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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 47 Practical English Lessons for Communication

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part one getting to know you

lesson one introducing people

one hello David

nice to see you again how are you I'm

fine thanks and you very well thanks

David do you know yang Zhong yang Zhong

this is David Kennett he's our project

director in Vietnam pleased to meet you

yang Zhong how do you do mr. Kenneth

- excuse me dr. Brown can I introduce

you to Professor Polsky from Macedonia

Anna this is dr. Harold Brown he works

in Rwanda how'd you do how do you do dr.


three hello Sharon how are things with


okay thanks Hilary oh this is Martin

he's my son Martin this is Hilary my

friend from Manchester hi hello Martin

lesson two what do you do every day

I do the same things every day

I wake up at 7:00 but I stay in bed

until 7:15 then I get up and have a

shower that really wakes me up

I get dressed and then

have breakfast some toast and a cup of


I leave the house at 8:30 and walk to

the bus stop I go to work by bus

start work at about 9:00 and I finish

work at 5:00 or 6:00

evening I have dinner and watch

television or play on the computer

in bed by 11


lesson three talk about your family

I live with my mother and my father and

my two brothers they are called Owen and

David Owen is 20 and he's at University

David is 16 and he's at school like me I

have two grandmothers and one

grandfather my other grandfather is dead

I have one uncle and one aunt my aunt

Janet is my mother's sister they have

two daughters Rosa is 10 and Gemma is 14

like me they are my cousins

lesson four what can you do

1 what do you do I'm a maths teacher

have you got a university degree yes

I've got a degree in maths and a PGCE a

PGCE what's that

it's a postgraduate certificate in

education it means I can teach so you

teach maths yes

I teach maths in a secondary school

- what skills have you got well I can

drive I've got a PSV license what's that

it's a public service vehicle license it

means I can drive big vehicles with

passengers you have to take a special

test to get the license so what do you

do for a living I'm a bus driver three

what do you do I work in the tourist

industry I'm a travel representative do

you need paper qualifications for that

no but it helps if you can speak a

foreign language can you yes I can speak

Spanish and Italian and English of


for what's your job in this company I'm

a personal secretary I work for one of

the directors what do you do oh I answer

the telephone make appointments for my

boss write letters and prepare reports

can you use a computer of course I've

also got an Advanced Certificate in

office management

five what skills have you got I can

design and make beautiful clothes I'm a

fashion designer

do you need any qualifications for that

well I've got a diploma from the London

College of Fashion but experience is

very important in the fashion business

you learn on the job



part two on the move

lesson one giving directions one

excuse me where are the toilets oh

they're over there on the right I see

thank you

- can you tell me where the cinema is

please yes it's in the square just go

straight on for about 200 meters and

you'll see it in front of you

three excuse me

can you tell me where East Street is of

course just turn left at the next set of

traffic lights

that's East Street oh thank you

for excuse me where's the tourist

information office let me see ah yes go

straight on at the traffic lights you

can't miss it


five excuse me where's the nearest

public telephone ah it's in the post

office it's on your left as you go in

ah thanks

six excuse me do you know where the Blue

Parrot Cafe is yes turn right at the

next corner and you'll see the sign

great thanks

telling the time one

excuse me what time is the bus to Oxford

the next one leaves at nine o'clock and

when does it get there it arrives at

half past ten that's great

thank you - good morning

can I help you yes please when does the

train for Paris leave it departs from

platform six at half past eleven and

when does it arrive four o'clock in the

afternoon okay thank you

three excuse me what time is the next

flight to Amsterdam the next one is at

12:30 and it arrives in Amsterdam at

quarter to 2:00 that sounds fine thank



lesson three

what are you going to do

track 1 hi Rebecca hi Tim are you going

to anita's party on Friday of course all

the people from work are going great I'm

going to what about Saturday do you want

to play tennis no sorry I'm taking the

cat to the vet in the morning what about

the afternoon no I'm going to town to

buy some clothes sunday sunday is fine

great it's 3 o'clock ok 3 is perfect

ok I must go now bye bye Tim



truck 2 1 I am going to a concert next

week there's a wonderful program with

songs from my favorite operas - we are

going to Australia next month we are

visiting my son he lives in Sydney

three we are going to the art gallery

this morning and in the afternoon we are


for he is playing in a tennis tournament

all day tomorrow

five they are traveling to Bangkok on

Sunday we are seeing them off their

flight leaves at six o'clock

lesson for asking about places one

excuse me where's the Science Museum Oh

take the second turning on your left and

it's about 200 meters ahead on the

right-hand side of the street thank you

- when does the museum open we open at

10:00 from Monday to Saturday but on

Sunday we don't open until 2 o'clock so

it's 10 o'clock today yes that's right

ah thank you

three how much does it cost to get into

the gallery oh it's free free yes you

don't have to pay to get in great thanks

for excuse me when does the concert

start the doors open at 7 o'clock you

must be in your seat by 7:25 because the

concert starts at 7:30 thank you

5:00 can you tell me how to

the antiques market yes it's in the

center of town

take a number 22 bus and get off at the

Town Hall okay thank you

six how much are tickets for the tour of

the castle they are four pounds for

adults and two pounds for children under

14 and for students student tickets a

half price two pounds thanks

lesson 5 finding out about cities excuse

me can I ask where you are from

of course I'm from Edinburgh can you

spell that for me please

yes it's e d I nbc-2 and where is

Edinburgh it's in Scotland it's the

capital Scotland that to the north of

England isn't it yes Edinburgh is about

400 miles to the north of London and is

Edinburgh very big quite big it has a

population of about 500,000 I see

500,000 I think that's a lot

there lots of tourists in Edinburgh oh

yes it's a great city for tourists as

very beautiful the castle is our most

famous tourist attraction and of course

there's the festival the festival

yes every summer there is a festival of

art music theater everything thousands

of tourists come to see that I must

visit how can I get there from London

well you can fly to Edinburgh Airport or

you can drive but it's a long way and it

takes a long time my favorite is to go

by train it's relaxing and you see the

whole country that's great thank you

very much it's a pleasure


lesson six dealing with travel

situations one is the 1532 Buffalo

running let me see

yes but there's a 45-minute delay what

time does it get to Buffalo it's due and

Buffalo at 17:10 thank you

- excuse me can you help me please yes

sir what can I do for you I want a hotel

in central London is that just for one


yes it is let's have a look the

Cavendish in Bryanston Square has a

double room available at 95 pounds a


well that sounds ok where is Bryanston


three hello is that the Belmont

conference center yes how can I help I

have a meeting in room 112 with mr.

Curtis unfortunately my train is delayed

so I'm going to be late room 112 hold on

a moment I'm putting you through Thanks

for where to Madam the airport please

I'm running a bit late now then what

time's your flight half past eleven I'm

sure I'm going to miss it

don't worry plenty of time leave it to

me great

five good morning is it just for the two

of you yes can we sit over there by the

window just a second

yes that tables free is that a

no-smoking area yes we only allow

smoking at the bar oh good

part three shopping

lesson 1 how much are they can I help

you yes please how much are the apples

there 2 pounds 10 a kilo madam

2 kilos please anything else what about

the grapes how much are they the black

ones are two pounds 25 a kilo and the

white are one pound 75 very sweet they

are from South Africa yes a kilo of

black grapes then and for large oranges

right you are the large oranges are 40

pence each

is that okay fine thanks now I just want

some flowers roses I think yes a bunch

of roses please the red or the yellow Oh

red please they're lovely

right twelve beautiful red roses for the

lady at four pounds fifty is that

everything yes that's all thanks that's

12 pounds fifty five madam 20 pounds


and seven pounds 45 change Thanks

have a nice day

lesson two let's have a takeaway one

golden dragon good evening hi there I

want to order a takeaway yes sir do you

want to pick it up or do you want the

delivery service delivery service please

and your address 23 the high street you

know it's opposite the pub yes sir and

what do you want to order number 43

that's chicken with black bean sauce and

a number 68 special fried rice is that

all sir no and a number 21

sweet-and-sour pork with noodles yes sir

so it's one number forty three chicken

with black bean sauce one number

twenty-one sweet-and-sour pork with

noodles and one special fried rice

that's right how long do you think about

15 minutes sir great

thanks bye goodbye sir

- hello is that pizza to go yes madam

can I help you yes I want to order some


do you have our money yes I want one

with ham and pineapple

that's the Hawaiian isn't it and one

with just cheese and tomato the

Margherita do you want thin and crispy

or deep pan crust thin and crispy please

so that's one thin and crispy Hawaiian

and one thin and crispy margarita

anything else no that's all okay then

your address please it's 56 Orchard

Avenue se 21 thank you madam about 20

minutes for delivery and the price is 17

pounds including delivery Thanks

lesson three convenience shopping one

excuse me yes have you got any soft

drinks yes

on the top shelf up there

- could I have a newspaper please here

you are 65 pence please thanks a lot

you're welcome

three can I help you yes have you got

any toothpaste the toothpaste is down

there I think I can't see it sorry we

haven't got any then

for do you sell wine no sorry we don't

sell alcohol do you know where I can buy

a bottle of wine yes there's an off

license over the road

lesson for renting a room what do you

think of this one Matteo there's a

lovely view out of that window lovely

view of the train station earring it's

noisy there isn't it no not really I

quite like the sound of trains not all

night though I suppose so however it is

cheap that's important for us isn't it

that's true but do you think it's big

enough for both of us it's only a bedsit

isn't it there isn't a separate sitting

room and we have to share the kitchen

and bathroom come on we have to look at

other rooms before we decide not a bad

bathroom there's a shower and a bath

don't you think it looks a bit dirty

well it's all the other lodgers who make

it dirty what can you expect I know but

who cleans it the landlord

us of course now here's the kitchen oh


what's the matter Alex it's very small

don't be silly we don't want a big

kitchen we can't cook but I like a big

kitchen still you're right we usually

eat in the college restaurant don't we

we don't have time to cook anyway too

busy working no too busy eating in the

restaurant and having a good time

anyway I think it's okay we have enough

money for the deposit don't we I don't

know the deposit is the same as a

month's rent

so about four hundred pounds Wow I think

I need to call my parents

Oh Alex you're impossible

lesson five hiring a car

I want to hire a car for a couple of

days have you got anything available yes


when is it for today now if possible and

for how long two days I want it until

Saturday fine can you return the car

here yes I can

what time do you close about 6:00 but

you can leave the keys with security

great now what sort of car sir anything

really we have a Ford Fiesta or a

Volkswagen Polo at the moment fine

either right sir we just need to do the

paperwork could I see your driving

licence yes of course here it is I'm

sorry sir but this is your passport oh

yes how stupid of me oh dear I I don't

seem to have my driving licence with me

must you have it yes sir I need to see

it before I can let you have the car of

course may I use your phone

I want to phone my wife to see if my

licence is at home yes sir here

lesson six how do you like to shop one

two kilos of apples please the big ones

or the small ones Pitt how much of the

big ones 75 pence a kilo so that's one

pound fifty to you ok thanks and the

bananas how much are they - this model

has got a widescreen teletext remote

control and as you can see a very good

picture and what does it cost to rent or

buy madam oh I don't know well you can

rent it for 17 pounds 50 a month or you

can buy it for 765 pounds of course if

you rent it from us

we will come and repair it for you or

replace it if anything goes wrong I see

well I was going to buy it but perhaps

mmm it's a lot of money so yes I think I

will rent it very good madam let me

explain the procedure then three

scottsdale's Julie speaking how can I

help you hello yes I want to order some

things from your catalogue could I have

your customer reference number please

it's on the first page of your catalogue

I see it's 4 7 8 2 X are

thank you that's Paul Gallagher of Lee

farm Newmarket is it that's right

and what is your first item it's number

three one L are the table and matching

set of four chairs yes and the cost is

four hundred and fifty pounds including

special delivery okay and your next item

nope no that's all thank you sir can I

have your credit card details please yes

the number is four seven six three

for can I help you yes I want to book a

flight to Amsterdam when do you want to

fly next Monday if possible let me see

there are seats available on the 7:50

a.m. 9:40 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. from

Heathrow how much 139 pounds return if

you stay Friday and Saturday night oh no

I have to be back on Wednesday that will

be a hundred and eighty nine pounds

return then ouch

that sounds a lot I'm afraid that's the

cheapest I can do for you next week okay

I'll go on the early one then the seven

fifty how will you be paying plastic of

course your credit card details then


lesson seven checking in good evening

sir can I help you yes I have a

reservation for tonight

could I have your name please Francois

Mountain is that men2 who in yes that's

right ah yes mr. Francois monsoon from

Canada yes I arrived this afternoon

welcome to Edinburgh you're here just

for the one night I see yes I'm going to

visit my daughter in Aberdeen tomorrow

she's at the University there Aberdeen

that's a fine place but not as grand as

Edinburgh could I just take your details

for the guest registration form can I

have your address in Canada it's one six

seven seven Wilson Avenue Toronto

Ontario t3l one a five and you're a

telephone number that's eight six six

eight three three nine eight seven six

so you're Canadian may I see your


here's my passport thank you

and do you have a car with you no I

don't thank you that's all we need

here's your room key you're in room 304

on the third floor enjoy your stay

lesson eight making a complaint one

hello is that reception this is Nicky

Bartlett in room 34 I can't open the

minibar yes sir

you will need a special key from

reception there is a small charge for

that - excuse me I'm in room five or six

and the phone isn't working for

international calls oh dear I'll check

that for you what number do you want to


three hello it's room 208 I'm afraid

there are no towels in the bathroom

sorry about that someone will bring some


for reception this is Ken summers in

room for eight nine I was having a

shower and the water went cold

what's going on room for eight nine I'll

send someone to fix it right away five

door nellis speaking in room 303 I have

just got back to my room and it's not

ready even the bed isn't made I'm very


we don't usually make up the rooms until

after breakfast

lesson 9 checking out good morning may I

help you

I'd like to check out please do you have

my bill it's room 405

here you are could you check it please

this seems okay

just a minute it says I had a double

room but I booked a single let's have a


ah yes we didn't have a single room so

we gave you a double although we only

charged you the single rate oh good

thank you oh and it says I made three

telephone calls at 35 euros each that's

not right because I only made one

international call and that was on the

first evening don't worry I'll check

that for you is there anything else well

it doesn't say I used anything from the

minibar although I had three bottles of

water you know the small size oh we

don't charge for water great well apart

from the calls I think it's okay good

could you wait while I check with the

manager about the call charges or do you

want to sit in the bar I'll wait here oh

and could you order me a taxi to the

airport please

yes of course miss Pereira do you need

someone to get your bags that's alright

I brought them down myself well I hope

you've enjoyed your stay with us

I have very much thank you perhaps

you'll come back another time I'd love

to actually this is one of the best

hotels I've stayed in thank you right I

won't be a moment

lesson 10 exchanging goods

do you need any help yes actually I

bought these jeans last week and they're

too small

oh that's a pity do you want to exchange

them or do you want a refund have you

got a size 12 I think so

let me see yes here we are

would you like to try them on yes please

the changing rooms are over there thank

you how are the jeans fine they fit

really well good yes they look very nice

on you so that's just as straight

exchange then have you got the receipt

here it is thank you

now let me put them in a bag for you


lesson 11 sending things by post

can I help you yes please I want to send

this parcel I see inland or overseas Oh

overseas to Australia I need to weigh it

here you are

that's 400 grams and you need to fill in

this customs declaration what do I put

here well what's in the parcel it's a

gift for my mother

just some perfume and other things so

it's a gift and take the box next to

gift I see and then just say what's in

the parcel

so I write perfume and a sweater in here

yes that's right and the value well what

do you think it's worth how much did it

all cost

Oh about 35 pounds ok put 35 pounds in

there then is that all well you need

stamps oh of course

how much are they 5 pounds and 50 pence

right now stick the stamps on the parcel

and leave it with me thanks very much

part for people-watching

identifying people

track 1

one who's that woman standing by the


that's Bernadette Jackson she's my best


she works at bright Wells Bank in the


ah yes of course - who are those people

by the window they're my uncle and aunt

from Canada they'd love to hear about

your visit to Toronto why don't you come

and meet them sure thanks

three oh hello Charles

tell me who's that boy over there the

tall boy with the long dark hair that's

my nephew stood for Sarah hi

and ohrim hello this is Rita Olson from

Norway she's a teacher at the Academy

and she's staying with us for the summer

Rita this is my neighbor

Ron five who's that over there talking

to Samantha the short woman with red

hair that's my boss Claire Watkins six

this is a lovely photo are these your

grandchildren Imogen no they're my

sister's children this bigger one is

Simon and the little one with curly hair

is Richard

lesson two is this yours

right let's see what we've got

well this tie has seen better days

whose is it John is it yours no it's not

my tie

it must be dad's yes it's definitely his

it's one of his horrible ties and so are

those old jeans no those are my jeans

they're mine I don't want to give them


bad luck they're going next mmm whose

are these old trainers dads make sure

you wash your hands after touching those

mum are you sure they're his they're

very big yeah definitely

now these t-shirts they're ours yeah

they're our t-shirts mine's the dark

blue one and Sally's is the light blue

one right they can go what about this

skirt is it yours Sally no it's not my

skirt are you sure yes it's definitely

not mine

I don't wear skirts like that it must be

yours yes mum it's definitely your skirt

oh right I remember now

and this jacket John is it yours my

check is certainly not that's a girl's

jacket really yes it's hers it's

definitely Sally's jacket

lesson three what do they want I would

love the fur Guinea Python

what a fantastic sounding car I don't

know it's eight years old so it's

probably not in very good condition

I think the Scouty sunset would be the

perfect car for us but it's probably

really slow the Python can go from

nought to 60 in six seconds that's what

I call fast yes but it probably uses a

lot of petrol and we can't afford that

and look at the price twelve thousand

pounds for a second-hand car no way

what's the problem we can always sell

the house or something be sensible Rob

look the sunset has got a full service

history so it won't break down all the

time well I can fix the Python if it

breaks down hmm it says that the sunset

is an ideal family car yes but it's

probably really boring to drive in that

Python can you imagine it roof down on

the motorway at top speed brilliant it's

cars like the Python that cause

pollution you know

lesson for comparing people alright

we've interviewed all three candidates

who do we think is the best person for

the job they were all good weren't they

yes but I thought that MS Li was more

interested in the job than mr. Tiffany I

agree and mr. Handley was more

interested than Miss Lee hmm what about

their experience

well mr. Tiffany has more experience

than mr. ham Lee and experience is very

important qualifications they are all

really well qualified for the job

both mr. Tiffany and mr. Han Lee have

all the right qualifications but not as

many as Miss Lee mr. Tiffany is a bit

older than the others isn't he yes I

don't think that age is too important no

experience and qualifications are more

important and languages of course who do

you think speaks the best French hmm mr.

Tiffany doesn't speak it as well as mr.

Handley but mr. Tiffany speaks more

languages doesn't he

oh yes mr. Handley and Miss Lee don't

speak as many languages but I think

quality is more important than quantity

hmm possibly okay so who do you think is

the best person for the job

in my opinion

lesson five what are they doing track

one are doreen I need some help with

these invoices can you help sorry mr.


I'm typing some letters for mr. Willis

where's Simon then he's on the phone

he's talking to the Singapore office

never mind what about Janice she's

having a meeting with the catering staff

oh dear is Polly around then I'm afraid


she's working at home today she should

be back tomorrow it's not my lucky day

today Ian he's doing some shopping you

know buying things for the office Rob

he's showing Helen how to use the new

computer hmm Rick he's fixing his car a

small problem with the exhaust pipe

Joanne it's her break she's eating her

lunch in the park but it's raining is it

oh yes so it is never mind

I'll come back later all right mr. melih

okay everybody he's gone you can come

out of the stockroom now

tract - all right everyone let's get

started um Polly are you listening yes

mr. melih

then stop talking to Doreen please now

the first thing we need to Simon where

are you going sorry mr. Miller I've just

remembered I've left my phone in my

office well get it later

now as I was saying we really need to

Rob what are you reading no sorry

it's an email from my wife she wants me

to buy some bread on my way home I'm

really not interested in your shopping

list Rob pay attention please

now the first thing we need Rick why are

you looking out of the window oh no

reason mr. Miller

no come on Rick what are you looking at

there are some teenagers outside in the

car POC come on then Rick what are they

doing they're trying to steal your car


lesson six personalities track one

Ben's the early bird in our flat he gets

up at 6:00 a.m.

even at weekends and he always goes

running in the park before breakfast

what about Danny Danny's just the

opposite he's rather lazy and spends

most of his time in front of the TV he

doesn't go out much a bit of a couch

potato then yes exactly and then there's


he just loves meeting people he's very

talkative and he's out almost every

night a real party animal

truck to one he's really ambitious he

wants to be President one day

- she's quite adventurous

she likes traveling to faraway places

three she's so polite

she always says please and thank you

for their very cheerful I don't think

I've ever seen them look unhappy or


five my nephew is a bit spoiled his

parents buy him too many toys

six my sister is so talkative it's very

difficult to have a short conversation

with her

seven my father is very impatient

he hates waiting

eight I remember Sharon she was very

popular at school everyone wanted to be

her friend

lesson seven what was it like

hi Janice Robert great to see you hi

Alan Alan hello how was your holiday

terrible oh dear

sorry to hear that what happened well

remember we told you that we were going

to the Royal Palms Hotel in Barrett Oh


uh-huh it looked really nice in the

advertisement that's what we thought

until we got there and wasn't it it

certainly was not take the bedrooms for

a start the advertisement said that they

were huge and luxurious what a joke

ours was tiny there was just enough room

for a bed and the beds were too hard

we slept really badly every night and

then there was the restaurant not good

not good it was terrible

the service was ok but the food tasted


and it was the same thing every day

chicken potatoes peas chicken potatoes

peas well at least you had a nice beach

to relax on oh no we didn't we certainly

did not

what do you mean the beach was

disgusting it was really dirty rubbish

all over the place dead fish and even if

we wanted to sit on it we couldn't why

not because it rained every day the

hotel didn't tell us it was the rainy

season before we went and don't get me

started on the pool olympic-sized wasn't

it Olympic sized bath sized more like if

there were more than three people in it

you couldn't move and then of course

there were the friendly staff they were

so rude they treated us like we were in


one of them even shouted at us when we

left our bedroom lights on one evening

whatever you do Alan

don't go there hmm sounds terrible think

I'll give it a Miss are you going to

complain we certainly are and we want

our money back

lesson eight then and now

I have with me in the studio Charlie

Rickman the man who made and then lost

over 65 million pounds Charlie hello

hello there

65 million pounds

that's quite a loss how did it all go so


well my internet company Rickman dot-com

Limited was doing well sales were good

and I was making more money than I could

spend by the time I was 21 I was already

a millionaire five years later I decided

to hand over the running of the company

to my brother

Raymond right that was a big mistake

he managed everything very badly we had

lots of competition from other companies

and well that was it

and now you're working 12 hours a day in

a supermarket filling shelves and

helping customers you must have had

quite a change of lifestyle your house

for example right I used to live in a

huge house 16 bedrooms swimming pool

tennis courts and so on now I live in a

caravan in my mother's garden

and presumably you don't get out much

unfortunately now I used to enjoy eating

in restaurants almost every night but

now I cook my own meals and nothing

fancy either when things were going well

I used to eat lobster and drink

champagne not anymore

now it's toast and a cup of tea if I'm

lucky oh well welcome back to the real

world what about your free time well to

be honest I don't get much free time in

the past I used to watch a lot of

television but now I can't even afford

the television licence these days I read

a lot instead I can get books free from

the library and of course I used to

spend hours every day talking to my

friends on the phone now I can't afford

the phone bills so I write to them

instead mind you I don't seem to have

many friends left nobody wants to know

you when you don't have any money did

you find it difficult starting work

again oh yes I used to take it easy and

relax as much as possible now I work up

to 12 hours a day well thank you for

coming to talk to us charlie you're

welcome hey any chance of 50 pence for a

cup of tea

lesson nine party people track one would

you like a cigarette not for me thanks I

used to smoke but I gave up last year

what about a glass of wine no thanks I

used to drink but my doctor told me to

stop perhaps a cup of coffee instead no

thank you

I used to drink coffee but it stops me

sleeping well would you like to try one

of these chicken pieces no I used to eat

meat but now I'm a vegetarian I see

would you like to dance then no thank


I used to dance but I hurt my leg in a

skiing accident ah what about singing

some karaoke yes great idea I used to be

very shy but now I love singing in


truck - who's that over there by the


Brian clack he's my cousin why do you


well I just found these keys on the

floor I think he dropped them did you

prepare all this food yourself most of

it yes but I bought quite a lot ready

prepared from that new supermarket that

is just opened down the road hmm well

you've done a great job Thanks

these little pastries are delicious have

you tried one not yet

mm-hmm you're right they aren't bad are


well I'd better give these keys back to

Brian see you later

track three

hi what's your name oh hi my name's

Steve what's your name

I'm Jenny have you come to England for a

holiday no I'm here on business my

company has an office not far from here

are you in your own no I'm with my wife

she's over there is she the tool woman

with the long hair that's her are you

here on your own no I'm with my husband

he's that man with the blue jacket over

there when did you arrive in England we

arrived two days ago I see and how long

are you here altogether just a week I

hope you have a great time

part five attention

lesson one giving orders and making

requests good morning sir could you show

me your ticket and boarding pass please

here you are

thank you please put your bag on the

table have you just got one piece of

hand baggage yes fine would you mind

opening the bag for me of course right

this camera is it yours

yes it is is there any film in it at the

moment no good would you open the back

for me please okay see empty that's fine

sir thank you are you carrying any metal

objects on you yes my keys and a lighter

they're in my jacket pocket would you

mind putting them in the tray please and

then walk through the metal detector

there you go

thank you everything seems fine thank

you for your time sir have a nice flight

lesson two following and giving

instructions oh hi Judy

can I ask you for a favor what's that

Tom I need to give a presentation to the

directors tomorrow and I need a CD

player I don't suppose I could borrow

yours could I well alright I keep it

under my desk here you are great thanks

a lot how do I use it you don't know how

to use a CD player well you know okay

it's really quite easy first of all you

plug it in put the plug in the socket

there's one next to my computer okay

done it now what you've turned it on of


how do I do that press the power button

on the top of the machine this one here

on the left right and then open the CD

tray how do I do that press the lid

gently and it opens see yes okay right

when you've done that put your CD in

have you got it with you yeah here it is

alright put the CD in then close the

tray just push the lid down gently

alright and how do I play it press the

play button the one on the right like

this uh-huh


I can't hear anything you need to adjust

the volume turn the volume control to

the right to stop the CD press the stop

button that's this one easy

thanks a lot Judy I'll return it

tomorrow no problem just be careful with


that's all lesson 3 giving advice so Ron

off on holiday tomorrow you must be

excited well nervous really I've never

been on an airplane before it's a whole

new experience for me well I wouldn't

worry about it

flying supposed to be one of the safest

forms of travel but let me give you a

bit of advice okay first of all wear

loose comfortable clothing especially if

it's a long flight your body gets bigger

in an aircraft so you need a bit of room

to expand you're joking no I'm quite

serious secondly take a good book to

read flying can be very boring and the

films they show on aircraft are usually

rubbish good book okay arrive at the

airport early and check in as soon as

you get there that way you can choose a

good seat and then have some time to

relax ask for a seat near the front of

the aircraft why because it's quieter

there you're not so close to the engines

now before you get on the aircraft eat a

light meal a sandwich or something

airline food is usually pretty bad okay

during the flight itself drink plenty of

water and avoid alcohol your body loses

in an aircraft so you need to replace it

oh and if it's possible walk around the

cabin occasionally stretch your legs

great well thanks a lot

lesson for giving advice one

this jacket is really old that's true

you should get a new one

- I've got a terrible headache

I'm not surprised you spend too long on

your computer three I'm tired all the

time of course you are you work too hard

fool call the police

someone stolen my wallet

calm down maybe you left it in the

restaurant why don't you call them first

five I think it might rain it is getting

very cloudy you should take an umbrella

with you

six I never seem to have any money is it

any wonder you spend it all on CDs seven

what time do trains for Boston leaf I

have no idea how about calling the

station to find out

eight I hate this terrible weather in

that case how about moving to a warmer


lesson five talking about obligation

track 1 this is our latest mobile phone

it's a great little phone but you need

to look after it I see first of all you

mustn't use it in petrol stations or on

aeroplanes apparently it can be quite

dangerous you mustn't drop it as it will

break quite easily and you mustn't use

it in a wet or very hot environment on

the beach for example or in the bath hmm

you must keep it in its cover at all

times that stops it from getting dirty

and you must charge it up every day

otherwise you might be cut off in the

middle of a conversation the good news

is that it has its own internal power

source so you don't have to buy new

batteries for it oh and the mouthpiece

is very sensitive so you don't have to

talk too loudly into it you must turn it

off after you've used it this model

emits a lot of radiation which can be

dangerous if you carry it around

switched on all day oh and one final

thing for the same reason you mustn't

use it for more than 10 minutes at a

time oh dear have you got anything safer

like a carrier pigeon for example

truck - good to see you Peter

welcome to melty TEKsystems thank you

now before you get started and meet the

others here I must tell you about a few

company rules okay okay first of all we

begin work at nine o'clock every day but

you have to be here at half past eight

on Monday mornings because we have a

meeting to talk about the week ahead all

right do I have to come early on any

other days

no just Monday the working day ends at

five o'clock you mustn't leave earlier

than that without asking me first

is that clear aha you have one hour for

lunch and there's a restaurant on the

second floor although of course you

don't have to eat there if you don't

want to in fact many of our employees go

out for lunch but you must make sure

you're back in the office by two o'clock

all right now the office equipment

there's a photocopier which everybody

can use but you have to have a special

code number to operate it yours is three

eight six five all right three eight six

five right if you have any problems with

the machine see me you mustn't try to

fix it on your own I wouldn't dream of

it is there anywhere I can get a coffee

yes there's a coffee machine in the hall

do I have to pay for it

no it's free you don't have to pay

anything for hot drinks

there's also

lesson six saying how to do things track

one hello and welcome to today's edition

of move on move up now interviews love

them or hate them

you can't avoid them and to point you in

the right direction I have in the studio


Alton manager of all cell estates hello

mark hello sandy now mark I understand

that over the last five years you have

interviewed more than 200 people for

positions in your company that's right

some good some well not so good so what

in your opinion is the secret of a

successful job interview it's nothing

complicated really

first of all dress well put on the

smartest clothes you have secondly be

prepared think carefully about what

you're going to say before the interview

find out as much as possible about the

company and make a list of questions you

want to ask and on the big day make sure

you arrive on time of course it's fine

to arrive on time or even to arrive a

little early but whatever you do don't

arrive late you don't want to seem

unreliable what about during the

interview itself don't speak too slowly

or too quickly take your time but don't

send the interviewer to sleep speak

clearly don't mumble or cover your mouth

and don't try too hard to impress the

interviewer this can create a negative


but what if things don't go your way

well if you think things are going badly

don't panic

act calmly and continue to answer any

questions to the best of your ability

try to stay in control sometimes things

aren't as bad as they seem

mark Alton thank you for coming on the

show you're welcome now to that

essential question that everybody lesson

seven talking about quantity one we'd

love to help you but unfortunately we

haven't got much time before our train


- you should visit London when you are

in England there are a lot of good

museums that I would recommend 3 I enjoy

a good social life I have some really

good friends

for my social life isn't great I don't

have many friends

five will have to go to a restaurant for


there isn't much food in the house six

let's eat at home tonight there's lots

of food in the house

lesson eight making suggestions and

talking about probability a I'm late

I'm going to miss my bus if you run you

might catch it

be I've got a terrible headache if you

take a couple of aspirin it should get


see this plant doesn't look very healthy

if you give it some water it should


d the computer isn't working again if

you call an engineer he might fix it for


II poor Fido doesn't look very well if

you take him to the vet he should be


lesson nine describing something that is

happening now morning

Dolores oh good morning mr. melih is

Miss Edwards in her office yes but you

can't see her at the moment she's being

interviewed by someone from the local

radio station right well when she's

finished could you ask her to come and

see me in my office

oh you can't use your office today I'm


I can't why not didn't anyone tell you

it's been decorated oh great well in

that case I'll be in room 17 sorry mr.


some new furniture is being put in all

right what about room 21 it's being used

by mr. Wharton it's not my lucky day

isn't room 28 sorry a new computer is

being installed this isn't very good is


room 35 um not there either

the windows are being cleaned but they

won't take long oh well in that case I

might as well sit here with you and have

a coffee sorry mr. Miller there's no

coffee the machine broke yesterday and

it's being repaired all right I'll go

and sit in my car for half an hour not

possible I there I'm afraid why on earth


from where I'm sitting I can see your

car so like you said it isn't your lucky

day you parked it on a double yellow

line it's being removed by the police

lesson 10 tell me about them

so what do they do these people well

Susanna's the boss to be honest I'm a

bit frightened of her frightened of her

why it's her whole manner you know the

way she behaves I mean she's always

satisfied with my work and everything

and we have a lot in common but she's so

serious about her job and she's not very

friendly what about the others

Molly for example Molly is our personnel

manager she's responsible for taking on

new employees or getting rid of those

who aren't doing a very good job she's

never late for work and always notices

if we are late

now John the good-looking one

yes the good-looking one he's our sales

manager he's good at his job but he's

often absent from the office because he

travels a lot and Brendan isn't it I

must admit I'm quite fond of Brendan

he's our office messenger he doesn't

earn much so he's always short of cash

he's also famous for falling asleep at

his desk after lunch what about Thomas

our accountant he's okay I suppose

totally different from everyone else in

his approach to work gets in at 7

o'clock works for 14 hours sometimes

even sleeps at the office

sounds a bit sad a bit mad actually

part six tell me about it

lesson one

asking about past events one morning Sam

morning Ben sorry but can you lend me

some cash for my train ticket did you

spend all your money last night yes I

did I had to get a taxi home okay then

here you are

Thanks I can go to the bank at lunchtime

and pay you back tonight fine but don't


- I've had a terrible day the train was

delayed and it was so full I had to

stand all the way into town oh dear were

you late for work no I wasn't but I

wanted to get to the office early to

prepare for the sales meeting did it go

okay no it was terrible my computer

didn't work properly so my presentation

was all mixed up and I spilt coffee all

over my notes not your lucky day then no

it wasn't

lesson two what were they doing right

madam in your own words tell me what

happened okay well I was watching a man

standing by the side of the road can you

describe him yes he was tall with long

dark hair he was wearing a jacket and a

tie anything else yes he was also

wearing a pair of glasses sunglasses no

ordinary glasses spectacles and was he

holding anything yes he was holding a

suitcase was he wearing a hat no he


can you tell me anything else he was

looking at a map what made you

suspicious well I thought it was a bit

strange because he was

lesson three telling a story track 1 1 I

asked the cashier what the rate was and

then gave her my dollars suddenly a man

came in pointed a gun at her and

demanded 5000 pounds I just didn't know

what to do

- before I was able to save everything

to the disk the screen went blank and

then a box appeared saying I had

performed an illegal operation the whole

thing then stopped working can you

believe it

three I was winning I really was but

Jane said she didn't want to get wet and

decided to go inside I think she's just

a bad loser

for I had just put the oven on and was

cutting up some Tomatoes when Tom called

to say he was coming round he chooses

his moment doesn't he

five I came down the slope at about 50

kilometres an hour then I lost my

balance lost control and hit a tree

ouch I spent the next week in hospital

six it was a beautiful old building I

had just pointed my camera at it when a

policeman walked up to me and told me to

put it away apparently it was a military


truck - can I help you sir yes I'm

afraid I'm not really happy with this

hotel I'm sorry to hear that can I have

your name and room number please

yes of course it's Charles cook and I'm

in room 406

right mr. cook now what's the problem

exactly where shall I start well first

of all the service in your restaurant

was slow and then while I was eating my

dinner one of your waiters spilt soup on

my shirt he didn't apologize and the

restaurant manager didn't seem to think

it was important

one of my best shirts was ruined that's

not at all acceptable sir I'll have a

word with the manager later anything

else well the food in the restaurant was

very nice you know nothing amazing but I

would certainly eat there again however

an apology and an offer to clean my

shirt would have been nice

oh I agree I'll see what I can do

Thanks next I was trying to sleep in the

afternoon when the maid came in and

started to clean my room did you ask her

to leave of course I did but she said

she had to clean the room or she'd be in

trouble I mean it was 4 o'clock in the

afternoon she also forgot to leave clean

towels hmm

that's not good enough how is your room

Oh wonderful

one of the nicest rooms I've been in but

I'm not here to compliment you on your

rooms of course not sir anything else

yes I ordered a meal to be brought to my

room it took almost an hour to arrive

and when it did it was cold

also the waiter brought it in while I

was taking a shower he actually came

into the bathroom to tell me the food

had arrived right I'll look into that as

well one final thing I was using one of

the computers in your business center

when it crashed I was in the middle of

writing a report and I lost everything

also the printer doesn't work and the

internet connection is really slow it

took me 10 minutes to get online yes we

have had a few complaints about that

I'll see what I can do and get back to

you thank you you've been very helpful


lesson four what did you do next

yesterday I had a really busy day first

of all I walked to the supermarket to

get some food

then I went back home and phoned my

friend Bruce

that I had some lunch next I drove to

Bruce's house to pick him up the traffic

was bad but we eventually got to the

cinema we saw the latest Matrix film

which was pretty good

next we went for a coffee and a chat I

finally got to bed at about midnight

lesson five talking about obligation one

you shouldn't have eaten that chicken it

wasn't completely cooked

- we should have left earlier now we'll

be late

three I didn't meet you yesterday

because I had to work overtime

for we shouldn't have spent so much

money in the restaurant now we can't

afford to get a taxi home

five you didn't have to take a taxi to

the city center there's a cheap reliable

bus service

six you should have told your boss you

would be late he's really angry

lesson six famous lives

Charlie Chaplin was born as Charles

Spencer Chaplin in London on the 16th of

April 1889 before he became a star

Chaplin acted on the stage in London he

went to the USA with a traveling show

and was discovered by the film producer

Mack Sennett in 1914 he began to direct

his own films during his time in

Hollywood Chaplin acted in many films

he developed a much-loved character who

wore baggy trousers a small coat large

shoes and a black bowler hat his most

successful films included the Tramp 1915

the gold rush 1925 city lights 1931 and

modern times 1936 Chaplin became very

rich and eventually he became famous all

over the world after 40 years in the

film business Chaplin got into trouble

with the US government of the early

1950s they did not like his political

ideas he went to London in 1952 and was

not allowed to return to Hollywood after

this Chaplin decided to live in

Switzerland he went back to the USA

once only in 1972 to collect an Oscar at

the Academy Awards ceremony he finally

died in 1977 in Switzerland

lesson seven promises and resolutions

January the 1st again and I've decided

to make a few resolutions let's hope I

can keep them this year first of all I

want to give up smoking it's bad for my

health next I need to set up a regular

time to go to the gym I'm getting too

fat and I'm going to listen to my boss

when he talks about time management even

though I find this very boring

then I want to look after the car so it

doesn't break down so often and finally

I want to pay back the money I borrowed

from my brother I borrowed it last year

and I haven't paid it back yet

The Description of 47 Practical English Lessons for Communication