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It's not just a company.

It is important to me that it be a place where people feel happy, rewarded, safe.

It is something that I am very proud of.

Capacity's mission is to provide excellent order fulfillment service.

We tend to work for company's that are selling a product direct to consumer or to retailers

and we provide all the data and physical services surrounding that activity.

Capacity's brand is heavily based on the brands we work with, and we've been really lucky

that many of them have seen great success and in some cases more than ten years of partnership

and we have to be that excellent too.

I think Capacity's motto is to meet or beat their clients expectations and to not just

focus on the present, but to also look at the future to see what new technologies, processes

are out there that can help us help our clients to grow.

Our mission is to give the best service, best quality, and best overall feel to our customers

be it from packing, customer service, to just the overall service that we are able to provide

to somebody.

Capacity was founded in 1999.

Two of my founding partners, Jeff and Arlen were at night school together, pursuing their


Just a footnote, I did not get my MBA.

I dropped out, but while I was there I was taking a class in entrepreneurship and we

had to put together a business plan as part of this entrepreneurship class.

The idea was Capacity.

It's more of an organism than a company.

It's a life.

Capacity is family.

I can't put it any other way.

Capacity is family.

Capacity differs from other fulfillment centers in the sense that they offer value added services.

Everything is done in house.

So if the clients product has a problem whatever needs to be done can be done at Capacity.

We believe that one of the big shortcomings in our industry is the commodification of

people, especially people who work in the warehouse.

We feel that everybody in the company needs to have career satisfaction and an upward


Capacity helps to differentiate brands from their competitors by providing customized


Somebody sends you a gift and you open up the package and you see this beautifully wrapped


That's Capacity.

That's what Capacity does for the brands.

The main difference between Capacity and other companies I think with respect to technology and engineering

is that we do it all ourselves.

We have an engineering department, we have an IT department.

We don't outsource technology developments to third parties.

We have an internship program with Rutgers so we have young people in the organization

all times.

We try to capitalize on every situation where we could inject technology into a solution.

Because at the end of the day the customer who's receiving that package is happy with

it, is happy with our brand.

Quality control is very important at Capacity.

This is what sets us apart.

It's integral into everything we do.

Whether it's scanning a barcode multiple times, scanning cases for retailer orders, doing

a final check of number of units at the pack out station.

QC is everything.

The most important thing is that good product is going out to our clients customers.

We have a lot of different systems that we've implemented in the past to ensure that the

orders are going out correctly.

So we are quite proud of that because at the end of the day if somebody gets an incorrect

product it costs a lot for our clients and we are in business to make our clients happy

and to see them succeed as well.

I've been with Capacity for eighteen years.

I was their first hire when they started back in 2001.

I Iike working at Capacity because it has a family feel to it.

Everybody's happy to be there, and enthusiastic.

I love working at Capacity.

These guys are like my second family right.

We spend a great deal of time together.

I've seen kids being born.

They see my kids being born also.

It's a family for us.

It's a family business.

I love what Capacity stands for.

We believe in our brand.

Our founders really do stand behind us and support us.

I take pride in what we do for our company.

I had no expectations for what was going to happen with the company.


So to sit here today and see that we are working with so many amazing brands.

It's very exciting.

It's very fun.

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