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Welcome to my channel BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY JAPAN.

Today's destination is KAWAGOE. KAWAGOE is in Saitama. Saitama is next to Tokyo.

It's said that KAWAGOE is one of the nearest places for sightseeing from city center.

It takes about 30 minutes from Ikebukuro by train. KAWAGOE has long history.

In Edo period, castle town flourished around KAWAGOE castle.

So there're still Japanese traditional cityscape and it's called 'small Edo.

Everyone knows ASAKUSA is a famous for traditional city.

KAWAGOE could be a second option for those who wanna feel Edo.

Actually seven million people visit there a year.

I'm gonna introduce what KAWAGOE is in this video.

Let' get started.

(♪Japanese song)

Here is the main street, KAWAGOE Ichibangai.

Here is the street with old architectures which are built in a traditional way.

These architectures are resistance to fire.

This kind of fireproof architectures were built because there was unprecedented fire in Meiji era.

People enjoy walking around, eating around, getting on rickshaw and so forth.

Actually there're some local foods.

Sweet potato chips, Dorayaki, Eag Tart, coffee.

I love coffee.

I don't like bitter one though.

Kashiya Yokocho is the street where there're snack shops.

Once people walk there, they feel nostalgic and get back to a kid.

This street also has a long history, starting from Meiji era.

Oh I'm jealous. I'm so thirsty now.

I know I know this game. Just step only on the specific areas.

Hey good smile. Hello.

KAWAGOE Starbucks, which was open last year, is also interesting.

The shop design is KAWAGOE-style and very cool.

Starbucks officially says this shop was selected as 20 Starbucks stores to visit in 2020.

I usually order hot cocoa by the way. In non-japanese country maybe hot chocolate.

The same

I know many people want Frappuccino. But don't forget a cocoa.

it's quite good. Sweet but refreshing taste.

'Hot chocolate is the cure for all things sh*ty in life'.

This is '13 reasons why' quote.

Oh this is my story.

You could rent a kimono if you want. Let's try on.

Let's go to next place.

KAWAGOE has some shrines.

Among them Hikawa shrine is very popular.

They say that there's god for a marriage tie.

So many people visit here, hoping for a wonderful encounter.

Only 20 charms for a marriage tie a day sells.

Let's take a look at it.




This is charm for a marriage tie.

Did it.

like this yeah

I didn't see it for real because, you know, we need to get up so early.

In the morning time it's sold out

Understand what charm is like?

Hikawa shrine isn't only charm.

Ema tunnel is very beautiful.

Emma is a wooden board which people write down their wish on.

So beautiful space.

let me peek written Ema.

'Everything goes smoothly on family and wishing a safe delivery.'

'I'm sure I'll pass national examination for pharmacist.'

'Hoping I'll pay back debt and wanna cohabit asap'

'Hoping to make a happy family' 'I am crazy about you'

' Wanna grow beard if it fits me. Otherwise everything goes smoothly'

'Want a lot of rice cracker'

oh come on so cute I'll give you Osenbei(rice cracker) absolutelly

Red snapper is also another charm.

Red snapper is pronounced 'Tai' in Japanese.

and we Japanese say 'Ai"Tai"' when we wanna meet someone.

'Aitai' and 'Tai' are the same sound.

That's why there're a lot of 'Tai'. Just wordplay.

In this river, people could get rid of bad luck.

Put the paper shaped human on water. It flows and melts soon.

Hikawa shrine sells some attractive goods. They're cute.

And I wanna let you know one more thing.

Only in summer, wind bells are put up.

It's so beautiful and very Instagramable.

Like this kind of pictures.


Anyway Hikawa shrine is must for Kawagoe.

Kitain is the temple which people visit the most in Happy New Year in Saitama

It's originally the head temple of a sect of Buddhism.

So Gohyakurakan meaning 500 disciples of Buddha and worthy of respect is very interesting.

Seeing them, they have different facial expressions.

Fine look, sad look, happy look. Yeah let's check it together.

He looks jealous of him.

He has money.

What a funny face.

Why do you pick your nose?

It's okay, it's okay.


Kawagoe castle. We could have a look inside.

Traditional view...

spreads out there.

Toki no kane is hour bell.

it still sounds 4 times in one day, 6am, 12pm, 3pm, 6...

Wow beautiful footage.

I don't actually know how it sounds.

I'm wondering someone rings bell or automatically rings.

Tell me it.

That's all.

This is what I saw In Kawagoe. Kawagoe is the atmospheric city.

My favorite place is Gohyakurakan by the way.

It's very fun that we see them and react to their looks and behaviors.

If you guys visit Kawagoe for real after watching this video.

It's literally my pleasure.

Thank you for watching my video.

On this channel I'm going to introduce Japanese good places.

This is...


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