Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Farewell from USM Chancellor Brit Kirwan

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>> What a tremendous honor and privilege it has

been to be chancellor of the University System of

Maryland for nearly 13 years.

Serving in this position has truly been the capstone

of my more than 50 years in public higher education.

I am especially grateful for the outstanding work

of the talented and committed faculty,

administrators and staff who have made these last

several years a period of significant progress for

the students and the state that we serve.

And I couldn't have asked for a more committed board

of regents, chaired earlier by Cliff Kendall,

and during the last few years by Jim Shea.

Together, you and I and the board have made our

university system a national model in so many

areas as we've moved our priorities forward.

We've made great strides in ensuring access and

affordability for our students.

We've been successful in closing achievement gaps

among students, increasing retention and graduation rates.

We've become a leader in academic transformation as

we implement strategies to help our students achieve

even higher levels of success.

We've become the go-to place for other higher

education organizations looking for ways to use

resources more effectively and efficiently, and we've

raised more than 2.1 billion in private gifts

through our successful federated campaign.

Above all, we have achieved greater

excellence in the quality of our academic programs,

our research programs, community service and

contributions to the state's economic development.

As I step down June 30 and Bob Caret assumes the

leadership of our university system on July

1, we all should be confident that the future

of the University System of Maryland and its

critical role in the state of Maryland's advancement

will be in excellent hands.

With Bob's 29 years at Towson University, eight

years as president, he knows Maryland well.

And with his many years of success leading

institutions, most recently as president of

the University of Massachusetts System, he

cares deeply about public higher education.

Let me close by expressing once again my deep

gratitude to all members and friends of the

University System of Maryland community.

Because of you, our university system is a

great place to teach and learn, innovate and

discover, and serve society.

Farewell and best wishes to each and every one of you.

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