Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Carlos Guevara's Struggles Won't Hold Him Back - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

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you ready yeah nervous think I'm ready ham cows kuvira I'm 16 I'm from

Lexington South Carolina and I'm currently a 9th grade student I actually

started singing when I was 12 well sorry um I was diagnosed with

Tourette's syndrome and OCD when I was 12 and through puberty it starts to get

worse it's crazy but a couple of months ago actually had a certainly I had out

of leave school it's it's been a hard year I started out as the vice president

of my whole entire student body and I was a football player and then it all

just kind of crashed and burned that's is just it's a pretty crazy she now has

to do with like the brain and neuro your better seek like that syrettes

inner city effect my life every day sometimes I beep and yell and my body

moves they tried every medicine in the book

and the only thing that could help me was music

you have to be ashamed of who you are I'm ready no he also fortune yeah cross

his first Agnes my biggest worries were just the people but he had grown up

where I think grown to love would just walk away but not only have his friends

stayed they have all really stood behind him

these are an amazing group of friends they've just love him with every single

tick that he has

I can't ask for any better friends they're the best they don't care we love

you you're so supportive oh you guys too to be here today I've had to overcome a

lot I've had to overcome my tics my OCD all the little voices in my mind that

told me I couldn't do this I'm nervous extremely nervous it's crazy you know

never think this is gonna happen you happening right now this is what I want

this is my dream and my mom always hoping to follow my dreams and this is

what I'm finally doing all right what are you gonna sing gravity by John Mayer

kiss me


we'll never know

we'll make this man we are

I can't stand dream of ways to throw it all away


Oh gravity

he's working

bring me down

Oh twice last night hitting twice as good

like what how it's not agreed to


believe that Karla's I don't know you but I feel really proud of you you have

an amazing boys you have a great energy

beautiful noise I can tell that you have a beautiful soul I believe that your

you're so talented

in this whole crowd and this moment and you said this is amazing

in between it and it was just so magical I'm just so grateful that I'm here to

witness this

you know what I like about you is that you're not a victim

you know I mean you've got this you know this issue but most importantly you

haven't let that stop you doing what you've dreamt of doing thinking about

all of that you've actually got a great voice

this is up in the people you know is awesome thank you guys so much

I think we should vote I would say yes my love yes

and I'm very proud of him

absolutely yes I can't wait to see what you're gonna

how courses you have 3,300

lovely my dreams everything right now I think

I'm dreaming I don't I can't process reality right now simon cowell like me

they all like me I'm freaking out like inside my this is amazing it's the best

ever he's the bestest him today

I hope I get boys

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