Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kelly Tsai - "#SheThePeacebuilder" (Spoken Word)

Difficulty: 0

[Music, Nature Sounds, Birds Chirping]

who can see the day before it has dawned --

to a new way, a new life, a new creation

who can wake from the uncertainty of night

stronger than every terror, wound, and fear

who can forge peace from the waking dream

into lived reality, knit together through determination and hope

she, the peacebuilder

knows peace is neither soft nor timid nor mild

she knows

its no concession, no passive state

she knows

its the active dance

each day of a million acts committed

to strengthen the bonds of humanity

to preclude the cracks of conflict

peace is not just the absence of war

after soil has swallowed secrets

of blood and scattered bones

after footprints have been the only foundation

for millions on the margins of nation

after camera crews have left

and decades of questions unfold

she, the peacebuilder

readies her tools

she reaches for the microphone at the community radio station

to broadcast her story

she empties the rainwater cistern to provide

drinking water for her village

she invites the younger women to the mediation meetings

to learn from enemies, now turned allies

she drags her metal detector over minefields

to revert them back to farm fields

she fills her beaded basket full of food to share

she throws empty bullet casings

back at the military in protest,

and asks, “now what?”

she, the peacebuilder

who believes more than anyone in life

who sows each nascent possibility

who unearths this new day she can see

born from common ground

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