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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Canonization, John Donne, Critical Appreciation & Summary, UGC NET/JRF English

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hello and welcome to miracle English

language and literature Institute

I'm Professor aqua Sharma and today I'm

going to take up John Donne's poem the

canonization for the critical

appreciation now John Donne he belonged

to the to the Elizabeth and Eric what's

the ending of the Elizabethan era his

poetry is totally different from the

trend which was carried during the this

time he was against all the gods and

goddesses his romantic love was very

very different he gave a new style that

was later on called as the metaphysical

style that is metaphysical word was

first spoken by Dryden in his essays on

satires and then the definition was

given by Samuel Johnson that too

irregular images fused together by

violence his metaphysical conceit so we

considered John Donne as the pioneer of

medical physical poetry now canonization

this poem was published somewhere

in 1633 and it exemplifies nuns with an

irony it is addressed to one of his

friends where he talks about the

complexities of romantic love here also

he's making that romance aesthetic he

doesn't talk about the physical love in

all his poems he takes love to the next

level that is spiritual so let's begin

the poem for God's sake hold your tongue

and let me love all child my pansy

or my count my five gray hair is a

ruined fortune flout but wealth gives

tape your mind with arts improve if you

a course get your place observe his

honor or his grace or the king's real

forest and face can template what he

will approve so you will let me love

the poem begins abruptly the poet is

trying to answer somebody somebody who's

ridiculing him for being in love so he

says hold your tongue minor on business

don't speak much let me grow old

actually the friend of him might be

rebuking him and telling him that

telling him the negative points of being

in love that he'll grow older so he may

be affected by paralysis or his hair

will grow gray and he will ruin his

fortune so he says let me go through all

these miss happenings you do your own

business you improve your wealth that is

the state you should take up some arts

some kind of codes which keeps you busy

and then you should if you don't have

anything like that observe his owner

get yourself devoted to God or become

the loyal one to the king or begin a

business where you can earn lot of money

which has the stamp face of the king

that means the currency always has the

face of the person who's the ruler or

the most powerful person in the country

so he should go and make money or devote

himself to the king or God or do

anything he likes but leave him alone

with his love now let's take the second

one alas alas was injured by my love

what merchant ships have my side strong

who says my tears have overflowed his

ground when did my coals a forward

spring remove when did the heats which

my veins fill add one more to the plague

evil soldiers find wars and lawyers find

out still litigious men

which quarrels move though she and I do

love now he says that who is injured

who's affected nobody then he gives some

certain signs or which are often felt by

the lovers for love satisfying for each


Lord or they cry for each other longing

for each other's company or they are

always in fear of losing each other or

they are always anxious to meet each


so he says that what merchant ships have

my size drowned my size have not

affected any kind of tempest where the

merchants ships will be drowned or say

my tears will not bring any flood

neither my cords will remove the spring

or my heats will increase the degree of

the fever which is usually there during

planes so here you can see his wit and

irony his intellectual side and these

are all the metaphysical conceits

because he is here trying to make a

correlation between the lovers their

attitudes their activities to the

physical world

the weather's the climates the business

carried by the ships and all so he says

of course soldiers are busy in the wars

and lawyers are busy solving the cases

litigious men means they will always

find clients who would be looking for

their services and what are their

services to remove the chorus between

people the lovers will be involved and

then love completely next time sir call

us what you will we are made such by not

call her one me another swine we are

take us to and at our own cost done and

we in us

the eagle and the tough the Phoenix

riddle had more wit by us we do being

one parent so to one neutral thing both

sexes friend we die and rise the same

and prove mysterious by this love now he

talks about their love it is not

physical it is mysterious because they

are so much involved in each other call

us what you will means there is no fixed

the category of there now people are

amazed because their love seems to be

mysterious because they are like the

flies he says that you can always call

them the flies which run after each

other and they die would be intensity of

the heat of the light because the flies

they always are attracted towards the

lights a tube lights or bottoms or

wherever but they die so they these two

are like flies who are involving

themselves in love and love is very


you can even die in love via tapers to t

Pusser candles candles they burn means

they these lovers are burning in love

and finishing their own self as candles

means they are dying or on their own

cost and then he gives a myth of evil

and the Taos the love is as intense as

the Eagle and has calmed as the tongue

and the Phoenix riddle is can also be

explained by these two lovers because

they live and die in love only it's

written here we are to being one are it

so to one neutral thing both sexes fit

that means they are one they are not two

separate beings they are just one

and together they complete the their

identity and they become one they are

they become neutral male and female when

they get together it is one identity for

them so they die and rise by the same

material that is love so people call

their love as a mystery next week and I

buy it if not live by what and if unfit

for tunes and curse our legend be it

will be fit for worse and if no piece of

Chronicle we prove will build in songs

pretty rooms as well as well rot earn

becomes the greatest hashes as half ay T

tombs and by these hymns all shall

approve us canonized for love no he says

that if we do not get a chance to live

together we can die by this love that

means they can sacrifice their life for

this love and of course they will make a

create examples they will create stories

maybe these stories will not have that

kind of a toll or hers which are for the

eternal lovers or so but then they story

well at least be fit for worse if you

not written a complete history of big

story at least four lines will be

devoted for their love if they sacrifice

their life for this so if they're not

mentioned in history Chronicle is

history Tilly's they will find plays and

sonnets which is a fourteen line poem

so he says that if you die and if your

ashes are may be kept in the well rot

rot on or may be spread over a half acre

tune how does it matter doesn't matter

so if we do not get much place or very

high five attention it doesn't matter we

will get some little flings somewhere so

here you get the illusion of the

well-wrought urn of four to the creation

urn written by John Keats so and he says

that people will sing in our praise

they will canonize us canonization means

the symbol of love we will be connoted

as the great lovers so here comes the

meaning of the title the canonization

canonization people will remember them

for long as great lovers and then all

the lovers of the future generations

will invoke them so next stanza it says

that and thus invoke us you whom

reverend love made one under another's

hermitage you do own love was peace that

now is rage who did the whole world soul

contract and drove into the classes of

your eyes so made such mirrors and such

spies that they did all to you epitomize

countries towns codes begged from above

pattern of your now all the novels of

the future generation would invoke them

would appeal them to grant the quality

of such love to them because these

lovers were reverent then love has to be

respected because it was so spiritual in

nature they did not love for the

physical entity only but the love was

like the recluse the contention for each

other's emotions he they there is a

contrast between the love of those times

and the future times

the love would be full of passion and

physical and all whereas these lovers

the lovers

quite the matter of peace contention

happiness joy because they are word to

each other they did not seek for

external things to incorporate in their

love they were satisfied the whole world

was contracted in each other and drove

into the glasses of your eye means they

could see the world in each other's eyes

they did not bother to go out look for

other things look for other happiness to

be combined together through their love

oh there is something in the bracket

also that they were the mirrors for each

other because they both loved each other

so much that they behaved like mirrors

and such pies that they didn't all do

you epitomize they contracted the love

in the close quarters to each other

only then the poet says that the

countries towns codes will borrow the

example of their love they will give

their example to the new lovers to

follow in the same manner they will coat

them everywhere the courts will ask

people to follow the love of these

lovers because it was too pure and

spiritual so everywhere they will be

known as pure pure and true lovers in

different countries and different towns

and they will be quoted as examples for

true love so you have many lovers

canonized in a real life also we see we

talk about romeo-juliet laila-majnu

sh-he Ranjha and so many others so the

title is for the lovers who are

canonized for love who are who have

become the symbol of grateful law

so this

has five stanzas and the meter is in

iambic lines ranging from trimeter to

pentameter it is nine line stanza all

these stanzas are nine lines and the

first third fourth and seventh lines are

pentameters whereas ii 56 8 is

tetrameter and the ninth one is try it

meter there are so many physical

metaphysical conceits there when he says

that you mind your own business take

this this this instead of cursing us and

then he says if nobody is harmed by my

love especially when he talks about

ships drowning or the fever degree

increasing or say spring be removed

forward and all so I think you must have

like the critical appreciation please

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soon with another poem till then take

care bye bye


The Description of The Canonization, John Donne, Critical Appreciation & Summary, UGC NET/JRF English