Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Saving lives in Cité Soleil

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I am Jude Celloge and I live in Martissant.

I work as the co-ordinator for the Red Cross post here.

We evacuate the sick, and the seriously injured.

Those who need emergency care are taken directly to the MSF clinic.

We are trained to stabilise the patient and to administer dressings.

We also know how to identify who should be taken to hospital.

The level of violence is increasing. This morning we took 5 people to hospital.

4 of them had gun shot wounds...

so you can see that the violence and tension is rising.

The violence, we are seeing at the moment,

is either due to a struggle for power between gang members

or because they have money problems.

Sometimes two gangs are fighting and we have to decide

who we are going to evacuate first.

On the telephone I often come under a lot of pressure from the gang leaders...

who always want us to take their members to casualty first.

If the police know that a gang member has been injured...

and arrive at the scene at the same time as we do,

then the gangs can think that we are working with the police, which is not the case.

We are often fielding calls from the relatives of the sick and injured.

Of course, they always want us to give priority to their loved ones.

We also look after people

who come for first aid at the Red Cross post.

If they are seriously sick or injured,

or they can not walk, we take them to the MSF clinic.

When there was no Red Cross here many people died who shouldnt have.

People are really supportive of the Red Cross

and the service we provide.

I do this work because

I come from the area and I want to help my community.

The Red Cross always needs young people

who are willing to do this sort of work. �

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