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and welcome

we are on HAWAI'I!!

we are about to take you on a two week journey around hawaii

1 week on Oahu

and one week on Maui

we are stoked

nice to have you here and enjoy the vlog



welcome to a new day in paradise

we startred strolling again

this time toward Manoa Falls

unsure if we are gonna make it

cause my little Sophie has a bad knee

and if we decide not to do it

we are going to the beach with some icecream

that is what i promised

did you?

as from now, Yes

that sounds tempting

you're not allowed to give up on purpose

but if we can't make it, i'll get the car

I will show you a bit of the environment

They also seem to have enormous Japanese bonsai trees

trimmed to perfection

although I can't see how they should reach them

You should be happy that you couldn't make it to the top

this was the most pathetic and crowded waterfall i have ever seen

so overhyped

the path that leads towards it is very beautiful with all its bamboo


the waterfall itself was very dry

most likely because of the dry weather here on hawaii

luckily i didn't risk my knee for that

so, now let's go to the beach

look at this beach I found for you

did a nice powernap on the beach!

time for icecream

bye beach

one of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park


or not

did they record that film here on Hawaii

and this happend on a secluded ranch

which is owned by a family

and every morning around 8AM they do a tour

but this sells out a year prior

so we gave up on that

but we just drove by it an Michiel decided to go in and ask if they had any cancellations

So, lucky us, we managed to get the 2 last spots on a movie set tour

So we are about to see one of the most famous parts of Oahu

cruising through the set and scenery of Jurassic park

but also the serie lost and the movie 50 first dates

all recorded right in that valley

but first, lunch on this beautiful spot

So, we are in, this tourist attaction

Wow, i think this is the first time in 7 months that we try such a touristic tour

yes, full tourist mode on

I am really exited

me too

we already saw some previews and it looked amazing

they seem to use the same mountain every time

that one mountain does very well in films i guess

lets see if it is really that good!

that was soo cool

did it zoom in?

just a little

no joke, it was very nice

so glad we did this!

yeah it was really cool and they have recorded so much movies here

it stopped every 5 minutes to show another movie set, so bizar

this movie, this movie, etc

and now we are gonna watch them all

all of them?

yes, all of them

and we had a very good timing, because the sun was right on that mountain

like you saw, obviously

but good as we are, that was all part of the plan

this morning i made some drone shots which failed

cause my drone decided

what did it decide again?

oh right, it would only save pictures record movies

so let's change that

and make some sick drone shots

We really like that you watched our VLOG

and we hope that you liked it aswell

if you know people who need to see this, please share the video

we like if more people see this beautiful places

next week our adventure goes on on Maui, a different Island of Hawaii

so let's meet eachother next week!

see you next week! MAHALO