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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Building a Greenhouse - DIY PVC Greenhouse

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Okay, I am attempting to build a greenhouse with no previous greenhouse

experience, so we shall see what happens. Mostly out of parts I have laying around

the house here. First, I'm gonna make some anchor points.

I already have, I already measured out my four corners and measured them so they

are square. So now I'm going to take some twine and go between the anchor points.

I'm going to show you the other side of the anchor points. For the baseboards I'm

going to use my raised beds. Ideally, I'd probably wait until this

garden was done growing but it's mostly finished and I'm very impatient so I'm gonna grab 'em.

And then I'm going to I'm going to take apart put them together using brackets.

And just give you a close-up idea of what, how, I'm connecting them.

Alright, so now I got attached the baseboard to the anchor points. It's not perfect but

got to fight the man somehow. I'm leaving two inches so I can put my first hoop


Next step now that I have all the baseboards done and drilled to my

anchor points, the next step is I need to start securing the PVC base to the

baseboards. I'm gonna do it every 2 and 1/2 foot

I made one foot long 2 inch PVC pipes to use as at the bottom.

Okay now that I got these in. I'm going to grab the one-inch PVC.

And put it inside, and then what I'm using is a 5/16 inch galvanized carriage bolt just to go

through it.

okay now I got every, got the baseboards done got everything secured to

the base, all the posts now I need to start connecting them over the middle.

So, I'm measuring, I'm measuring top down because that's more important. It's more

important that that's uniform than this part, due to the ground not being a 100%

level some of my sides will be a little bit shorter but not nothing crazy, a

couple inches here and there but I need them to meet in the middle,

uniformly, so I'm doing 82 inches from the top, which will get me into the


I was going to initially use these at the top of where the where they meet in

the middle. But, due to just you know inches you off here and they're not

completely flush. Because I'm just kind of putting it together with spare parts.

It didn't come to a complete 90, so what I did was used two 45s and kind of, so they came together.

I don't think it's a structurally sound, but I can I can I can

kind of secure it in other ways. So, anyway, so now I have to order more 45s

and then return these so I can't finish it for a few days.

Okay, so what I'm doing is I'm securing these with this.

I'm not as worried about this being level I want it more flush with this, this isn't level because the

earth isn't level, but these I want to be square, that's what I'm concerned about.

Now, I need to make the front. Figure out where I'm gonna put a door and and all that.

It's not gonna be perfect it's not gonna be flush, but it actually might

work out better that way because I don't have a mitre saw to cut angles or any

saw that's really good at cutting perfect angles.

Yo, I wanted to give you an update. Finished the front of the greenhouse. I thought I

was recording it but apparently my battery died. So, got my door here

everything's done with that and now I just have to finish the back end and put,

put the plastic up.

Because, I wasn't able to bring it to a complete 90 in the middle and make like

a point. I'm gonna run my support on top so that when I put my plastic over, there

won't be a flat spot for water to pool. The water will still run down.

So now I'm just gonna secure this guy or gal.

I ran out of carriage bolts, at least ones long enough to get through this inch and

3/4 piping, or inch and a half piping, inch and a half piping. So, I'm just gonna use zip strips.

I have one more carriage bolt. I'm gonna do the ends and then do zip strips in the middle.

Also, public service announcement, if anyone watching this has time-traveling capabilities,

please do not tell me the score of the

Western Michigan, Michigan State football game. I am recording it. Go Bronx.

So this should hold, I may get some carriage bolts later maybe not, I don't know.

Morning, I have pretty much everything done now. Framed out the front door.

Then I have these all up got my support over the middle. Now, I need to frame out the back and then

cover it with plastic and I'm done. So, that's what I'm doing today.

Okay, I'm done with the back-end framing, have a window I need to get a

bolt to hold it in place up here, but that's the back.

And now I am I'm ready to put the plastic on so we'll see how that goes.

This is another time where it'd be helpful to have another person but such is life.

I have the plastic on the main part, now I just have to cover the ends with plastic.

Now that I have the front covered I'm gonna go go through with a razor blade and

cut out the door.

Now, I'm just gonna go through and staple it tight.

I got the front done.

And just gonna have to do the back real quick.

And I'm done. Wasn't too bad I wanted to give you a quick tour of the finished product.

I'll go around and trim this plastic up on the side, but, it's not a hugely pertinent issue right now.

Here's the other side.

Give ya a quick tour inside while I got ya.

I've got some lettuces going over here.

And then a couple beds of radishes some collards and some other types of lettuces up here.

And then these are going to be beds of broccoli and

carrots, spinach, and then this is some arugula coming up.

But, that's that. Thanks for watching, hit like if ya want, if you don't no biggie, I'll understand.

Thanks for watching.

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