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Exactly. That's the whole point.

Think about the practical applications.

We move freely from town-to-town.

Big cases of high-tech "equipment"

are part of the gig.

And any strange behavior,

they just chalk it up to drugs.

Like coke?

The soda? I'm not following.

Deke, your friends are a long way

from being S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

But that's where you come in.

We need a leader,

especially with all the enemy chatter

we've been picking up.

What do you mean, the Chronicoms?


Ix-nay on the iller-kay obot-ray.

Sorry about that, Atlantic Records.

$3 million doesn't even

get me out of bed in the morning.

We can't talk here. We got to fall back to HQ.

Please tell me you didn't.

Of course you did.

What an honor to meet you, sir.

We are really, really big fans.

Well, I mean, you know,

maybe one is a slightly bigger fan.

Yeah, you know, probably the one who patterned his fighting style

after Director Mackenzie.

And you call that a fighting style?

Dude, you do not want me to break out these thunderclouds.

Yeah, my Doppler radar detects a fist storm.

Guys, guys, just tone it down, like, a lot of notches.

This is a top-secret military facility,

not a party pad for you and your friends.

[ Laughs ]

Feels like you're over-reacting. Not even a little.

Coulson seemed fine with it.


Coulson's alive?

[ Button clicks ]

Coulson's body disintegrated

when he blew up those Chronicoms,

but his mind -- life data...

[ Switch clicks ]

...stayed safe and sound on a hard drive.

Now, I didn't have much in the way of resources,



...I had to improvise.

[ Switch clicks ]



And not a bunch of ones and zeroes

trapped in a digital Hell?

I'd like to think so.

But admittedly,

there's been some real soul-searching here.

God, listen to this guy.

So humble.

You know he single-handedly

demolished the Chronicoms, right?

Actually, it cost me both hands.

It's good you're here, Mack.

From what I can tell, Sibyl's still out there.


The head Chronicom.

She uses something called Time Streams

to predict the future.

Yeah, but I bet her crystal ball

didn't show a certain Big Bang coming.

Am I right?


[ Breathes deeply ]

Shouldn't this Sibyl have died in the blast?

You'd think, but then again,

I made it out on a hard drive,

which got me thinking about ways she might have escaped.

Coulson's found evidence

that Sibyl slipped into the River's End power supply.

I've been monitoring the local grid.

Every time there's a power surge,

more of these appear.

So, you think she's reaching out.

Any idea what for?

I think Sibyl's building new Hunters.

Picked up that stuff you asked for.

[ Chuckles ] Interesting place.

[ Robot whirring ]


What's going on?

I needed to expand my capabilities.

I've been waiting my whole life for you.

Was I not enough?

You have served a purpose.

You can't leave me.

Not after everything we've shared.

I concur.

You know too much.

[ Robot whirs ] 00:03:32.587,00:00:00.000 [ Drill whirs ] [ Screams ]

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