Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cut and Carve

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- Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada,

and Luke Chapter Nine tells you and me

to take up our cross daily.

And that is so hard, because when you take up a cross,

you are actually saying, "Jesus, I wanna join you

"on your cross in dealing with sin.

"I'm gonna be with you.

"I'm gonna die to it.

"I'm gonna die to every last bit of sin, so help me God."

Man, that's hard.

It's hard to put the magazine down, turn the TV off,

or at least turn the channel.

Or not listen to certain music

or say no to your cravings.

Bite your tongue from gossiping

or yelling at the very ones you love.

It's even hard to pick up the Bible and read.

I mean really read it for your good.

But you and I cannot sneak quietly into heaven

without a cross.

As Samuel Rutherford once said,

"Crosses form us into his image.

"They cut away the pieces of our corruption.

"So we happily pray, Lord, cut, carve, dig, wound.

"Lord, do anything to perfect your image

"in me and make me fit for glory.

"Oh, what you and I owe

"to the file, the hammer and the chisel."

Friend, you'll agree it's hard,

but is worth all the pain and any price to be shaped

into the image of our savior. Jesus.

Hey, share these good words today with a friend,

and I will see you next time.

(bright music)

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