Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sneaky Hot Jelly Beans

Difficulty: 0

Challenge your friends, or prank your frenemies

with Spicy Jelly Beans.

Wait, spicy?



Every sweet bean starts out tasting like a regular fruity

jelly bean.

But real bits of spice lurk inside each candy shell.

Choose between spicy but enjoyable habanero,

or go all in with kicking ghost pepper beans.

Put some into a bowl to prank coworkers.




I hear the water cooler's out.



Or mix them with regular beans to create

a game of spice roulette.

They're tasty and hot.

Just ask this guy.


Guy Firey here, secretary of skill-ville.

And I'm about to taste test the ghost pepper jelly beans.

All right, time to get my man forks in there.


Oh yeah!

Cherry and orange.


Uh-oh, there's that speecy-spicy.

Oh yeah, this heat is not lacking.

It is sweet and spicy.

Got my mouth cracking.


I give it five on my heater meter.

All right, Guy Firey out.

If you're like that guy and love spice,

you might want to pick up a jar just for spicy snacking.

Try both habanero and ghost pepper Spicy Jelly Beans.

And shop for hundreds more gifts at

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