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Hello guys.

We can come back to Nepal anytime. We have already packed our bags.

We have done every thing the Embassy has told us

We have filled up all the necessary documents.

Now we are just waiting for the Embassy's call.

It's already been 1 week the government told us they will evacuate us.

We have a friend, but we will not disclose his country.

He got a call early in the morning for Evacuation from the Embassy of his country.

And in the evening they were evacuated. That was very fast.

But our's is quite slow, But it's okay.

Because thank god they are atleast evacuating us.

Because the government of Pakistan said they will not evacuate their citizens from here.

So, the people from Pakistan are not happy here.

I believe our government is trying their best.

It will take time to make sure it is safe.

So If you are scared that we might spread the virus.

Don't worry about that.

So, Chill Guys.

So to make sure everything is safe it is taking time.


In the last vlog, I said "We might not come back to Nepal"

We said, " There is only a slight possibility we will come back"

You can see that in this clip.

Even if they open the airport the possibilty of us coming back is low.


We might spread the virus in Nepal.

This question arises.

So, we might not come back to Nepal.

We won't come back to Nepal for Nepal.

We said that because,

We were scared .

But now, because the government

Is taking full safety measures, so it's okay.

So, we decided to go back.

You can imagine, if you just stay in a room for 2 weeks

It's already been more than half months

Yeah, We have already started to experience Mental pressure.

But it's not so serious.

But, it's okay, we can manage it.

But it can be hard later on.

So, We decided to go back to Nepal.

So, the food we bought last time is finished.

There is also a lot of trash.

We also need to throw the trash.

Now the University has started to give us food,

So, we stopped cooking.

Now, we are going to the 1st floor.

The food is there.

The school has made an APP for us.

To help us in this situation.

So, in that app

We can order breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And it's made in the school's canteen.

So, now we are ready to take the food.

They have kept the food like this.

She is the one who gives us food.

Hello guys, Now we will eat.

Let's taste the food. There is a brocauli here.

Carrot is also here.

Daaam, it's bitter.

It's oaky.

It's okay for survival.




Chinese Spinach

Chinese Cabbage

You spilled some food.

It's better that the food we cooked. Bro Cauliflower is soo good.

Did you say Bro the Cauliflower is tasty or the brocauliflower is tasty?

Okay guys, the latest update is.

The recovery rate is almost double the rate of death toll.

So, there is alot of hope for us.

Doctors from Thailand have found some way to cure this virus.

With some cocktail of flu and HIV

It seems as if a cocktail drink will save us from this chaos.

These kind of virus come and go.

It comes in some decade or century

There was Ebola, Sars

Before there we alot of Plauge

We must be strong.

We are strong

We must make a good use of our brain to stop this epidemic.

I hope the scientists and doctors will be able to find a cure.

We must hope for this.

What else can we do, I dont have enough knowledge

to find the cure for this virus

So, I am doing my part from here.

That is giving awareness to you guys about how we are living.

So, I am doing that.


A japanese ship got infected with corona virus.

There we 3700 people there, one was infected.

And the ship is quareantined now. That's insane.

3700 people is not a joke.

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