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Hey guys gameplayvids247 here welcome back to my clicker heroes 2

walkthrough for the PC ladies and gentlemen we are back here on clicker

heroes to just re-roll dwelled 12 yet again we are so close to getting our

critical power surge ability you guys look at close we actually are one two

three so pretty much yeah four levels off really when it comes down to it

ideally we're gonna get that knocked out tonight either way I just like to say

thank you all very much for tuning into today's episode I really hope you're all

enjoying the series still if you do want to see daily clicker heroes too on my

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button be sure to leave a comment as well and join a discord if you don't

want to miss out an episode links in the description below okay everyone now we

are on the version 0.06 with a little - next - I guess this is the the preview

test build for the next patch coming up pretty much I'm gonna be a tester here

to try and figure out if everything's working the way it should be right now

I'm just trying to thank you guys we have big clicks still active which is

very good for us always using power surge now as well our

clique still four hundred eighty eight percent damage instead of just one

hundred percent when power surge is active so yeah massive damage boost of

course thanks to power surge ideally we should be able to smash through these

levels quite fast I just have to think on what exactly build we're gonna do

after we actually level up the critical power surge here and act like unlock it

obviously now there is a lot more Automator stones available in this patch

as you can see there is a new one here stone power surge more than zero a stone

that can activate an power surge is active see what I mean is pretty cool -

there's like lots of changes I will link in the description below all the changes

made but I feel like yeah if I start explaining all of them will take way too

long generally it's just like bug fixes and

like little tweaks and edits to the available skill was already I think they

have actually patched some of the more common bugs as well I think there was a

bug error 1000 a lot of people actually got that and I got that as well one play

the game that's been fixed apparently so yeah hopefully the game will be more

stable that link will actually show you as well

and how to actually I love the beta that I'm playing right now as well through

Steam I think it can be played on the standalone version as well we just see

and know how to do it ideally that reddit post will actually show you guys

how to activate the patch as well as you can see there is an experience by on the

bottom of the screen now as well I do not believe that was out of there before

this patch now that I'm playing so that's quite helpful I guess kind of

reminds me more of a you know World of Warcraft style game there you got the

experience bar of course I'm only using World of Warcraft but that's the only

game I remember that actually has that bar that I play with in the wreck the

most recent of years either way there's a clickable grab that quickly the shop

is available but I cannot see the shop icon so all right already we have some

sort of bug going on there's a shop here guys but I actually can't activate the

shop so that's just wonderful good star very good start to the new patch testing

here I guess that's why it is a test version obviously we did level up though

which is great for us what can we do now where are we here equipment helmets

helmets multiplied damage iron 50% yes thank you game so now we have three

levels left guys probably get critical power surge cannot wait to actually get

that bloody ability we're on zone 14 right now which is very nice let's see

if we can keep this up there obviously should be able to really keep the damage

up kind of imagine why not we're just running out of energy a bit faster now

than usual a bit upset that I can't use this shot that's a very very strange

isn't it I'll try and read you out some of the changes I do know about here but

the actual reddit post next to me so yeah we'll just go through that now

quickly guys okay I was gonna read you all of them but I'll read you out the

ones that I believe matter the most now the Automator apparently lets you

reroll the current world you're on once you finish it so that's pretty

interesting we'll have a look at quickly I'll show you what I mean we go to the

Automator tab it says when the world ends doing nothing but re-run current

world attempt next world attempt highest world do you see there guys how now

the Automator actually play for you and like go through welds for you as well as

that's pretty sweet I like that idea a lot if I actually use the Automator I

don't use the Automator at all really ever yeah I'm more of an active player

especially for the series if I wasn't recording a youtube series I'm sure it'd

be much better than when I am the app but I like to steady it out guys and

play the game as it grows instead of just rushing all the way to the end but

yeah I'm sure you guys know what I mean oh there's some people that have

actually finished the game now already because they just blitzed all the way

through they dedicated all their time to just beating the game as fast as

possible but they don't realize this is a beta so the games actually going to

keep on growing it's actually quite funny to me either way we do have some

new gear here as well we have to level up quickly always trying to get that

crit chance increased by the way something don't really want to miss the

out on I'm fairly sure the only reason why you use the Automator at this point

in the game is actually yeah here we go see this here to always use big clicks

for me I want to turn on the Automator so big clicks is always an active stat

so I'm so sick of pressing the bottom myself so I just use the Automator to

actually press the buttons for me to use the buffs of course seems to be working

out pretty well now let's see completing our work already at all you ready

completing a world for the first time now also completes a run of every

previous world upon completion this awards experience as though every

previous world having run and reduces subsequent experience rewards for all

worlds accordingly so that is interesting it seems like if you beat a

well or the previous worlds were actually be conquered as well if I'm

correct let's have a look is that real they haven't happened there what's this

okay that was weird that was very weak okay yeah let's go back to the worlds

the world runs complete it runs completely well I don't know it's still

saying as well XP available so who knows man when does the game want me to rerun

all the old worlds or who knows honestly I could just let the Automator loose

yeah that's interesting just really that work for we're there so

take what you will have that for me that really doesn't matter if someone I'm not

rerunning the old welt at the moment but if I have to I will of course there's

some balance changes apparently dashing during a multi click now reduces or

remaining multi clicks by twenty percent okay interesting little multi click

tweak there you're gonna think I'm actually SPECT like my gear

I don't yeah yeah oh yeah i am spec in my gear around as well about my bill is

to mainly supports the the multi click and big quick build seriously I don't

even joke in right now that's the whole point guys I'm trying to really get into

that build as much as I can so hopefully they don't break my build with the most

recent of patches I'll be so mad ice knocking down these mobs here as well

beautiful our critical power surge now increases crit chance by 1% for every

second without first decreasing crit chance by 100% okay well that doesn't

affect me right now so obviously I don't have proof of power search but probably

when I do get it it will affect me obviously we are using over 11,000 big

clicks right now as well not too sure if you guys have noticed but I've actually

disabled the are the the effects for spells because that's the thing that's

crashing the game too many big clicks at once in the screen will crash your game

eventually or bring it down to a snail's pace so that's my tip for you if you

want no lagging and clicking here is to journey at least for the current time

disable effects for weapons like you know like big clicks obviously that the

curse is coming down on the mobs let's see here killing frenzy no longing

losers haste every second now simply last five seconds good move game very

good move that didn't make any sense to why killing friends would actually run

out so yeah finally last five seconds it's what it looks of it is just

continuously re running itself there

okay I'm just looking here with other changes because Stormin variants accept

click torrent now get increasingly faster the longer they have been going

that is a good point why am I not using it auto attacks storm as you see now

auto attacks storm has like a 1 minute timer on it and actually we'll start

getting faster and faster every time it ticks over so if you have enough manner

I think the supporter you can actually get really fast with that maybe it could

be wrong about yeah we'll find out very shortly just knocking down the mobs here

like they absolutely nothing by the way cruising through a lovely stuff this is

what you want to see on a run I think the the cap for big clicks is still

there there are less multi click I think we're only clicking 96 times still guys

I kid you not which is weird very weird sure that caps

still not there right we're gonna my be man Lachie I think it is there still

why were they white cannot be fixed I mean is it why that's so high 413 times

I'm meant to be clicking but my big flicks is only going down by 96 still

this doesn't make sense to me does it if anyone can align me to why that's

happening still I guess is the game still not patch for that or my miss

reading it maybe reloads based effect increase from 40 percent to 10 percent

really okay be good if actually hanryu I don't have reload right now and I think

didn't need it did you not even need reload seriously our zone 41 right now

very nice

bruising through what else we got here improved reload is now a linear 20

percent increase the silver malted was a multiplicative I don't have set 10% so I

thought good manner to people to actually have the skill there quick

reload now reduces reloads effect and cooldown by 80 percent instead of 90

percent okay a little bit of a nerve there is it must be reduced cooldowns on

click and upgrade cheapest item automated gems alright don't they use

the automated I've actually come in handy they're gonna keep on activating

power search power search always has to be active everyone this build to

actually work the way it's meant to power so it always has to be active

almost I've designed 50 guys doing very well reduce cooldowns on I know I read

that reduce experience requirement of all levels by 800 cool a little bit of a

nerf there to how much experience you need to level up by looks of it ever

come in handy at least

blowing out my cape now the capes gonna give us the most damage by the way

looking pretty promising to keep using big clicks here why isn't big clicks

being activated by the Automator right now it's Automator off it is to make

sure tomatoes turn back on now right now my big clicks decrease bonus gold chance

by half okay so another know if they're the finest gold chance I guess let's go

down by the fixes I guess I can read them all out now fix the bug web buffs

could gain extra ticks at the end of their duration that I don't know is that

fixed or not because I actually have watched my cooldown counter go up I

actually gained seconds on my cooldown counter I kid you not I mean maybe that

wasn't on this patch I'm not too sure who knows dude either way this boss is

getting absolutely crushed right now by the way that's good just leaked you give

me the energy here

nice is almost dead yeah we got him is over see you later level 50 bosses down

fix the bug that caused here to run in place for all eternity that's happened

to me before as well one of these bugs had actually happened to me funny enough

I only have a sword excellent

energize its back and being active now good bookable chance now it does

something gets cook it with chance never did anything

I fixed the error 1000 crash which I said earlier ring upgrades and skill

tree now apply to correct its might correctly two rings I guess the rain

boots didn't work properly a lot of things were broken box server dispatches

needed ASAP fix the bug that was called the automated stone to take longer to

activate it then earlier ones cool just make sure I'm actually level we have all

my gear correctly gear now surge is out gonna make sure power surges active once

it's off cooldown of course now if the Automator again we have enough big

clicks again to keep us going excellence

so we can keep the push going name is Chevy I K

56 percents or not saying the song is completed wonderful just reading here

still glad sorry fixed and consistent naming between slots and key bindings

like yeah apparently some people might need to look at their hotkeys again

interesting I'm really done any hotkeys that's all good for me pumping through

the levels here still guides good damage being dealt across the board wonderful

stuff almost up to zone 60 you got mana regeneration our goal received increase

I guess

well some give up my gloves as soon as possible I think they're very powerful

activate the Automator again swoop of goal pile increase that was a mistake

and I should have done that I don't really care about clickable as at all in

this game only put the Ruby clicker balls obviously they're the ones that

matter to me

so zone 60 really just smashing this out now at this point in the game of League

star what else we got here Ruby purchase bag of gold now gives a

minimum of one goal correct does that used to give a zero if I'm correct there

guys I'm pretty sure that was bugged out but yeah now it's patched apparently I

don't know if I read that already increased goal to give 10 times gold

instead of five times goal to match the icon okay no worries there's some

modding changes as well and some minor changes at the bottom there but the guys

can read that yourself if you want that is on the reddit as I said I linked in

the description below and the comment section and I'm actually just leveled up

there perfect timing thank you game what have we got here

crit chance increased 2% to levels left everyone fantastic then we get our

critical power surge that's going to boost us a lot damage wise at least just

keep up the pressure here keep on pushing zone 64 now

it's funny cuz we're out of energy all the time but yet we're still progressing

isn't that hilarious guys how the haste build works a lot of people doubt the

Haysville but it does work do you just have to give us some time and some faith

and you know what the hell you're doing with a very good stuff

neither purchase a new sword as soon as possible by the way

very nice 66 now bosses destroyed no problems whatsoever taking him down

can I purchase a new sword yet no I cannot dammit

come on gain something slack to me feel so weird not seeing those big clicks

cursors come down on the mobs but that's alright

therefore haste increase there again on the sword now we have the sword guys

gonna live up the sword straight away up again excellent damage being tower right

now 10,000 big clicks let's turn that off so stops leeching my energy lovely

absolutely remarkable progression right now on well 12 so sooner or later

obviously I think tonight we'll jump to well 13 everyone and take it on it's

gonna be a big grind I'm sure we will be able to beat it capes almost at 100 hear

me to get that sword up there we go no I 73 through the sword went from 12%

to 73% in 110 level upgrade remarkable with damage there from that sword

seriously two percent critical chance increase there it's gonna help us out a

bit more now Cape is up to level 100 can we push it to 110 that's the thing yes

we can nice

all right very good

still building up on the big clicks ear

tell you that 7,000 so I think we continue span they have a guy

the time zone for level 70 now just smashing it as much as I can

very nice

almost up to that level 75 boss skies getting very close I think it wise my

energy so over then I realized energized is actually off okay I can't forget to

turn out you know while I get the automator I don't leave the Automator on

to keep on turning energized for me I think now instead of big clicks I keep

like I could literally keep forgetting about energized some way they want to

made a play for us saying at least in that aspect

there's a cool thing about the automatic guys I mean you can just get to activate

your abilities and buffs of course very good so just pumping things out here

like big-time

from weld 73 so close that 75 boss was your thing what I'm gonna upgrade next

that's the real question now isn't it I love the shops back cool power

whirring I'll get that a hundred percent damage increase for the rest of the

world just to speed things up a bit here I guess that it makes your big clicks is

active as well let me just check on this quickly hang on there we go just to make

sure what big clicks gets used we have a lot of energy now as well which is not

good got to waste a lot of energy don't ever really want to have energy no point

it's rare for another haste increase there very nice dude

done alright that's done take on this boss here we go I don't know if gonna be

able to beat him I know he seems pretty powerful seem to be doing alright right

now at least I just built my crit Big KRIT there nice power surges active here

as well should be I'll do some more decent damage now thanks to power surge

being active of course very good just fossils going down everyone we've done

well doing very well

as soon as we can bloody activate a big clicks again there we go

she'll be able to drop him pretty fast now with this combo I'm about to do

yeah there's health dropping big time look at that you can't do that work

wonders good stuff pretty much all I did was activate huge click use mana crits

and then use multi click done okay lovely I'm like here beautiful heading

now on to zone 100 guys slowly but surely here it won't get done don't you


Automator is now turned on as well just activate energize and your big flicks

automatically sooner we get to zone 100 the better for us though we're gaining

those extra levels as well to get us a critical power surge for the later

levels we're going to need it definitely as some of the other ones forgetting

here you need to get these like abilities as early as possible because

it going to help you in the long run simple as that

don't wait to use anything can activate power surge again done okay good

as long as my power surge is on I'm happy dude simple as that

without the boots beautiful 20 levels left almost here guys just Tojo's a 2%

increase the critical chance instead of a 10% click damage increase there

hopefully I worked out for the better but find out very shortly it seems

you're working out pretty good doesn't it almost done already do it on zone 18

time to time level yep done didn't even see the boss barely saw that boss at all

then crushed him that fast bloody hell game you ain't playing

around now higher almost clearing the whole zone man in like a couple of

multiplex that's very good for us obviously

alright guys coming down the homestretch now well 12 I've counted on zone 90

gonna try and push through these weaker zones here I guess before we get to that

boss at the end of the day this time zone is very weak compared to what we

will be facing in the later well obviously I am a bit worried though

because I know that the game continuously gets harder and harder but

right now we seem to be pulling our weights which is good it's gonna be a

bit of a challenge I guess on well 13 if I don't get critical power surge I feel

like I'm gonna be screwed like I really really need to get critical power so

just the end of the conversation there really it's just only a matter of time

the problem is do i reroll the old welder not gain 50% damage and a skill

point i level up cool so you still get that damage increase obviously when you

level up as well that's pretty sweet actually do you even

know that you get a damage increase guys 50% pretty interesting when you hover

over your mouth some things they the tooltips that come up there do help

there's only 92 almost here guys once we drop this damn boss I'm gonna make sure

I have all my abilities active here bit clicks needs to be on of course put ass

wanna have the Automator on but I guess the turn to drive let's reactivate that

Automator there all right guys building up nowadays only 100 boss here on world

12 I feel like we should be able to knock it out in the first attempt I mean

it's gonna be a bit of a challenge I know

as long as I have my big clicks built up that I reckon we should be able to beat

him we'll find out now anyway obviously continues spam big clicks here as much

as I can train it to five tower reckon just to be saved because without big

clicks we're kind of screwed without build everyone okay so yeah big clicks

is a reason why we've even got this far in the first place I'll follow it back

of course here we go about to finish up on the zone now we're gonna head to that

bar sir Eddie you ready for this guys that's it here we go building up now

doing our big clicks so much I can gonna turn off the Automator here I need to

have the Automator on at all let's do this let's try and beat down this boss

in one shot or at least one attempt can we get it done in one attempt maybe just

maybe dude

we are beating the clock right now so that's a good sign to make your big

clicks is spammed here heavily done that's it

boss is completed now what happens it's find out can we take on well thirteen I

can we can guys I will look either way that's it guys I'll be back tomorrow

ideally we should be at least on well thirteen hopefully finished it man and

if all goes well I want to keep rear olan well twelve until we actually get

critical power surge okay either way thank you very much for watching I hope

you have all enjoyed I'll catch y'all tomorrow

see you around everyone see you later

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