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-My name is Jacob. -And my name is Zachary.

-Now? -I didn't know you started it.

-Hello. -Hi.

My name's Aliyah Francis.

-I'm Nico. -My name is Ayla.

-And this is what we do at Corona Academy every day.

-Corona! Academy!



-Do a dance! -So, yeah.

I'm here with my dad.

I'm trying to get him in shape.

-We just came back from playing basketball.

-What day is it today? -My birthday.

-And how old are you turning? -Six.

-This guy will eat almost anything,

but he always gets to stay home.

-What is coronavirus? -It's coronavirus.

-Coronavirus is coronavirus.

-It's a virus -- -That is contagious --

-And spreads faster than the flu.

-And people could die from it.

-They're working hard in hospitals,

but it's still very dangerous.

-Disease/virus that needs to be stopped.

And I think we can do that by staying inside,

washing your hands.

-It impacts everyone in the world.

And from people lacking education

because they can't go to school

and don't have all the resources they need.

Yes, I do like being home from school.

-Oh, sure, it is exciting to be home,

but there is another half to go with it.

-Being at home with my parents, it's sometimes annoying

because they're always, like, getting work calls.

-It feels really different because of all the cancelations.

-We do school online.

We don't get to see our teachers.

We don't know when we're gonna go back.

-It just isn't the same without friends here.

-I miss my friends a lot.

-Yeah, I miss my friends.

-Now it's starting to get boring.

-It's very boring. -It can get boring.

-I was actually so bored

that I decided to do some art on a balloon.

-And I stay in touch with my friends by FaceTiming them.

-Tomorrow, my friend's throwing a virtual birthday party.

I'm not exactly sure how the virtual works,

but I'm excited to find out how.

-The first thing I want to do when the quarantine ends

is have 6th grade camp

and maybe 6th grade graduation at the end of the school year

instead of having to do it in 7th grade.

I mean, 6th grade graduation isn't graduation of 6th grade

if you're doing it in 7th grade.

Seriously, people.

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