Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jake Paul vs Logan Paul (When Brothers Fight)

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- [Brock] It's Fight Night 2022.

- [Scooter] Paul versus Paul.

- [Brock] Logan vs Jake, the fight of the century.

- Jakey, baby bro, you've been naughty,

so I got to give you a spanking.

I'm gonna beat the "Bizaardvark" out of you! Let's go!

- What the (beep) is up, Logan, you old ass (beep)

I'm gonna kick your ass back to 2018,

you're gonna feel canceled all over again!

Let's (beep) go!

- Scooter, these are electric words coming

from the two fighters before the fight.

- Almost as electric as the crowd here tonight.

Not an empty seat in the house.

- [Brock] Two brothers going head to head, toe to to,

mano y mano, a civil war in the Paul household, if you will.

So, any predictions for this fight, Scooter?

- I don't care who wins as long as they both lose.

- Oh, and speaking of which,

both fighters have entered the ring.

- We went over the rules in the locker room,

I want a fair, clean fight.

Touch gloves and return to your corners.

(feet stomping)

- Oh my god, these two want to murder each other.

- Mood. - And-

- [Both] Here we go!

(bell dings)

(exciting dubstep music)

(gloves smacking)

- Stop!

- Ow! Bro!

You play too rough! - Stop!

- You stop!

Stop, you stop! If you want me to stop, you stop!

- What an intense start.

- They are really going at it.

- You're being a dick.

- I know you are but what am I?

- A dick!

- Ooh, wow, impressive.

- I know you are but what am I

is a seasoned fighting technique.

- Stop. - Stop it!

(Jake screams)

- I barely pushed you!

- You hurt me so bad! - No I didn't!

I didn't even push you that hard!

- Mom!

- Oh, now we expected to see some overacting

from Jake's camp, but we didn't expect it to work this well.

- If only he acted this hard on the Disney Channel,

maybe he wouldn't have gotten fired.

- (laughs) That's a hot take from Scooter.

- Get me some milky 'cause I am spicy!

- You're being stupid.

- Stop!

(crowd gasps)

- Mom!

- Mom can't hear you 'cause you're a crybaby

and she hates you!

- Oh yeah? If I'm a crybaby, then what's this?

You looked! - No I didn't!

- You looked, I get a free punch!

- I didn't look!

I don't have my contacts in! - I get a free punch!

No, you don't need contacts, Jake!

- There's a rule discrepancy here.

- The ref is going to have to call this one.

- Stop, dude.

If I'm a crybaby, then what's this?

(marker squeaking)

- All right, it appear that Logan's hand does go down,

Jake's eyes rise to meet it.

- He looked! - Yes!

- Logan gets a free punch.

(Jake grunts)

- Didn't even hurt.

What a crappy hit, dude, it's too bad you only get one,

you don't get to hit me like that again.

- I think he's lying and that hurt very much.

- I got to agree with you,

this boy wants a kissy on his booboo.

- I do too, Brock.

(punches thudding over speaker)

- Come on, mom says it's my turn for the Xbox.

- I'm using it.

- I'll tell on you. - I'll tell on you!

- [Brock] And Logan unleashes a brutal copycat technique.

- Stop copying me! That's what you sound like!

- A copycat reversal! - Now that's boxing.

- Oh, I just died!

- Oh (beep)!

- Whatever, I'm gonna delete your save file.

- Don't do that, I literally have played this

for like 30 hours, bro!

- Wow, I thought Logan was done for,

but he's found his way back on the offensive.

- He's a vampire?

(pages turning)

What do you want?

- Nothing. - Get out of my room.

- I'm not in your room. - Yes you are.

- No I'm not, your room starts right there

and I'm standing right here.

- Oh my god, you're so annoying.

(door slams)

- [Brock] Looks like Logan takes this round.

- [Scooter] I wouldn't be so sure, Brock.

- I can still see you.

- And that's the sneakiness I was talking about earlier!

- Oh, and it looks like Logan is about to take a shower?

(Logan whistling)

- [Logan] Jake! Dude, I was next in the shower!

- [Jake] Sorry, I'm using it.

- [Logan] That's not fair, I have a date!

- [Jake] Sorry, la la la, I can't hear you over the shower.

- [Logan] Jake, I know you can hear me,

you're a freaking loser.

- [Jake] This is nice, is this Garnier Fructis?

- [Logan] Don't use my Garnier Fructis!

- At this point I have to ask myself,

can this fight get any better?

- Scooter, you know I don't believe in speculation.

- Huh?

- We talked about this a couple times.

It's been a couple times now.

- You know I'm 75% deaf.

- [Brock] This is a fight for the ages.

Jake and Logan are exhausted.

I don't know how they're still standing.

(Logan roars)

(Jake roars)

(both roar)

(electricity buzzes)

- What's happening? My soul is moving!

- [Scooter] Whoa, they Freaky Friday-ed!

- [Brock] That's right, Scooter, their souls

have magically switched bodies

like in the movie "Freaky Friday",

and the first thing they're doing

is looking into each other's pants?

- Nice. - Way to go, bro!

A Snickers!

- For after the fight! - In case you get hungry!

- In case you get hungry.

(electricity buzzing)

- And what a great opportunity to shout out our sponsor.

Snickers, you're not you when you're hungry.

- With only seconds left in this fight,

it's really going to come down to the final moments.

(bell dings)

(cloth rips)

- [Scooter] Oh my god, Logan has lifted Jake off the ground

with a wedgie!

(Logan screams)

- [Brock] And now Jake has lifted Logan.

- [Scooter] I believe we've entered atomic territory.

(Jake and Logan screaming)

- They are now both floating in the air.

- I didn't think this was physically possible.

- We are now witnessing what could only be described

as a physics defying event.

- I would describe it as a fun BDSM kink.

- And yes, they have just left the arena

and are presumably in outer space.

- And that's if and only if they don't get sideswiped

by a commercial jetliner on the way out.

- Which brings us to our second sponsor of the evening,

American Airlines.

We'll run over the Paul brothers

if you promise not to press charges.

- [Scooter] And that's gonna do it for Fight Night 2022.

I'm Scooter McPooter.

- And I'm Brock McPooter.

That's right, we've been brothers this whole time.

- Tune in next time to see Trisha Paytas

fight her inner demons.

- Goddamn, what has happened to boxing?

(both chuckle)

- I'm gonna do what Tana Mongeau

did to you and (beep) you up. (laughs)

- Windmill! - No, no, no no no!

- You can't run away! - No windmills!

- You're running away! - No windmills, bro!

- You can't make up the rules!

- I think this boy wants a kissy on his booboo.

- I do too. Right here.

- I'm not gonna kiss your face.

- Right here. Right here, Brock.

- I'm not gonna kiss your face.

- Come on, Brock. Brock.

- I'm not gonna kiss your face.

- Come on, Brock.

- Hey!

- You, oh!

Ow, dude, what the (beep)?

- [Director] Cut!

(Logan laughs)

- Wow, I thought Logan was done for, but he's...

All right, let's try-

- Mom said it's my turn for the Xbox

after I finished folding the laundry!

- I don't care what mom says, I'm using it.

- I'll tell mom that you said that.

- You're not even good at "Halo"! You'll die immediately!

- I'll never get good if I don't get practice!

- Too bad. Get your own Xbox.

- I can't, I haven't gotten a brand deal in a while.

- Well that's you're problem,

maybe you shouldn't be such a (beep) (beep)

- Looks like Logan is about to take (blows raspberry)

a shower?

- I wish I was in there as a shampoo bottle!

- What?

- I want to be in there like that shampoo poo bottle!

- Scooter, I heard what you said,

it's the content of the words.

- Frigging stupid, I bet you want to play with Barbies.

- There's nothing wrong with Barbies. Barbies are hot.

- Barbie's the only girlfriend you could ever have,

'cause you could never have a real girlfriend.

- I actually met a real girl in real life named Barbie.

She goes to another Instagram.

- Yeah, oh, she goes to another Instagram?

You sound stupid.

- You're so stupid! - You're stupid!

- You're so stupid!

(both scream)

- You scream like a girl. - No I don't!

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