to help!

You came here to exploit our situation!


Listen, everyone!

If you're waiting for the good fortune that

the dance of the fireflies is supposed to bring,

then this definitely isn't it!

If that good fortune really is true,

then we have to wait a bit more!

Because this definitely isn't it!

Mister Greggy is really convincing, Buboy!

You're not convinced? Then look at this.


Mister Greggy.

You were so cool!

Because of you, they weren't able to fool the people here!

I know what you're doing, boy.

You're trying to flatter me.

No, I'm not! You were really amazing earlier!

And you convinced everyone here!

Why are you two late? I've been waiting for you!

You know, Mom? Dad was really amazing earlier.

He saved the vendor so the police won't arrest her.

Remember this, dear.

If you see someone being oppressed,

and you can help them, then don't hesitate to help.

You shouldn't only be thinking about yourself.

You should also think about other people too.

You're really amazing, Dad!

You're my idol!


If everyone here sells their properties,

I'll be forced to sell mine too.

They'll be free to do whatever they want to the farms here.

And that's bad for my farm.

So when I said that, I wasn't thinking about them.

I was thinking about myself.

Is that clear?

But Mister Greggy!

Even if you were only thinking about yourself,

you still helped everyone!

That's why you're my idol!


Boss, we have a problem.

I thought everything was already set?

What's the problem?

There's a stubborn old man here

who convinced the others not to take our offer.

What's his name?

His name's Greggy.

He doesn't want to sell his farm.

Hello, Boss? Are you still there?



Do you know why I sent you there?

Yes, Boss.

Well, are you?

Of course, boss.

Well, prove it.

I need to get Barrio Maulap.

Do everything you can.

And make haste!

Yes, boss.

The Description of Starla | Episode 1 | October 7, 2019 (With Eng Subs)