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Who's this now!?

I'm an English angel!

I'm here to spread happy vibes!


Oh for f-

Did you know that past simple can be used in place of present perfect

in most cases? It's because no one really cares that much about grammar, my child

yes I know that

See!? English isn't so bad!

Now go, good teacher, and teach lovely idioms!

Okay, let's do this!

when you want to describe the most amazing thing ever the best thing on earth you described it

as the noun of your dreams for example you meet a girl you fall madly in love

ah she's the best thing ever so you can say wow I've met the girl of

my dreams again the noun of your dreams the most amazing perfect thing on earth

for you the feeling here it's pretty mutual I really think the world of him

when you think the world of someone you think they are amazing you have such

high respect for them you think the world of them spread the love in the

comments tell me who you think the world of in fact text that person tell them

that you think the world of them

she is thinking about their relationship and every time she had a problem every

time she wanted to just cry he was there to comfort her to help her

quite literally he has always been a shoulder that's this putt a shoulder to

cry on it doesn't matter if really you have never cried in front of them the

meaning of this expression just means you have been able to tell your problems

to this person to to be vulnerable with this person and they will comfort you

they are a shoulder to cry on now he is telling his friend all about this new

romance how amazing his new girlfriend Maria is and his friend is super

supportive but his friend is saying this huh you really have a soft spot for her

don't you now to have a soft spot for someone in general basically basically

it means you have a lot of affection for someone a person makes you feel all warm

and fuzzy and inside full of affection for that person for example I have a

soft spot for Anna Kendrick I I love you Anna

now every day they are hanging out it's almost like they live together it's

almost like they're becoming the same person they spend all day together you

can't separate them they basically live in each other's pockets you know what

this sounds kind of cute and it is because you know when you're newly in

love and you just want to be with them all day every day and if you could you

would live in their pocket I'd live in your pocket Anna but now he notices

something strange is happening oh hey can you get me a coffee wash my car and

steal a diamond me today to every request that she has

he says of course how big a diamond now of course in a relationship you do

things for each other right but what if one person is asking so much and

everything the other person is like yep yep

I love you yep whatever you want uh-huh we have an expression for this he is so

under the thumb meaning quite literally the person has you under their thumb

whatever they want you do it they completely control you and it's not just

for women or men it's both and actually I'm curious do you have that same

expression in your language to be under the thumb or we can also say to have

someone wrapped around your little finger you have complete control of them

so it's not a good idiom it sounds kind of bad actually this just pleases me

this sounds a bit negative and I only said do positive lovely idioms okay okay

okay Sorry Sorry Sorry so sure this couple

has good times and bad times every couple does and that's fine but they

love each other and we have an expression for the good times and the

bad times they're called the ups and downs so we

could say they have their ups and downs but they love each other okay so to

finish on a happy ending do you remember these guys remember these guys they were

fighting they fell out over a girl named Maria well one of them said you know

what we need to clear the air to clear the air that means that you have some

tension some negative stuff between you and you need to talk about it to remove

it they fix their problems now there's no tension

then I want to fight everytime they forgave each other how can we express

this to bury the hatchet just means that you forgive each other

there was some tension there was some bad stuff between you but you forgiving

it now you can move on with life you bury the hatchet

you move on with life

Well done, Aly! Now we can be friends!

Angel... AND demon!

Yes! Let's kiss!

no no! that's too weird1 no! no!

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