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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taipei Party & Event Dates

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boom hello I'm Jennifer doing taking a quick break to my

run it's windy as hell oh yeah the side

punch and the audio is gonna get blasted

to so I keep this really short I

had a chapped

we have my it's my in pay today if you

know years this video is part is

relevant to you don't it maybe if you're

not in Taiwan Taipei it's probably not

we have dates two dates for our stuff

what I am rather humorously calling I

study raining of it

my Taiwan December 7th my blue it's the

Saturday we're gonna have a bit of a

shindig a bit of a party social event

just a social thing come along meet me

meet the gang and have a few drinks have

a bit of fun sounds good to me

then a few days later on December the

11th there's a Wednesday yes it's a bit

of an old night to do it but we couldn't

hire replace out run for a different day

and hey you love me you should make an

effort to come back over the night we

are doing a more formal event add an

event space somewhere in the city it's

sorry okay remember the name of the

place I know it's not that far from the

taipei city city city city it's the

office whatever it's called because i

looked it up

well relatively speaking not far anyway

and i'm gonna be doing a seminar style

presentation talking about some stuff

which for now ladies and gentlemen is

top secret but stay tuned for more on

that we are gonna be charging for that

it's gonna be a low price

you know the ticket entry is really

we're just covering costs so I mean it's

not gonna be expensive

but come along and I will show you in

the flesh how to improve your English

speaking it is of course gonna be

tailored to an extent to two people in

Taiwan the Taiwanese context I've been

doing a certain amount of research on

teaching materials used in schools in

Taiwan kind of as a follow-on for my

research I'll probably talk a little bit

about that as well and it's gonna be a

great night all-round so like I said

that's December 7th for the party

December 11th for the event do come

along can't wait to meet especially my

extraordinary speakers but also other

people as well and speak to all soon Oh

head over to doing English comm / Tokyo

shenanigans link in the description and

there is a notification list there for

that as well it's me Julia Norfolk

signing out bye bye

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