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Hello my name is Chris Ardolina and I'm a golf instructor here at the Jim Mclean golf

school located at the Doral resort and spa in Miami Florida. In this clip today we are

going to talking about cleaning golf clubs. And here I have a pitching club that is kind

of dirty as you can see here. And so we are going to clean it up a little bit. A couple

of important keys to note when you are doing this is you want to have definitely a bucket

of water and some kind of brush. We have some kind of brushes located on our golf bag with

the metal wires or a brush like this. What we are going to do is we are going to dip

this in the water and we are just going to wipe it off. Ok and you'll also notice that

we have a clean towel, it might be a little damp which is really good, just to wipe that

excess off. But remember the most important thing when cleaning your golf clubs is to

make sure that those grooves here are nice and clean. As you can see they're pretty clean

here, but we can get them a little bit more detailed with a golf t that I have. Ok so

all we are going to do is we are going to take this golf t and just put it right into

the groove and just go back and forth. And then back and forth and back and forth and

just go right up the golf shaft and all you are going to do is dip it in there again,

and wipe it clean and you are all set to go. Again my name is Chris Ardolina and today

we taught you how to clean your golf clubs properly.

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