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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Shopping Malls & Markets in Bangkok #livelovethailand

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shopping in Bangkok is day and night activity that runs parallel with the

best in the West it is one of the famous cities in this world that combines the

luxury of the gigantic malls with the hustle and bustle day and night market

so whatever you are looking for from famous brand to the cheapest copy of the

same brand you can find it in Bangkok so better to fatten your purse and hit the

shops to satisfy your Shopaholic desire in this vlog we are going to guide you

to the best shopping malls and market in Bangkok City so let's take our wallets

and explore them one by one

number one MBK center MBK center is probably Bangkok's most legendary

shopping mall popular with both tourists and locals and busy with shoppers

everyday there are eight floors packed with 2,000 shops that sells everything

from clothing fashion accessories Handbags and much more MBK center is

particularly easy to reach thanks to the direct walk away linking to national

stadium BTS sky train station

number two Chatuchak weekend market Chatuchak weekend market is the largest

weekend market in Asia it has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place

for tourists its sheer size and diverse collections

of merchandise will bring any season shoppers to their knees this is where

you can literally shop till you drop in this market you can find everything you dream

of also has a great variety of street food section take your hat or umbrella

with you so you can survive the heat of the day

number three pratunam, pratunam is well-known among locals as the wholesale

fashion district shopping here is fun because there is a wall collection of

accessories to dress you up from head to toe at a bargain

the original wholesale market is outdoors around Indira Hotel and Bayokee

sky hotel while the air-conditioned and malls are located across the main street

number four Siam Paragon Siam Paragon is the classy fancy face

of shopping in Bangkok if your pockets are full and you wanna enjoy fancy

shopping then Siam Paragon is the right place for you

this small contains over 250 shops with famous brands from all over the world

bring your credit card though as this kind of luxury doesn't come cheap but as the

old adage goes you get what you pay for

number five pantip Plaza, Pantip Plaza is your heaven on earth looking for a new

mobile notebook for the latest gadget that's right pantip packs from floor to

ceiling with stalls and shop selling all kinds of computer electronic and even

hard to find camera lenses make sure to allow enough time to explore this

bustling indoor IT

number six Chinatown china town bangkok also known as

Yawarat is a popular tourist attraction and a

food haven packed with market stalls street side restaurant and dence

concentration of gold shops Chinatown is an experienced Not to miss plan your visit

during major festivals black Chinese New Year and you will see Bangkok China Town

at its best

number seven Asiatic the riverfront Asiatic has

successfully combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city

a night bazaar and a mall you'll have good fun browsing the boutiques picking

up gifts or something for yourself you are guaranteed to find something you

would like to eat and if this isn't enough entertainment shows are performed


number eight Ratchada train night market the new rot

Fai market in Ratchada area of bangkok is one of the great night bazaar

in Bangkok selling cheap goods and food with very affordable price it's a must

visit place to shop and eat while you are in Bangkok it's easy to access thanks

to the nearby cultural center MRT underground station

number nine or tor kor

for market ranked the fourth best fresh market in the world for tour for is so

much more than a local market or tor kor market is a nice place to stroll

from whether you are just browsing taking photos or actually doing some

grocery shopping fresh large sea food of all types and

varieties is what is mostly known for but you will also find a wide range of

vegetables seafood pre-cut meats and flowers

number ten terminal 21 terminal 21 brings the dream of traveling the world

to downtown Bank with its cutting-edge concept that places several words famous

cities under one the ninth floors at terminal 21 house some 600 shops a

Cineplex gourment market and a food court with all kinds of mouth-watering

Thai and international fair

of course bangkok got more than 10 places to enjoy shopping but those

mentioned one in this vlog are the most popular ones to consider before any

other shopping place I hope you enjoyed this vlog and it will be helpful for you

to choose where to shop while you are staying in Bangkok subscribe for more

helpful Vlogs from Live Love Thailand thank you

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