Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Auba, Laca, Wrighty | Arsenal FC | Strikers’ Union part 2

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IW: What are you doing man?

You look blue steel!

PEA: Hey, why you took this?

Why always me?

You always say me!

AL: You the captain!

PEA: Its you!

AL: You the captain!

PEA: Wrightywhy?

AL: Wowwow

IW: How you doing?

Welcome guys.

Here I am, oh look, sorry!

How you doing guys?

Just here with two guys who I love and were just going through some pictures and see what

kinds of thoughts they evoke, and we can have a laugh with it.

Auba, Laca, my guys.

AL: That was nice

IW: Where was this?


IW: It was in LA?

PEA: Yes!

Actually, this photoshoot I liked

AL: It was so hot, so imagine I had a big coat and you have to pretend you are real,

but it was so hot!

IW: This looks really cool man

PEA: Yeah, but it was funny.

It was cool.

We were free to wear what we want, so

IW: I like this one.

You two look like youre singers, you look like singers.

If you were singers, who is the lead singer here?

PEA: Why always me?

You always say me!

AL: You the captain!

PEA: Its you!

AL: Youre the captain!

Ive got your back

IW: Woah, woah, woah man.

Whats going on?

AL: This is what I hate to do, a cold bath

PEA: This guy hates to do a cold bath!

IW: We used to have to put the ankles in the freezing cold and I cant do it.

How long can you stay in?

PEA: Me?

AL: He can sleep inside

PEA: Yeah, I can sleep inside, but this guy is so funny because hes like this and the

way he goes inside is likeahhhhhh!’

IW: Youve still got clothes on!

Where was this?

AL: Err, Singapore?

PEA: Yeah, Singapore

IW: Fire me another one, whats the next one?

PEA AND AL: Damnnnnn!

IW: What?

Has somebody done something?

AL: I think nutsmaybe nuts

PEA: Maybe nuts, yeah

IW: Are you two on the same team in training a lot?

AL: No, it depends, like this morning I was against and….

PEA: What?


You want to talk about last time in Dubai?

IW: Do you lot have a competition in training when youre scoring as well?

How many goals?


AL: No competition, but we are like

PEA: Were competing

IW: If you miss one in training do you laugh or something?

AL: No, it depends, like if you take the ball and shoot there, I can laugh, but

PEA: Actually, we like to joke about who is winning the game

AL: Its more about the game than shooting

IW: Who is the goalkeeper that will train with you all the time if you want to finish?

AL: Emi

IW: He will stay for you to shoot with him?

AL: There is Matt as well, but Emi is the one who is happy to stay with us

IW: Nice, do you stay a lot?

PEA: Yeah we like to, and sometimes we want to but they say go inside

IW: Yeah, thats like Wenger.

He wouldnt let us do more.

What else have we got man?

Show me

IW: This one, yeah, this was when I signed for Arsenal and you see how Im doing like




I was scared of him (George Graham) for a start.

Have you ever had a manager you were afraid of?

PEA: Yes

IW: I was afraid of him and this was me just because everybody was sayingtheyve

signed him but we dont need himand this was like two or three days before the

next game, so Im just worried.

This was the first picture and the first interview I saw of him after three days.

I didnt see him for three days because when I signed for Arsenal he was on

the golf course!

PEA AND AL: Shaft!

IW: I remember, I think this was against Sampdoria maybe

PEA: Here come the men in black!

AL: Galaxy defenders!

IW: Its either PSG or Sampdoria.

Look at this coat, its miles too big man!

At least Kevin had his belt down up

PEA: Real old school

IW: Thats proper old school

PEA: Yeah

AL: Wow

IW: The guys were giving uswoah man

AL: Hard

PEA: Classy, yeah

IW: The club suit, yeah?

PEA: You look like a lawyer

IW: No, you look like youre in a police film

AL: No, police?

I prefer judge

PEA: Judge!

PEA: Jhezzzz!

IW: What are you doing man?

You look blue steel!

PEA: Hey, why you took this?

IW: Whats this man?

Somebody took a selfie there, where did they get this from?

AL: Facebook

PEA: Facebook baby!

Its an old one, it was in Dortmund I think

IW: Were you doing modelling stuff or was it just a normal picture?

AL: just a normal picture

PEA: Hey, Wrightywhy?

AL: Wow, wow, wowwww

It looks like youre doingah, this was the other day, yeah?

PEA: Two goats on a camel!

That's what they say!

IW: Who said that?

PEA: I dont know, I saw it

IW: How long did you go on here?

Was it long?

AL: No

IW: Just a little 20 yards?

PEA: Yeah, 20 yards

AL: Just for the picture

PEA: Just for Insta

AL: Just for the Gram

PEA AND AL: Yesssss!

PEA: Sorry sir

AL: This is

PEA: Yes

IW: You know, this was the season because that season when everybody was saying hes

not going to do it there and its going to be hard for him because hes playing

with better players and wont get in the team, and you end up winning the golden boot


I had to score a hat-trick on the last day to win the boot from Gary Lineker because

he was retiring that year and they gave him everything.

I played better than Gary Lineker that year and they gave it to Gary Lineker, and so he

took everythingthis is the one!

Go backthats the one man, thats powerful

AL: And nobody knew!

IW: Did you know?

AL: No!

IW: How did you get it out there?

PEA: I used Paul the kit man.

IW: Akers man

I put the mask there in the game before against Manchester United because I wanted to score

against United, and the mask, I dont know how but somebody took it and put it in a different


I dont know, so after the penalty against Manchester I come, I watch and I go ‘…okay!’

IW: Its better to be honest because if you done it with the penalty, it wasnt


PEA: Yeah, it wasnt so

IW: I remember I was up the top there and I think we done something here talking about

another celebration because of Spiderman!

PEA: Yeah, you asked me about Spiderman and I said no

IW: I mentioned are you going to do something and you said maybe something

PEA: Something different

PEA: Why though?!

AL: Thats crazy.

So this guy, he

PEA: Your best friend?

AL: No!

I think it was a bet likeArsenal will never sign Lacazette, if not I will tattoo

his face on my…’

PEA: On my ass!

AL: Yeah!

IW: Jesus, where did you meet him?

AL: He text on my Twitter and after we talked via my CM, so they talked and one game I invited

him to the game and yeah

IW: Is he a nice guy?

Is he French or?

AL: No, hes English, I think from Hull or something like this

IW: Hull?

AL: Yeah

AL: Woah

PEA: It was a photoshoot

IW: Wow, what car is that man?

Is that a

PEA: Lamborghini

IW: What colour is that?

PEA: Holographic!

But its better when you have the sun and this was in Germany

IW: Is this yours?

PEA: Yeah

IW: Whats this?

PEA: Its my logo

IW: Aubameyang!

PEA: Yeah, with the

PEA: Ohhhhhh!

AL: Oh, we all do some mistakes

IW: This is a mistake, yeah?

PEA: Hey, he looks like El-Hadji Diouf

IW: Who do I look like?

PEA: El-Hadji Diouf!

IW: No way man!

Diouf man!

You know what happened?

My sister, she meant to do my hair white and I wanted it to be white, but she got it wrong

and this was like goldits not funny man!

IW: Laca, have you ever done your hair a different colour?

AL: If I do this, I think my dad will

IW: Your dad wont like?

AL: My dad, my mum

IW: Why dont you do your beard man?

AL: No, no, its okay, I keep like this

PEA: Woahhhhh!

AL: This was at Emirates, you know?

PEA: Medusa!

AL: My first time

IW: Is that you?

AL: Yeah

IW: Jesus Christ, man

PEA: Medusa!

IW: I cant remember ever seeing you without a beard, have you ever played without the


AL: No, in Lyon once I cut it for like one season, but in Arsenal, always I keep it

PEA: Beard gang

PEA: Oh, yes!

IW: This was the 1998 season, the Premier League season, and they told me that the goalkeeper

drops it all the time and he did, he dropped it, but this one, I like this one because

you can see the different faces in the crowd and that, its nice

AL: This one is not watching at all

IW: He must be a fan of the other team, hes a fan of the other team.

Its one of those where when you see a picture like this, this is what you miss when youre

not playing.

This is why you have to treasure them moments simply because when youre gone now, thats

gone forever and then you can only remember this amazing feeling man.

Its an amazing feeling.

Thats it, were just wrapping up man and that was just a little trip down memory

lane for both of us, well, all three of us in fact, so see you soon.

See you soon!

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