Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Christian & Oliver Part 04 - 28.02 - 02.03.12

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Can anyone of you explain to me why it is so important to be here today?

Why, grandpa, because this place will bounce tonight.

Oh! I'm very curious.

It's busy here!

Well, that's no surprise with today's program, right?

Tonight a young musician is going to play.

She will perform her song live on stage for the first time. -Really?

Yes -That's something!

Yes, it's weird since we just talked about it today, that this really is your big dream, right?

And when does it start?

Yea, yeah, as soon as the musician is ready.

Ahh, you!

Me? - Yes

Well, your evening, your audience.

No, I can't do that.

Stay here! Of course you can.

And how do you know that?

Because ... well, I can do anything, too.

I can do anything since ... since we are together.

Hey, Leonie, you can do it, okay? Now relax, breathe in, breathe out. Okay.

I'll be sitting back there, okay? Go!


Thank you.

Tonight I'm going to sing a song that I wrote for a very special person.

Thank you.

Good job! -Thank you

You can thank yourself. Thirty minutes ago I sent in my application for the pilot training.


You should make her play here more often before you cant afford to pay her.

Great voice, right?

Hello Christian!

Ah! Hey Frank!

Are you here officially? -Yes.

Say, is a Leonie Richter currently living here in this house? Is that correct?

Yes. Is there a problem?

We would like to ask her a few questions, that's all. Do you know where we can find her?

She's not in her apartment.

Yeah, she just had her first big performance, she's probably with her boyfriend.

Timo Mendes? -Yes

And where can I find him?

Well, he lives at Königsbrunn with his father.


Whats the problem, anyway?

I'm sorry, but Im sure you will understand that I cant tell you about it.


Bye! See you at practice!

Bye. -Bye.

Hey, Fritzsche, that was the most silly idea of all times!

Mhm, to send Fritzsche, of all people, with that cheat sheet. Next time I'll do it myself.

For the students it was pure fun!

Oh yes!

So Charlie knew about it?

Yes. What are friends for?

To be cautious with them. I would've gotten caught, the test would be over for me.

Although its clear that the professor could have busted us. I have no clue why he didn't.

Andi,do you seriously believe he didn't see through our charade?

Did you write anything at all?

Your stupid power outage, for me it was a cathartic experiences after all. I wrote as if I was in a trance.

No, no, no! It's too soon. No one has passed any test so far.

What was wrong with you, anyway? Where did that blackout come from?

Wellmy grandchildren, I think they are in trouble. I just couldnt focus on it.

Your son-in-law was just here, the doctor. He's looking for Timo.

Timo? Why?

I saw Timo, and this girl. -What?

Why didn't you tell us sooner?

I know what it's like when youre not up for seeing your parents.

And they were carrying suchbackpacks, I think they wanted to travel.

Excuse me.

You shouldve seen Arno, he was still beat because we slipped that cheat sheet on him, but it went great!

Yes, because he was lucky.

Really, to sneak into the university as a handyman and burst right into the kitchen

Where did you get that crazy idea?

Not everyone has to be a boring party pooper as you are.

Guys, I am hungry. Does anyone want pizza?

I do! Yea!

Okay, thenYou call, and you write it down.

Well, I would like a pizza with shrimps, broccoli, extra cheese, anduhham, and Italian bread sticks, please.

For me the pizza with anchovies and tomatoes.

I would like pizza quattro stagioni with extra mozarella cheese, please.

Quattro what? -Quattro stagioni. Four Seasons.

What's on it?

Lots of things. Artichokes, ham, olives

What does it matter? Just write it down, or do you want to do a drawing?

It is no big deal to remember that little bit, don't you think? But never mind if you can't, as you only need to copy text.

Hey, it's your turn sweetheart, I am hungry, hurry up, otherwise I dont know what I'm doing.

Spinach and mozarella.


I'll ask Olli if he wants anything, too.

I'll help you and get something to drink.


Hurry up!


I thought II would like to help you if I may.

I know it wasnt very sensitive of me to mention it like that, but

Tell me, should I spell it out to you? I can read and write. I am not stupid.

I didn't say that.

God, I made up a fairytale, wow! I can remember four damn pizzas!

Come on.

Just to let you know; I used to have a job at a pizza place. So, can you stop acting like super daddy?

Jessica, I've asked you about this sign, you told me Happy Hour is written there, but

Everything okay? -Sure

What do you think? Why do you follow us at all?

Do you mind that he spends time with a woman who can offer him something?

Dont shake, otherwise something could fall out. No, I'd rather have pizza Hawaii if you can remember that.

Wait, a sweetish, pale pizza for a sweetish, pale woman. Yea, I can remember that.

I think she's not doing well, thats why she strikes out like that.

Sure. Nice that you get along so well. You just talked about something, what was it about?

We just talked.

If you still think it has something to do with the cabin in the forest...nothing happened there.

Hey, let me be a little jealous.

Jessica. Jessi

Why that silly look? Should I help you with cleaning?

No, but maybe I can help you.

Why do you ask that stupid question?

Well, with your....

You have to spend your day off without me, I have too many appointments.

You're off today? Then we can go to the stables together. Our car is still there and I can't fix the carburettor on my own.

It's cool of Hagen that he lets you put the car in the shed

Why shouldn't he? Since our flat mate sleeps with him?

So, what is the plan?

Yes, sure. -Cool

Will I see you later for a cup of coffee? -Maybe

Can you stop telling everyone that I can't read properly? Olli just looked at me as if I were crazy.

I didn't.

Good. Cause if you tell anyone about my alleged problem,

then I'll tell your girlfriend...that we didn't just snuggle up to stay alive in that cabin.

But that's not true.

So what?

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