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My 14 year old son Jason

is completely out of control.

(mysterious music)

When Jason doesn't get his way,

he gets angry.

One time Jason couldn't find his phone charger,

he punches holes in the walls.

I sure do. When we got in an argument,

Jason punched my in the face.

I had a busted lip.

My son has threatened to kill me in the past.

I have seen a video of Jason's gun.

Last week Jason was involved in a shootout.

It was right in front of my house.

I heard gunshots.

Next thing I know Jason is shooting

out of my front door.

I was scared.

My sister Amber is constantly undermining me.

Amber thinks that I choose my boyfriend over my son.

All these trips that you go on or have been on,

Jason has never been on one.

That is not true.

I barely see my boyfriend.

You should've left the boyfriend.

You should've took your son.

She likes to criticize me

for my relationship and parenting skills.

When Jason moved back in

he started to get in trouble at school.

Jason got into a physical fight with a teacher.

You're out of control.

You won't even go to school.

'Cause I don't want that school.

Jason refuses to go to school.

She wants me to do school, she can homeschool me.

The last grade my son completed

was the 6th grade.

My son should be in the 9th grade.

I'd like to see more of her

and she not work as much as she does now.

Get a daytime job.

I admit I don't give Jason

the proper attention he needs.

It's just I'm trying.

And I don't wanna put my life on hold

'cause I feel like if I quit my job,

then I lose everything.

Okay Heather, you been listening

to everything we've been talking about, right?

Yes. What do you have to say

to everything we've been saying?

I disagree with a lot of the stuff that she has said,

about she gives into Jason a lot,

she gives him what he wants.

Like to come here, she bribed him.

I didn't bribe him,

go to the Dr. Phil show

and I will give you this phone.

Well every time we've talked to him,

he was willing to come,

at times actually optimistic about coming.

He lies to everybody. I'm not doubting that

that's what he told you,

'cause I think he'll pull your chain and--


I think you guys,

I think you guys interact

at an emotional age of about 10 or 11.

I agree.

I'm not there like I should be as a mother.

You have other children.

I do.

And where do they live?

With their father

and the other one stays with her grandmother.

And you have three children and none of them are with you.

Correct. Why is that?

Because two years ago,

it was a case that Jason had,

a DSS case was involved,

Jason said that Buster had hurt his arm,

grabbed his arm and hurt it.

So that's when all the kids got taken.

And I've just never--

Yeah, but that case was dismissed.

Yes, yes. That was two years ago.

Right, but I had signed the paper

just to go to court to let them go ahead

and get the kids

so I can kinda get straight

and my life back in order.

Okay. Yeah.

Which has been the excuse for years.

Okay, but my point is

you could have the kids back legally--

Yes, right.

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