Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 15-Year-Old Stole Aunt’s Car, Drove 110 MPH, Posted Pictures On Social Media

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Chris's sister and Dawson's Aunt Abbie

is joining us by Polycom right now.

Abbie, thank you for joining us.

Hi, how are you?

I'm well, he stole your car?

Correct, yes sir, he stole my minivan.

And what condition was it in when you got it back?

When I got it back there were burn holes

in the car seats

where I have three children that require car seats

and Dawson or his friends could not figure out

how to get the latch system.

So instead of cutting it

they decided to burn it.

And that's the melted seatbelt material

you see on the floor there of the van.

And they burnt holes in the back seat

of the drivers seat

and in the passenger seat.

And you haven't apologized to anyone.

What gives you the right to do that?

What gives you right,

you said you were driving 110 miles an hour.

What gives you the right,

you're so proud of it you take pictures

of the dashboard and post it on social media

to show people how fast you're driving.

Let me show you what a car looks like

when you crash at 110 miles an hour.

This Tesla was stolen and the driver

was doing 100 miles an hour

when it crashed into a Honda with five passengers

and then a Mercury.

The Tesla was severed in half

and the front caught on fire.

That's 'cause somebody was being cool.

And in your state, the statute and penalties

for stealing that car, let me tell you.

Larceny greater than $2,000 is a felony.

Fine at the discretion of the court.

Up to 10 years in jail for stealing that car.

And you guys say I'll do anything

except let him suffer the consequences of his actions.

I wanted to make sure that Dawson was fully aware

of exactly what the impact will be

when you get behind the wheel of a car

and something goes wrong really fast.

I wanna introduce you to someone that's been

on the show before.

Her name is Tiphany, and Tiphany has been here before

because she's been in this very scenario.

Tiphany, say hello.


Tiphany, you're in a wheelchair right now, why?

Yes, at 17 years old I was hit head on collision

caused from a drunk driver at 130 miles per hour impact.

Everyone was pronounced dead on scene including myself.

So listening to you speak

and how you think you're invincible.

And that you're gonna live forever.

I've been to five different schools.

I've been arrested.

I've been in court ordered programs, all of that stuff.

Everything I'm hearing you say is nothing new.

But if you knew that you could kill someone

or you yourself would be dead tomorrow

would you still continue the behavior that you are today?

(audience applauding)

You're getting the message and that's right here

and right now.

You could choose to listen.

Your parents love you.

You're so fortunate for that.

I hope you listen, Dawson.

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