Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Macatawa Mavic Air Giveaway Contest!

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Hello out there, This is Jeremy Latchaw with Macatawa Unmanned Systems

I'm extremely excited to bring you the first

Ever Macatawa Unmanned...competition

That's right, we are giving away, one Mavic Air

So, as you can see here, it's in a box

Unopened brand new Mavic Air Retail

Value, $799, all yours

If you can get on it and get to this website

go to


Goto that website now, you'll go down

Read on down, it says four ways to enter

That's right, there are four ways to entire into this competition

The first one you need to do is subscribe

to our YouTube channel, that's right one entry

Subscribe to our Youtube channel, after that there are four other ways to do it

To include multiple entries if you share this with your friends.

So if you want a Mavic Air right now is the time to

get involved, July 28, 2018

To Sept 28, 2018 is your chance

to win. Alright again, Jeremy Latchaw with Macatawa

Unmanned Systems, good luck, let us know, keep flying

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