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Now I've been receiving

a lot of requests to make a video on my creative process.

How I make videos and art.

So here we go.

The Hand Book to Create

By : Sonia

Step One

The Ideas

I think.... a lot.

And for me I like to

put these ideas down somewhere,

to make sure they are all-ensured.

No idea is a bad one.

I carry around this notebook all the time.

It is very convenient.

I use it to store my money,

my cards,

and last but not least

the things that are going on in my mind.

Ideas leak out all throughout the day,

and at the randomest times so I like to keep them safe somewhere.

Along with that,

I have my doodle books.

Where I can just create on the go.

The first step is to write the word

and the rest is the whole sentence.

It is a sneak preview into my thoughts.

I write down key words and sentences that hold so much potential.

At this stage they are very personal.

It is a matter of turning these notes,

into what you see.

Whether I produce them into a film,

or a piece of art,

or on paper,

or into a song.

Step Two

The most important,

the mood.

I create when I'm in the right mood.

I come across on Youtube,

as a very happy and positive person,

and I feel like I am.

Because that is when I create

its when the mood fits.

That may explain my lack

of videos from the past few

weeks because I wasn't feeling it.

What I do is that I get inspired

by films and music.

I watch and listen until I get goosebumps.

Than I am ready to create.


I tie up my hair in a high bun.

I play music out loud.

I dance around,

get into a creative jive


and around then I grab my camera.

Which leads us to

Step 3


Translation, that's my process.

Creativity to me is

translation of the things that are going on in your mind

into a more human language.

So make sure to leave

a couple words

still in gibberish

and to produce something that you

are very satisfied with.

I personally am not totally

ready to let you into my creativity.

That would be like letting

you in under my skin.

But, for now I will let you

look into my mind

from the window.

You still do not know my language,

but hopefully,

you understood the translation.

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