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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Making Our Own Custom NAIL POLISH! (Beauty Trippin)

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This is so much better than build-a-bear or the American Girl store

There is a god. Thank god the show is back. I need some beauty treatment. Yeah, and I need money to hang out with you guys

The show is back. Beauty Trippin is back.

What's better than having two people? three people?

It's a three-some

This is a beauty tripping threesome to be

remembered. i know. and now is I've never even been on the show with you so it's like our maiden voyage drew and I had

a good actually we

Had literally shot the final summer episode ever the day that we did dilly and Dilbert. Dilly for short like Lily but dilly.

What do you think. Dilly is cute. Dilbert for long.The clue is "Welcome

You've got nail." Oh

Yeah, like nail N-A-L-E? Is that a word?

Wait, do you know what my dream has always been? what? to name nail colors, is that a thing people do

Like don't you feel like the names of nail colors at the bottom or so creative

That's how I pick what they are. I'm like an orange

No true. This is gonna open your mind. True the names are so cool. They're always like things that you want to be

It's a first-class citizen or something. Maybe it's some sort of

I don't know digital thing cuz we've got mail that was that my feeling nails beauty tripping. Oh, right

Welcome to Orly color labs. Thank you

Wait like nails? you've got nails

We were gonna make custom nail polish with you girls. That's a thing? you get to name them? Yes get to name them.

You guys this is my dream.

I didn't even know this was a thing that you could dream. This is amazing.

Can anyone like come in here and do it?

Yes, we just recently opened and anyone can come in Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 to 7:00 and make their own custom polish here Wow

Like what do we do? Is there some sort of like backroom? We're really gonna be like

No, not that difficult. Just come on over with me and I'll show you how we do it


This is like a tech cool thing a tech cool thing sure that we try to keep a very simple here. I'm so intrigued, okay

So I'm just gonna show it to you and I've never heard of this. We're working with mood boards

So you can just click on I turn right and you can look through inspo pictures

Let's say you like this color you click on it usually got a letter original darker version and click on that you get to choose

Shimmers, we have a pearl shimmer or a metallic shimmer, or you can keep it clean and flat after that

You name it you have 35 characters. Oh my god, so there is a lot of character. Yeah

There's a lot of space. I feel like the Spirit is leading me to do this blindfolded like just to pick whatever my finger picks

But you trust your nose the color picks me I don't pick it

Okay, so I'm gonna go first, um, I guess I must hit the starter start, but I'm really gonna let my finger do it

I need you guys to help me. Okay, but first let's wait so there's only two options. Okay, so

Okay, did I pick something yes, and now you have to choose your color inspiration

okay, so I'm gonna scroll you can scroll and joke as having this girl and then

Do you like it if you feel like it's me, yeah, I feel like it is can you wear this color before?

Oh my gosh, weld these troll hands will look better with literally anything

Okay. So now you have three options did I have to pick from like the left?

Oh boy or any right of the screen am I on it? Yeah

Okay now is between like your huge like pearl metallic or okay. Okay. Are you four more like the lefty or a

Your fingers don't worry we're doing okay. Okay name it I

Already broke something in here, which we didn't get on camera. So what should I say like mystery the soul spice?

Okay, that feels right mystery

Did not know that no apologies that names I

Wanted to use all the characters so it's oh that's good. You didn't

Know so my turn my turn


Now see I feel like you do like the same types of colors like you do nudes or black or white choose, right?

Like I always keep it class today. You want to change it up this time like do something out of the ball?

I need a color that will go with all my outfits always read something that will clash. Yeah, but I do run a lie

I think I'm feeling like this gray brick wall. I like that, right? Okay. I'm just like in a dark mood right now

I'm not a metallic girl. I'm a very like classic, you know, and I'm not gonna show you guys what I'm called. Okay, okay

This is very exciting I feel like we're naming babies

Floor is so leg. It's like yeah, it's like you could just say you can just after way up to the Machine what?

Your kid first of all, are you bright your bright? Are you night brights choose your color inspiration like doing this doing it

Oh, I'm kind of feeling the gold

There's that tire though, we I'm so inspired by like a lot of these okay, I'm inspired by this one finder close Oh

Layton original darker. Geez. It's like post me. It's like for your nails

Okay, lighter photo you select it already contains a shimmer at that. Okay, Ryan, I

like that

Drew this is too much pressure. Is it a boy or a girl? It needs to be a boy


You're right. Right, right. I need to mix it up. It can't but it's a boy. It's a boy. It's gonna be a boy

Okay, like a really great name like just like Spacey that is important ISAC

Yeah, I know a lot of guys named Stacy. Yeah

Okay Stacy because it wasn't I mean one eye and he why or just a y28 right?

You're right know why that's so basic. Okay

And his mom has got it goin on

So let's go do the mixology bar Arthur. This is ally. Oh my god

Today the mixture color today. I'm excited. I'm going to see how it all

This is your job. Sorry

No, why is my job that I feel in the mixologist of your custom nail lacquer? Okay

I have a question. Yes, you've had a lot of people come through here

what is like the standout color and name that has been created the

Standout color would probably be our guests who came in wanted me to match the color with her skin

Make my skin color in a nail color

Okay, that'll actually interesting is you may hire nude like yeah, he was like not a really good match anyway

What did she make every skin some our skin some our skin okay

She's like more - yeah, so that like pumps like pretty significant. If I wore this I'd be carrying her with me, right? Yeah


Color basic economy

By I feel like nail polishes and the names of nail polishes are always what we aspire to be, you know

like first-class or right way away, but I wanted a nail color for the people, you know, like

Something those are happy for sitting in the middle seat revolutions always inspired by the gray of the airplane tree Wow

Great basic economy so start with

3001 gray will go with every outfit any well, right. Okay. So this is white and then black

Right, okay

Weren't you glad there's a splash of

And then you use like a foamer from Starbucks to mix it. It looks like a frother really does. She's a pain mixer

Yeah until you see that all the colors properly mixed together I'm in color shock that orange helps make this color

Because that makes me nervous yeah, we always put these

Metal balls, it's just you just you and then take it

Is it a glass bottle? Yes Wow

Wow, yes steady hand, I can't believe I made this color. That's so cool

You did great economies never been better and then I'm gonna take the sky

Wonderful brush and this process was significantly faster at its some very very quick


We're not done

This whole experience, you know, we should you cannot build a barrack they have you like a wish on the heart, right?

Yes, did you have people wish on the balls? All right, Julie your neck

Ah, we're gonna make thank thee the base just like for the consistency

Mm-hmm look so this one has all four scoops. Oh

That's so fun very pigmented

and then one of

The others gonna look I'm excited

Oh, yeah

I made a wish and we're gonna do the poor

The poor is very soothing it's like here tomorrow. This is so like satisfying Stacey

And now moving on we're gonna do mystery is the souls

Let's go


That's pretty look at this is so oh

My god


That was a dream come true like I didn't even know that you could do that kind of thing

And now that I know that you can do it, I'm gonna be highlighted

What I'm really glad that we're sharing this with the world because the thing is, you know

They would say how can someone know they can dream for something if they don't know it exists

You know custom nail polish is a thing. That's also twenty dollars how many dollars that's insane my mom

Is such a good mother, you know, literally they actually have some really cool stuff going on for Mother's Day

But if you guys are ever in LA and want to stop by a highly highly recommend it you guys subscribe

Thanks for being with us on this very weird journey called life. Thanks for watching. Bye Elena

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