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We're in Hobart, Tasmania.

I'm on tour right now. I've done 20 shows this week,

which I really enjoy. It's nice to be working hard.

I've been lucky to play on TV and tour the country and

play at major awards concerts and so on.

When I go to schools, it's more than just guitar playing.

It's about giving them messages that help inspire them.

"Thanks, boys and girls. I'm legally blind.

The problem is called retinitis pigmentosa, RP."

I don't go there with fancy stuff or PowerPoints.

It's just down-to-earth, grass-roots

what success in life is all about.

It's about simple messages of respect, kindness, inclusion.

You know, all those things we talked about.

My wife, Lisa, she's a beautiful lady.

I had this idea of what I thought a good wife would be.

She's just that, and so much more.

My four kids are just wonderful.

They used to be concerned

that their dad was blind and so on.

But now I think they're quite proud

of their dad as well, and that's nice to see.

My kids look up to me as much as I looked up to my own dad.

A year ago, my brother Dean and I

actually rode push bikes all the way across Australia

from Perth, over in the west,

all the way over to the Sydney Opera House.

My brother is also blind. He has the same hereditary disease.

My initial inspiration for the ride was to fulfill a dream.

It's 4,100 kilometers. Like, 2,600 miles cross country.

Dean and I didn't get to see much of it,

but we definitely heard, felt, and smelt the beautiful country.

It's a pretty painful experience.

One of the greatest challenges was

just purely that mental fatigue,

that capacity to keep focused mentally.

But when we arrived in Sydney,

it was just a real hero's welcome.

It was a beautiful day on the Sydney Harbour.

Through adversity, I've come to understand firstly, who I am,

but most importantly, who God is.

I believe God knows and loves me unconditionally,

and that inspires me to keep working at my adversity.

If being blind helps me to inspire other people,

then I consider blindness to be an actual strength.

I love playing guitar. I love life, really, but

I think I love being a dad most of all.

I love my wife, Lisa, too. She's awesome.

My name is Lorin Nicholson.

And I'm a Mormon.

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