Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #9. 학교 생활도, 집 생활도 열심히 :)ㅣ 어버이날ㅣ독서하기ㅣ VLOG

Difficulty: 0

This week is about Ophthalmology

Took some text books from the library

There is a disappointed looking doll here

This is a model used for a Ophthalmoscopy

I can constrict and dilate its pupil



I came by a cafe nearby the hospital during breaktime

Watching friend playing 'Animal Crossing' time to time while studying :)

Case I got from Ophthalmology is 'Intermittent Exotropia'

Typical symptoms include closing your one eye when getting out in the sun

I had those symptoms since I was very young, so I was suspicious about it

I told this to my professor and he did some simple tests (alternating cover test)

there, I was diagnosed with very very mild exotropia

Nobody realizes this even when I tell them that I have exotropia.

So, without any severe symptoms like diplopia, I can just live without any treatment (professionally, follow up)

Like this, med school students sometimes get diagnosed a disease while studying or during clinical training

Brownie time

Personally, most difficult and interesting part in ophthalmology is neuro-ophthalmology and strabismus (squint)

Make a quick review of the case and go back to the hospital for the afternoon

Now that it's obviously spring, I have decided to change my beddings into more lighter color

This dark bedding was appropriate for fall/winter but not for spring/summer

uncovering all of these

getting rid of extra dust

First, the mattress cover

put together the edges

turn over

then it's it!

New bedding changes, END

the beddings should get clean and folded neatly to survive the summer and be useful again from fall

Bedding laundry start

Overing this, I'm going to study

There is a saying from Steve Jobs I like

In my case, the tea part converts to a glass of wine, But

Strength coming from being simple is one of a kind I respect

I'm working for my OBGYN test on next saturday

From the Majors (Internal medicine, Surgery, OBGYN, Ped), I think OBGYN is something very unique

It's difficult, but it's what makes it interesting

It has both medicine, surgery factors and is quite different from the both, Which makes it distinctive

New bedding gives you a good night sleep

Great weather these days

Today's simple lunch

Chicken breast salad

Finishing up eating, I ran upto the ophthalmology OP Department and met over 10 patients, attended one lecture, and over

Today is the case presentation day

I have some revisions to do in my review, so got up 1hour early than usual

Simple breakfast: yogurt with grind strawberry

Working on the revision

and now the final version

Finishing the presentation,

tomorrow's a holiday,

I'm heading to my family house on my friend's car

picking up a sparkling wine on the way home

What the

I can't open if this happens..

Eager to have this wine


I'm in to wine, so I was quite confident of opening the cork

this time, it was a quite a hardship

( I wanted to open this quiet)

Shaked it, Turned the cork, Pushed it,


Happy reading hours with a little alcohol :)

Morning from my home

Family members make their own dish from this plate

Some picans, Yogurt with honey, Mochi, Broccoli, Banana, Apple

Heading to a cafe for a read

This is a book from a philosopher who became 100 years old recently

Some parts I liked is

It's not solitary that one is lying alone.

When one can have a communication with oneself, one doesn't get lonely. Loneliness is not for people who enjoy music, pictures, and think deeply.

If one can communicate an idea or an art, it's a type of a communication, so one doens't get lonely

Life is not about earning 100 satisfaction after 99 pain. It's about cumulating 1 to 100 continuous satisfaction.

I came by a flower shop to buy some for my parents

There are these colorful carnations and I picked the yellow ones

I prefer picking the flowers I like and ask to package them rather than just buying a ready-made bouquet

Hope they will like these

Hope every happiness for all familys around the world

Start studying with an orange

Studying scenes till 10min 6sec

mysterious night sky

night walk before 'Hospital Playlist' starts

Drinking strawberry juice watching 'Hospital Playlist'

In this drama, you can see a lot of residents out of their minds due to the busy schedule

Heartbreaking (It's going to be my story soon...)

Night studies

Studying scenes till 11min 37sec

Lying in bed reading book I have been reading in the afternoon

Going to sleep with a good book might be the definition of happiness

Holiday morning #2

Woke up craving for a toast

waiting in front of a toaster

Strawberry with yogurt

peaceful breakfast

Well baked

a little butter on :)

Earcuff; my recent favorite


Cafe with mum

Why is coffee so nice

Chattering, helping mom studying English and Japanese

simultaneously, with video editting

Ending the video hoping I can come back improved next time :)

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