Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Show Your Chickens Who's Boss

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Somebody laid an egg! It's a pullet, I'm so proud.

Today I want to discuss the very important topic

about showing your chickens who's the boss.

Chickens are bossy by nature so it's very important if you've decided that you

want to raise some

that you establish an orderly hen yard.

The very best thing you can do for yourself is to start out with a

courteous, productive flock.

The foolproof way of going about carefully selecting your well-mannered flock

is to head out to the Tractor Supply Company just before Easter and

look all that the chick bins and pick out just the cute ones.

Little-known insider tip:

the cutest, fluffiest baby chicks

always turn out to be hens.

Can I say that?

If your hen inexplicably starts crowing now would be a good time to lavish your

neighbors with large, expensive gifts.

If anyone gets upset or confront you about your hen's strange behavior,

deny everything.

That's just our fancy new hen, isn't she precious? I'm the rubber, you're

the glue...wait, don't call the cops.

Establishing dominance over your hens will be essential for your

peace of mind. I laid a 9 pound human with less

fuss than you're making over this egg. Let's just say you had a

hard week at work

it's important that you be able to keep your chickens aside and say, 'listen ladies

tomorrow Saturday and I'm going to sleep in. You will all wait patiently and quietly

until I decide to let you out.

My chickens haven't let me sleep in in years.

And you have to tell your chicken that if they want to live under your coop roof

They better be

prepared to deliver the goods. "Hey there Cecil,

no egg again from you today. Keep this up I'm gonna have to rename you 'Puppy."

Remember, be firm. You're the BOSS.

That was really, really good. But Sarah, honey, you're still a little sharp on the chorus.

Just concentrate on your breathing.

This thing just doesn't get old.

I'm gonna get sued.

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