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hello folks you have reached the

cryptocurrency portal and today we're

gonna go over a little information about

Warren Buffett and Justin son from Tron

as you probably remember a few months

back Tron or

Justin son at Tron actually won the

annual prize for having lunch with

Warren Buffett now as you all know

Warren Buffett who actually turns 90

this year in 2020 and as of December

2019 he has a net worth of eighty eight

point nine billion dollars at that time

the fourth wealthiest individual in the

world now let's go back in time a couple

months and what Justin son was trying to

do as Tron's Justin's son to reschedule

Warren Buffett lunch very soon this was

a few months back and you can see here

drawn founder and CEO Justin Sun says

he'll reschedule his charity lunch with

Berkshire Hathaway chairman and

billionaire Warren Buffett very soon

which has happened now he announced that

Sun won a charity auction on eBay for

4.6 million dollars the highest bid in

the events twenty-year history now just

so you all know this is all done for

charity and the charity that Warren

Buffett does this for is the Glide

Foundation which if you want to check it

out yourself its glide dot org GL ID dot

org and you can see it right here what

is Glide about awesome organizational

looks like Glide is a social justice

movement social service provider and

spiritual community dedicated to

strengthening communities and

transforming lives it's located in San

Francisco's culturally vibrant but

poverty-stricken tenderly neighborhood

glide addresses the needs of and

advocates for the most vulnerable and

marginalized individuals and families

among us building on the 50-year legacy

of co-founders Reverend Cecil Williams

and Janice Mirikitani glide challenges

in equities and stands with the poor

people of color LGBTQ persons and others

facing oppression isolation and stigma

while offering holistic integrated model

of Farouk programs and service

to address the complex needs of the

community today under the leadership of

president CEO Karen Hanrahan Glyde

continues to deepen its impact and

extend its reach to thousands of people

in need through comprehensive services

fearless advocacy and spiritual

connection glide remains a powerful

beacon of hope for a healthier more just

and inclusive City so that's what the

money is raised for Justin's son put his

bid on eBay for that 4.6 million dollars

and it goes to this amazing organization

so what is this all about

now back then yet just days ahead of the

much-anticipated event that was supposed

to happen last year the Tron CEO is

forced to postpone due to medical

reasons confirmed guests included CEO

Jeremy elaire and litecoin creator

Charlie Lee now here's the point of me

bringing this up after the other after a

head of his postponing son had notably

even extended an invitation to the

United States President Donald Trump

following the president's scathing

remarks about crypto currencies on

social media son had appealed mr.

president you were misled by fake news

what obviously Trump always used to

likes to use that those words fake news

Bitcoin and blockchain happens to be the

best chance for the United States I'd

love to invite to have lunch with crypto

leaders along with Warren Buffett on

July 25th obviously that date has been

moved it just happened here recently I

guarantee you after this lunch nobody

will know crypto more than you obviously

they're trying to appeal to Trump's

feelings of always knowing them more

about any subject than anybody but

obviously he didn't go the president

didn't respond so here's here's a house

to the point of vivid imagination

Buffett who has earned the moniker of

Oracle on Omaha because this company

Berkshire Hathaway based in Omaha

Nebraska for its substantially astute

investment picks is notorious for his by

now ritual awkward briam towards Bitcoin

have an immoral characterized Bitcoin is

probably rat poison squared in 2018 and

this year saw yet further metaphorical

inventions including the following mark

if Bitcoin doesn't do anything it just

sits there it's like a seashell or

something and that is not an investment

for me so that was that was Warren

Buffett's thoughts and claims before

going into this luncheon with Justin Sun

from Tron I thought that was important

to see where we were coming from to see

where we got because here's what's

coming out of this latest lunch

it says legendary investor Berkshire

Hathaway CEO crypto skeptic Warren

Buffett is the new owner of one Bitcoin

Thank You Justin Sun for giving him that

one Bitcoin the world's leading

cryptocurrency was gifted to Buffett by

Justin's son the founder of the 1

billion dollar decentralized blockchain

platform Tron TRX

since accepting the Bitcoin during a

dinner date with transcript doe leader

Buffett's BTC has jumped 16% according

to Sun Buffett also accepted a gift of 1

million nine hundred and thirty thousand

eight hundred and thirty TRX the need of

cryptocurrency of Tron TRX is currently

trading at 22 cents up 12.5 percent in

the last 24 hours

Bitcoin is trading at nine thousand

seven hundred seventy four dollars up

two point three percent according to

data tracker coin market cap and then

Sun this is what he told his two million

followers on Twitter Warren Buffett

received his first Bitcoin this lucky

Bitcoin is safely stored in his samsung

galaxy fold since I gifted him this

Bitcoin BTC has increased 16% hope it

continues to moon

check out his address you can go here if

you want and check out his Bitcoin

address we won't go there for now

obviously here's the big Justin Suns

tweet if you don't already follow him on

Twitter he's kind of cool guy to follow

here in the in the Tron space you can

just follow him at Justin Sun draw at

Justin Sun trom there on Twitter

here is what he tweeted out amazing

dinner with Warren Buffett finally

because there was that tiny element that

we just kind of went through thanks for

your support and advice on how to take

tron to the next level because no matter

what Warren Buffett thinks of

cryptocurrencies and journal obviously

as incredible business acumen so if just

through osmosis Justin son can get some

sort of information from Warren Buffett

who was one of the greatest business my

of this century and including the last

century I loved our talk on Bitcoin on

Tesla in Tron and glad to support Glyde

who we just talked about what this whole

what they were raising money for as well

see you at BRK 2020 in our reunion meal

and twenty thirty details below so it

sounds like just from what he said there

may be Justin son said hey let's get

back together in ten years which would

obviously be were twenty would be twenty

thirty in this show what Bitcoin and

cryptocurrencies and Ron do over the

next ten years that would be great to

see in ten years obviously Warren

Buffett would be a hundred but he's

probably will still be kicking and still

given investment advice and Berkshire

Hathaway will still be one of the top

performing assets in the world so as we

kind of already went over Justin Sun one

the lunch date with Buffett last year

after placing the winning bid of four

point six million dollars at Buffett's

annual charity auction to support GLAAD

which we went over the barrier area

outreach foundation that provides

critical resources for the homeless son

attended the date with Buffett along

with a group of influential crypto

leaders including Charlie Lee the

creator of litecoin young ESC the

founder of eToro and Helen hi the head

of finances blockchain charity

foundation so you can see the list of

people that were proposed to go before

changed here over the last few months

and obviously didn't include Donald

Trump too bad he wasn't there the long

awaited date initially postponed finally

took place on January 23rd so only a

couple weeks ago according to the

restaurant receipt posted by son after

talking about investment strategies how

to follow value would at what to make of

Tesla Bitcoin blockchain and the

emergence of new forms of money son says

the millions he spent on the five

hundred and fifteen dollar meal were

well worth it in addition to being able

to absorb words of wisdom and invest in

advice from from Buffett son believes he

helps shed more light on Bitcoin and

Tron and helped clarify how emerging

blockchain platforms will transform

businesses across multiple sectors

that's so true is great to be able to

get in the same room with

Warren Buffett and just like again

through osmosis you can gain so much

knowledge and maybe he changes to maybe

he's not gonna be sitting there

investing in cryptocurrencies with his

Berkshire Hathaway cashed he has on his

books but maybe he's a believer in the

long term and obviously they're getting

back together in ten years so we'll see

what happened so here's a last little

quote from son it says showed mr.

Buffett my collaboration with Samsung

Mobile on the fold app on how to

transfer TRX from one to another I

transferred forty six six hundred and

seventy eight point eight eight TRX

equivalent to the auction bid and mr.

Buffett was impressed by the speed of

China Tron you can check out the

transaction if you want to hear

according to Sun Buffett also has a few

more questions of his own regarding

Bitcoin and blockchain Warren Buffett

believes there is a great potential in

blockchain and lots of his portfolio

companies are exploring it such as JP

Morgan huh interesting sidebar that some

of his companies under his umbrella at

Berkshire Hathaway are exploring

blockchain in general so maybe over time

his thought process will change he is

curious to see how blockchain will play

out in the payment industry in the next

ten years and that's probably why

they're getting back together in 2030 it

looks like I have lots of work in store

for me Warren Buffett feels Bitcoin

still needs a lot of work in order to

capture the value of blockchain I told

mr. Buffett bitcoin is the currency for

the next generation mr. Buffett smiled

and said I'm sure my grandson would

rather inherit my wealth and USD lol

Buffett and son are planning a reunion

there you go in 2030 so there you go

folks a good little luncheon slash

dinner it looks like they had some thank

you for to Justin's son on behalf of the

cryptocurrency community for just

getting that message out so anytime more

and more of a message gets out about the

cryptocurrency universe and space and

and as we talk about more use cases or

get these high-flying individuals to

understand the sector even more

it just helps grow the the sector

overall so so thank you Justin Sun for

doing this so and thank you for tuning

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