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How to Make a Trip Wire Alarm. Want a heads up next time that annoyingly chirpy coworker

is heading over for some annoyingly chirpy chitchat? Rig up this little system and youll

never be caught off-guard again. You will need A clothespin Some aluminum tape Some

red electrical wire Some black electrical wire A wire cutter and stripper A battery-powered

noisemaker A 9V battery A 9V battery holder Some fishing line and a sheet of paper. Step

1. Wrap aluminum tape around both tips of the clothespin, leaving a tab on each end

so you can attach wires. Step 2. Cut a piece of black electrical wire, strip both ends,

and tape one end to one tip of the clothespin. Step 3. Locate the wire running from the negative

pole of the noisemakerthe pole marked with a minus signand connect it to the other

tip of the clothespin. If your noisemaker doesnt come with wires already attached,

just cut and strip another piece of your own to use. Step 4. Locate the wire leading from

the positive pole of the noisemaker and connect it to the battery holder. Now do the same

with the remaining black wire coming from the clothespin. Youve just built a completed

circuit. Connect the battery to make sure it works. Now DISCONNECT IT! Step 5. Start

folding your sheet of paper into a triangle, but stop halfway. Now string the fishing line

across the strongest crease, tie it off, and finish the triangle. Step 6. Put the folded

paper inside the clothespin. Step 7. Tape the clothespin, noisemaker, and battery to

an inconspicuous place in your coworkers path. Step 8. Run the fishing line to a secure

anchor across the way. Step 9. Now just wait forMr. Chirpyto head your way. Did

you know During the 2004 battle of Fallujah, U.S. military units played loud music and

deterrent tones,” hoping to distract insurgents andincrease their vulnerability.”

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