Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 入秋要多吃红薯,教你在家做红薯糕,不用油炸,香甜软糯又多层【阿胖面食】

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hello, this is Apang

I will share with you how to make sweet potato rolls today

you can get yellow or red flesh sweet potatoes and peel them

slice them thinly

the sweet potato is about 500g after peeling

put them on a plate

steam them on a high heat till cooked

get a big handful of soy beans

wash them

drain them and transfer them to an oil-free pan

dry them on a mid-high

turn it down to a low after they are dry on the surface

take them out when you can hear the crackling sound and the beans crack

spread them evenly to cook them down quickly

add 250g glutinous rice to a bowl

put beans into the blend and grind them

you can repeat the process to get the fine texture

sieve it to make it finer

take sweet potatoes out and add 15g granulated sugar to them when hot

crush them with a fork like this

transfer it to glutinous rice flour

250g glutinous rice flour to 450g crushed sweet potatoes

you can add some water if you don't get enough sweet potatoes

knead it into a dough

take a piece and bring it all together in your palms and round it

press it then

put them on a plate

bring a pot of water up to boil then put them in one by one

cook on a high heat

after putting all the pancakes in, push them gently with a spatula

cover the lid

cook them for another 5 minutes after they float

take them out with a colander

hit them with a rolling pin when hot in order to make it chewy

try your best to hit it

it is ready when fine and stretchy like this

put bean powder on the board and spread it evenly

take the dough out and coat it with bean powder to prevent sticking

roll it out when hot

it will be hard to do this step when it gets cold with the strong elasticity

squeeze red bean paste or something else you like on it

place a sheet of parchment paper on it to prevent sticking in the later rolling process

peel the parchment paper off

spread it evenly with a brush

roll it up

make it right

shape it a little bit

cut it into pieces

the sweet potato roll is done cooking now

it is soft and elastic

sticky and chewy

it is is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth

it is nutritious and tasty with sweet potatoes this is Apang. see you next time

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