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Hi, I'm Christopher Bo Shields Co-founder of Binumi Pro

With 20 years of experience producing corporate video, it was obvious to us that things needed to change

Technology has changed rapidly over recent years, and now all you need to

make professional stunning videos is in your pocket.

Not all video needs a full video crew, or waiting days or weeks for the final cut.

We saw clients wanted to have more control over the video production and

the capability to shoot some of their videos themselves.

Our product is super simple.

We send you our Storytelling Kit, which has everything you need to make

your phone-captured video look and sound perfect.

You shoot video using our secure, smart app;

saving all the footage directly into the cloud, where it's professionally edited

by our in-house team, and returned to you the same dayfully brand compliant.

You can chat live to our team any time through the process, and also collaborate

with your team members wherever they are in the world

so everybody can work on the same project, at the same time.

You can build a secure corporate video library by storing your finished edits

on the 'Reef' – along with any other assets.

We take your security very seriously and have designed the platform with security at its core.

Our clients have used the platform to make thousands of professional-looking videos,

and at a fraction of the cost of normal video production.

If you need to make quality brand-compliant video fast,

please give us a call to arrange demonstration

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