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Hey guys this is Gautam and you are watching our channel cooking

with Sapana so today I am going to show you

a very special recipe and a popular street food of Indore Madhya pradesh

India we are going to make today bhutte Ka Kees

bhutta is a hindi word for corn and kees is a marathi word for

grated it is a dish of a grated corn cooked with spices and simmered in milk

and a perfect tea time snack so what are we waiting for guys let's

make Bhutte Ka Kees so corn is the main ingredient for this

dish traditionally desi corn is used but you

can also use sweet corn and I will grate them using a hand

grater you can also use a grinder so we are

grating our cones here and I'm using six small

sweet corns for my butte ka kees finally our corn is grated we will now

cook Bhutte Ka Kees so we will start by heating one

tablespoon of clarified butter in a pan

and then we will add a pinch of asafetida

and for a tip guys, you can also use oil

instead of a clarified butter. One teaspoon of our mustard seeds

one teaspoon of cumin seeds and then we will stir them a little bit

now we will add two teaspoon of grated ginger

and three to four chopped green chilies and we will saute them a little bit

now we will add quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder

I'm adding little bit of turmeric powder just to enhance the color

as our corn is already yellow and quarter teaspoon of red chili powder

addition of red chilli powder is optional

and then we will add our grated corn and we will cook this grated corn and

spice mixture for two to three minutes on low heat

now our grated corn is cooking from last three minutes at this stage we will add

one teaspoon of salt you can add salt as per your taste

and one cup of milk

and we will let it simmer for 15 minutes on low heat with stirring in between

we will cover it up with lid and let it


It's been 15 minutes uh our bhutte Ka kees is cooking and it has become really

thickened so now we will switch off our heat

and we will finish it by adding lemon juice

just to balance the sweetness and then we'll mix it

and finally we will garnish it with the coriander leaves

we will also garnish it with some freshly grated coconut

and here our bhutte Ka kees is ready so guys our butte Ka kees is ready let's

see how it turned out so let's try it

fabulous! amazingly creamy sweetness of corn, milk, clarified butter

blended with spices amazing combination now I know why it is famous street food

of indore guys seriously it's divine in fact I

have tried it today first time and it's really turned out well

i highly recommend you to try it at your home and do let us know how it turned

out So guys I hope you like our videos if

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stay safe see you next time

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