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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tech Talk Shorts - Top 5 #Learning #Measurement Metrics? Not so Fast!

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one other question that came up you know from boss and he brought this

up and I think this is one where there is a little bit of a delicate balancing

act and his question was right what do you measure and he listed off some

things my take on that and I added up yours as well is if you're looking for

the universal playbook of like what are the top I see articles like this all the

time you know top five metrics for this or touch I personally have not found

that there is just a universal always go for these metrics and you'll always be

good because it can be so unique based on what you're doing

what's your tape that is so true man I mean it's like okay so you know I

totally get that frameworks are good because they give best practice guidance

I'm all for frameworks and frameworks have helped me so I'm gonna bash

frameworks but I also know because of my experience of my work that when it comes

to measuring impact and the data that you use a lot of times it's not cookie

cutter it's just not because there are different performance metrics that you

want to map back to learning there are different business performance metrics

that you want to map back to the learning experience to determine whether

or not there's an impact so I don't know from my own personal experience that

there's like a top five or even a top three or even a top two metrics that you

always want to look at Kevin I'm not gonna put out a white paper on top 10

metrics every L&D leader should be tracking I can't I can't in good faith I

can't say that

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