Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG sub] I can see your voice 7 [8회] 세상 진지한 Into The Unknown (잡았다 절친 음치!ㅋㅋ) 200306 EP.8

Difficulty: 0

Mystery Singer No.4! Let us hear your voice!

I have no clue

Kids are coming up on stage

Baby fairies(?) are coming up on stage

We still have no idea

They're so cute! She kinda looks like me

It's like a scene from a fairy tale - Look at her! - Hi~!

The baby fairies are starting the song with a beautiful harmony

They turned the studio into a magical forest!

What is their real identity?

A bad singer!

Her notes are moving up and down like nobody's business

(Bad singer No.2)

They're both bad singers!

They look like Elsa and Anna, but they sure don't sound like them!


They're still singing!

Hi I'm Maria from Ukraine

(She was a bad singer??)

I was chosen as the one and only global scholar in Ukraine, so I came to Korea

And I'm Olena, I'm an English teacher from Ukraine

I came to Korea as a tourist, but decided to stay and become a model

A harmony that brings everyone joy

Mystery Singer No.4 was not a good singer!

Thank you so much everyone!

It must've been hard for you guys, good job!

You guys did an amazing job!

Thank you for your beautiful performance! - So cute! - They're adorable!

I'm curious about them!

Me too

You don't speak Korean, right?


I'm Olena, and I'm an English teacher from Ukraine

Her Korean is perfect!

And I'm a student from Ukraine, my name is Maria

They weren't from Russia!

You finally found the bad singers!

How do you feel?

It was an impressive performance

You guys were pretty good at the end of the performance

We're not that bad at singing

I think we both can sing pretty well

That's right! All tone deaf people think that

Okay then

Maria and Olena, what is the best thing about living in Korea?

It's Ah-ah(Ice Americano) of course!

Nobody sells Ice Americano in Ukraine

- Do you know the term 'Ul-jook-ah'? (Drinking ice cold beverages even if it's freezing outside) - Of course!

I love that about Korea

She loves iced coffee!


I love the 24 hour PC rooms, laundromats

And coin karaokes!

I'm not a great singer, but I love karaoke!

- She sings all the time - Right?

I love Korea!

Mystery Singer No.4 was a bad singer!

Thank you guys~

Take care~

She said 'take care' ha ha (A phrase used mostly by the older generation)

Great job!

Thank you Maria and Olena for your perfect performance! - She must be friendly with a lot of ahjummas(older ladies)

Her vocabulary ha ha

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