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- Welcome to "Good Mythical More".

Let's pair some fast food items to special occasions

that you don't normally have them in.

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Who knows what could happen.

- Anything could happen.

- Who knows what could happen.

- Anything at all can happen.

Stevie, what is happening?

- [Stevie] I'm gonna give you a scenario,

an occasion, an event, and they're gonna be specific.

And then you're going to have to,

using your expertise in the fast food industry.

- Yeah, we're very expert.

- [Stevie] You're going to have to advise

the people who are experiencing these things

on which fast food chain, and maybe even item,

you would recommend to consume

during said scenarios, occasions, and events.

Like for instance,

what if you fall in front of everyone at prom,

what would you eat to make yourself feel better?

- So this is not a special occasion.

- Are these things that happened to you personally?

- [Stevie] I said scenarios, events.

- These are things that happened to Stevie Levine

at some point in her life.

- [Stevie] I mean, in all honesty

I probably did fall at the prom.

I don't remember things, but I do fall a lot,

and I did go to the prom.

And I was wearing heels, I do remember that.

So yeah, these are all about me.

(Rhett laughs)

- My wife fell when she graduated.

- [Stevie] No.

- When she walked the stage, she fell?

- Christy, this is college graduation, not high school.

She was walking across to get her diploma,

and it was outdoors, and it was very hot.

And she was wearing these like platform heels.

- And a robe.

- And a robe.

She did not fall.

She struggled for a long time to continually fall,

but recover, only to start falling.

Like, it was one, she was, you know, it was like...

- But then she caught herself?

- And then she got the-- - She grasped the diploma.

- She got the diploma. - And that's what held her up.

- They may have grabbed her by the arm.

And then she righted herself,

got a picture, and then walked off.

And it was like...

- As long as you can make it to the diploma.

- Right.

- Then you still graduate.

- Everyone who didn't know her, around us,

started mumbling about how great of a time

she must have had last night.

(Rhett laughs)

- [Stevie] You remember those runway model

stumble videos we were watching for a little bit?

- It was like that, yeah.

What did we eat?

I'm sure we ate Bojangles after that

because that's how we celebrate everything.

- [Stevie] Are the open late?

They're not open late, cook out.

- Oh, I'm talking about her graduation, not prom.

- Well yeah. - I got confused.

- If you fall at prom you got to

go to someplace that's still open.

So we're talking like Wendy's?

Wendy's stays open until 1:00 a.m. sometimes,

in some places.

A good cup of chili would be good after that.

And it's the fall.

- I mean, Waffle House is too good of an answer.

That can't be on the board, right?

- [Stevie] No, I'll accept it.

- That's it.

- [Stevie] 'Cause that's, I'm usually really strict,

but this time I'll let it in.

- But Waffle House is gonna end up

being the right answer for all of these.

- And that would be okay.

- [Stevie] No, I don't think so.

- Yeah, yeah.

- [Stevie] Like for instance,

what if you find out your mom is moving in with you?

- Is that happening?

- Well we're, hold on now.

We're getting to an age, Stevie,

where this might hit too close to home.

It's like. - Yeah.

So you gotta plan on what fast food

you're gonna be eating when you get the news.

- Well, someplace that I can go and be at for a long time.

- Hey mom, I'm going out to get us some fast food,

I'll be back in three years.

- What fast food place can you hang out and do work in?

- [Stevie] Yeah, Chase said In-N-Out

'cause the line is so long.

- The lines are so long at In-N-Out.

- But you can't like set up,

you know how you can set up shop in certain places,

like a coffee shop?

I've been in a McDonald's before,

and there was a dude in there who would set up shop.

What do you think this is a coffee shop?

He's got his computer out.

- 'Cause they have wifi.

- Yeah, so I'm gonna go with McDonald's

'cause I gotta do my work.

- I'm going with Chase on this.

I mean...

- It's not relaxing though.

You wanna relax.

- A lot of In-N-Out, well some of 'em have,

some of 'em don't have a place where you can dine in,

and some of 'em do, but it doesn't matter.

Especially now when there's not a lot of dining in, but.

The cars that will line up, and the systems that they have.

- It's incredible.

- It's incredible to see how they wind hundreds of cars.

- It's not really In-N-Out.

It's sorta like...

(Rhett hums)

- Line 'em up and...

- [Stevie] It's also like,

it doesn't depend on what time of day it is.

'Cause there's a In-N-Out

by some place that somebody lives.

And I know that one lane on the road

is always going to be blocked.

And so I avoid that lane.

And then I laugh to myself

at everyone who didn't avoid that lane.

- They don't realize they're in the In-N-Out line,

on the freaking freeway, practically.

- Yeah, I know what you're talking about.

- It's crazy!

- [Stevie] What about the morning after your wedding?

- Okay so.

- So a good breakfast place.

- Well, the morning after my wedding.

- I was waking up and get ready to get on a plane.

- Yeah, I was too.

- So you want a quick. - I got up early.

- Light breakfast

And something that is like a hint

of what you're about to experience.

So something a little tropical.

- So Starbucks.

- They got pineapples at Starbucks?

- I kinda want just a yogurt.

I wanna keep it light, like you said.

- You think a yogurt is a good

getting ready for honeymoon stuff?

- Yeah, you don't want anything heavy that's gonna like...

You don't want something that's gonna make your breath bad,

or make you start pootin'.

- Yeah, that's right.

You wanna keep it sexy.

- You wanna keep it sexy.

- Yogurt keeps it sexy. - Yogurt keeps it sexy.

- Yogurt regulates your bowels, which is always sexy.

Regular bowels are one of the sexiest things you can have,

because irregular bowels are

one of the unsexiest things you can have.

- By matter of elimination.

No pun intended. - I mean, you can take

the sexiest moment that you're having on your honeymoon.

- Right, add dookie to it.

- And if somebody's having a gastro-intestinal issue,

it is not sexy all of a sudden.

However it escapes.

However it comes out.

- So where else can you get yogurt besides Starbucks?

- You talking about one of those parfaits

that you get like at the airport in the little bin?

- Yeah.

- I've done that so many times.

- McDonald's, yeah, you can get a yogurt,

but it's probably, it's not really a yogurt.

- So Starbucks at the airport.

- I want live and active cultures.

- With the parfait.

There's so much sugar in those parfaits.

- [Stevie] Okay, this next one's very important.

You just gave your kid the talk.

- Ooh, okay. - Okay.

But it was too late.

- For you or the kid?

- [Stevie] What?

- This is for you or the kid?

- What, what?

- Oh, I thought you were asking me

in the situation if I was the kid or...

- Excuse me.

I detected a 'tude in that. - No, for you.

'Cause it's you gave your kid.

You don't give your kid the talk

and then give 'em fast food, do you?

- No, you them-- - I mean, you could.

- Listen, if you want them to have positive associations

with the idea of relations, you do.

You don't want them to feel shame,

so you wanna give them a frosty afterwards.

- I recommend...

- [Stevie] Zack said In-N-Out.

(Rhett laughs)

- In-N-Out.

- I recommend giving the talk,

or any type of calculated talk, in a car.

- Yeah.

- Especially with a teenager.

It's like when you're driving, what?

- [Stevie] Chase said Jack in the Box, in the box.

- Yeah, there we go.

We got... - In a box.

- I recommend having those talks in the car

because it takes the heat off of the eye contact.

So it's like, well, you know how babies are made, right?

And by the way, I'm taking you to get a milkshake.

So no matter how awkward this gets,

we're just gonna be sucking down a shake soon enough.

So. - Careful.

- Anywhere you can get a good a good milkshake is right.

Through a drive through.

You don't wanna have to get out of the car.

- Did it just get worse back there?

- It got worse back there. - Yes.

- I don't even wanna know.

- [Stevie] But you do really wanna know,

don't you? - What is it?

- [Stevie] Taco Bell.

- Talk about it and have a shake.

What are we talking about?

- [Stevie] It's fine, nevermind.

Keep on going, get a milkshake.

What about the next one?

What about after you get a vasectomy with your best friend,

what do you eat?

- I don't remember what we ate after that

'cause I was a little loopy.

- [VOICE] Wienerschnitzel?

- Wienerschnitzel.

There you go, Josh. - Yes.

- Everybody's getting in on all the action.

- Yeah.

And the thing is, is that there's a lot of people--

- Wienerschniptzel.

- [Stevie] I gotta say, at the exact moment

you said that, Josh, Ben slacked.

Literally at the exact same moment, the same thing.

So, you know.

- That's pretty good.

I do feel like if we had to do it all over again,

we should have gone to the Wienerschnipzel.

- But here's the thing, is that we do,

every time we bring up the vasectomy,

we have to educate the...

- The chattel.

- The disappointingly large percentage of the people

who hear that we got vasectomies,

who think that we either got our,

we got something literally cut off.

- Yeah, we just got a cord, a vessel snipped.

A vas deferen.

- We were not castrated. - Two of 'em.

- Okay.

We're not steer.

- Ben can still smell our vas deferens burning.

It was sealed, it was sealed with fire.

So don't worry, if you heard that

your dad's getting a vasectomy,

he will still have all the things that he needs.

- He'll have balls and he'll have a wiener.

- He just won't be able to get your mom pregnant anymore.

- And that's good for everybody.

- [Rhett] We have not one,

but three new GMM mugs this season.

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