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hello folks this is Yamil Sued with Gun Stock Reviews and I'm here a beautiful Gunsite

Academy with my friend Fred Mastison which he is a professional trainer,

firearms trainer and we're here talking about the Remington 870 TAC 14 firearm

and I stress the word firearm because it's not a shotgun it is not a rifle it

is not a pistol but a pump-action firearm that happens to fire 12-gauge

shotgun shells Fred what do you think about well indeed it is a quote.. unquote

firearm obviously and it's caused a little bit of confusion in the industry

for those of us been around Yamil and stuff we're used to anything like this

being what's considered AOW any other weapon and falls under the NFA registry

this is tongue and cheeks been called a loophole gun because well it is a

traditionally short barrel it is not classified officially as a shotgun it's

considered a pump-action firearm and the things that denote that are the fact

that there's no buttstock for this and there's no pistol side to it so it's got

this bird head grip now one thing I would encourage you to do is make sure

you check your local laws some of them are pretty confusing but yeah this is

indeed legal there's no NFA requirements for this gun

and it's pretty pretty nice little gun so easy to carry easy to run yeah

something that I was thinking what would you use this for? well in this

configuration this is what I consider a personal home defense gun. cool. I'd also

consider this a truck gun mm-hmm or the I think the official term is an oh crap

gun. oh yeah. because it's nice and small it's easy to keep in small spaces so

it's it's pretty easy to wield around the house it does have some challenges

obviously with the shotgun you would like to have a buttstock to make it

easier to run yeah but in super close quarters it'd be a pretty hefty pretty

effective tool you'd be a great fighter. yeah it's something that you keeping

next to your bed or I don't know you're watching TV next to your couch or

something is this the features in this firearm are

pretty cool it comes with an MOE Magpul

forend it I mean takes all the accessories that are made for Remington

for example I installed a Mesa tactical side saddle that holds six extra rounds

and it's pretty easy to install us a video that I did installing it and you

know bead front sights oh and there's something Fred that you do not put close

to your face when you fire it. No I would discourage that. yeah I'm actually

my dentist I love my dentist Tim and Victoria they're good friends but if I

fired this gun I will be visiting you very quickly because I would lose three

four or five teeth well as with anything there are techniques that you can use

through a weapon like this the the specs in this again is a 14 inch barrel it is

24.6 inches I believe long overall and it's not designed to be

shot as you would a traditional rifle because it still has the standard

12-gauge recoil to it hmm and we're going to shoot this later

on it will demonstrate the actual technique that I would suggest

personally on using this gun yeah yeah we'll have you demonstrate that and I'll

fire it to just to get a feel and we're going to fire it back there at some

targets from point of contact will be basically but against the threat

three yards, five yards, seven yards and ten yards you you wouldn't think this be

effective past ten yards for you well yeah would that's what's one thing about

shotguns that kind of a bad reputation is people believe it's a spray-and-pray

type gun when it's actually with with buckshot under after you complete a

professional training you'd be surprised you can actually get headshots oh really!

absolutely you actually get head shots with buckshot okay awesome and so Remington

sent us some of their, a couple of different kinds of buckshot that they

make it is nine 32 caliber pellets yep. and so we will be shooting that and give you

our you know what we think about it so let's go to the range here pretty soon

try it because we I'm looking forward to firing this firearm

I am saying let's shoot it!

okay let's go shoot it

alright what we're looking for is a pattern on this

gun we're shooting buck shots are expect a lot of spread but let's shoot

it at three yards to begin with

let's see what see does

it's nice center mass shot and



not too bad let's try it from five yards


Ok a little bit more spread sure

It is pretty though. and you still have them all nine shots there. oh yeah absolutely

that's a really good this is a good place to really see what a pattern would

be. yeah that's pretty good now honestly if I get shoulder this thing I would

have got a better group but down here you're naturally aim low

pretty please

that's a fight stopper. oh yeah that's that guy who got bad guys out of

the fight. All right let's try at seven yards now see if I get set in here.


still a pretty damn good group. I leaned back this a little bit more like that's tough

not to be able to point in but I don't want to have this thing in my face

either. Pretty please nice tight group I think we should go all the way back to

ten. Yep let's do it! all right, all right we are at ten now kind of the outer

reaches to this gun not ballistically but for the ability to aim it's actually

without destroying these folks is target so let me get trying to line it up here

and see what I can do


yeah push it off the side a little bit

let's go take a

look and see - let's do that again all right that was little high that's

all me once again it's tough to aim of this nice thing about this is we don't

shoot really stop shooting until the threat stops here we go


okay aim in the

exact same spot let's see what we got

we are a the outer limits for this gun what's here now ballistically but

mechanically for our ability to get up and aim it. If I could get this in

my shoulder the 870 is known I mean there's a police gun I've shot the gun

at you know a long distance but without being they really get up on the gun

stuff to aim so these shots in the bicep and down here to elbow while they did

indeed hit something there going to be terminal there they may...

affect his attitude a little bit but they're really not going to fight

stopper by these stretch imagination so I think they're probably, for

me personally seven yards in I'm pretty pretty doggone solid with this and

honestly with some practice and learn where I could work has said it but

having spent you know forty five minutes on the range with again seven maybe ten

yard maybe instead of ten yards all right you know what do you think

I think this firearm is going to be a really good performing firearm between

three and seven yards I don't want to go past seven yards with it

but that's just me with you know I've seen you fire it accurately you know

fairly accurately a ten yards still seven yards was you had all your shots

here yeah like I said honestly if I had a light on it or if I spend the more

time on it we've all been at it for a half hour.. 45 minutes yeah with more time

with it I could probably tune that up but if I had to pull that out of a bag

and go to work right away inside of ten yards it's a fight stopper it so definitely

a fight stopper absolutely so and it's nice shooting gun it'll be fun to shoot

it's not something you want to do all day long. oh absolutely not!

But it sure is a fun gun to shoot. yeah I already have a Bruised kidney and my liver is

bruised but that is okay! yeah great gun.. very fun to shoot absolutely!

well Fred that was fun! but it did pack a punch

well any short-barrel

12 gauge can be snapped me no doubt about it it's not a recreational gun to shoot by any

stretch of imagination and just as a reminder to folks that the fastest you

shoot the more controllable it is going to become

they do make low recoil rounds for guns

like this and even low recoil rounds are going to be a little bit snapping

understand that.. this is not... well it is truly. I mean you can go out

recreation shoot, this is not something you are going shoot all day long

No this is something that you practice with and then load it for home defense and you

know just keep it there and not shoot it too much. yeah obviously not a gun for

everybody there's no such thing as a gun for everybody. no! but if you're

interested in a short barrel pump.. pump gun this would be a good one

to consider I think so I think so too thanks Fred

thanks for coming over and helping me with it and we'll see each other again

oh it's a pleasure. thank you

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