Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Dutch Circle Party Survival Guide

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Today is an exciting day Koen is having a party and I'm gonna meet his brother for the

first time nice! Hey! My little Molotov cocktail, party time. Sorry she's Russian Stomme Buitenlander

Everyone this is my Molotov cocktail Valeriya hello darling, hello, sorry she's an artist

Darling come and sit next to me I must say that you look a bit older than

I expected That's not nice

Not nice? Not nice? Do you know what's not nice? Invading the Ukraine that's not nice

Darling stop it sorry my husband can be a real farmer sometimes

ja, er sorry hoor, what's all that stuff on your face? Do I have something on my face?

You mean makeup? So you found yourself a makeup girl

Pardon Don't worry my little Moscow Princess we Dutch

men we're not used to women wearing makeup We Dutch women are so beautiful we don't need

any makeup actually I think that makeup can complement

beauty Ha, our opa used to say that you can't put

lipstick on a pig Oh shut up!

The bathroom is free but I'm waiting for you, you know I'm an artist

and I can feel your aura and I feel very good vibes

Hey ladies what's taking you so long Can I offer you a drink? Tea, Coffee or Cola?

Yes please what about the wine I brought with me?

The wine oh no they were a present so tea, coffee or cola?

Koen we're vegans we can't eat this we are vegans? Sorry about that I ordered

some grass to be delivered but it didn't arrive ah Koen don't be so rude

It's really nice being married to a Vegan. You know all the nice restaurants we can go

to in Amsterdam and all the great food, when I think of it there are at least two places

we can go to Stop complaining Martijn! You're so predictable

I am so sick and tired of eating rabbit food every single day of the week I want stamppot,

gehackt balle, steak for christ sakes Stop being such an animal, animal? I will

eat the animal! I'm going to ignore him. Finally!

So what kind of artist are you? A bullshit artist. Oh just ignore him, I'm a creative

artist. What kind of? The unemployed kind, no I'm not unemployed I'm waiting for more

people to buy my work, right you know there are not enough blind people in Amsterdam or

even the whole of Holland to buy all the work you do. I think it's time to go

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