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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vulture Mine - Q+A

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- Hello and welcome to another edition of BuzzFeed

Unsolved Post-Mortem, a show where we

answer your most pressing questions about

the most recent episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Which was The Vulture Mine.

All the questions we are answering today, came

from you guys via our BuzzFeed Unsolved Facebook page,

we didn't get any questions from Instagram today.

- No we didn't, oops.

- Oops.

- We forgot to post it, so.

- So today's are only from Facebook, just our

sixty year old plus fans.


- First episode of the season, we're still getting

everything figured out.

- Easing into it.

- We're going to forget everything about the past seasons,

Not going to mention any names, but maybe some

certain storylines that don't matter anymore, we can

probably get forever.

- I think for the rest of the season when you do

the intro at the beginning, I don't need to

do my little animation thing.

It's a stupid line.

- I'm glad we're on the same page to begin this season,

- I was always just a popcorn man by the end, you know?

- Here's, whewww, right out of the gate.

- We're starting it off with a big one right?

- Here's from Alice Boc, a sizzler from Alice Boc this week.

The sizzler of the week.

If you pause at 13:34, and look right

in the middle, you can see a human figure.

Or was that a reflection from one of you guys?

Let's take a look at this footage.

- We are the only ones in this building

- Nobody else in the room.

- This is going to be insane.

If this turns on I'm going to lose my mind.

- Everyone's been tweeting this picture at me,

they think we caught a ghost on camera.

You know what? They may be right.

- Well, I'll say this from the still,

it looks like we got ourselves a stormtrooper.

- What?

- Look at that, you don't see a little stormtrooper there?

- Okay now that you've said that, yeah maybe, but it to me,

more looks like a creepy, decrepit woman figure.

- I see a stormtrooper.

(laser blasts)

- I think this is very compelling,

this is a very compelling still.

When I saw it over the weekend, I did a backflip,

I don't even know how to do that, but I did one.

- I don't find this very compelling.

So you can see in that footage, the little part

that almost looks like the face, when the camera

moves a little bit, I noticed it moves in tandem with

the rest of the light reflections.

So I think we're just looking at a

lens flare here unfortunately.

- We're looking at a light anomaly.

First off, before I go into that,

I went through every angle that we had.

We had six cameras going at this time.

- Mm hmm.

- I looked at every angle to debunk this.

We unfortunately only had one angle looking that way,

and I believe this is my Go-Pro.

That being said, I would say, I will go

50/50 with what Shane just said.

- You gotta admit, this is a light, you got a

bright light source right there, there's flares

shooting out of it.

- It is moving at a similar, it's moving

similarly to me at this point, like if when

I move around, the anomaly is moving around.

- Yep.

- However, what if that ghost was just doing

a little Simon Says, they're seeing me,

- No, no no, no, no

- And they're just mimicking my movement,

- That's not what they're doing

- Its like a ghost Wobbuffet.

- Wobbuffet?

- It's a Pokemon reference.

- Oh I got nothing.

- This comes from Gianna Schott:


- Schott?

This comes from Gianna Schott.

I hope that's how you pronounce it.

Wait so if this city was lawless,

how can it also be rampant with crime?

Doesn't there need to be laws for there to be any crime?


- Ohhh. She got me.

I put that in here because I want everyone to go, very good.

- First off Gianna, no one likes a literalist.

- That's true.

- Let's not dance around the details

of the language right here okay?

Look at something else in the episode Gianna, we

almost caught a ghost on camera.

- You know what?

Honestly, good to do this.

Anyone else out there who notices any

inconsistencies in the writing.

- You just said you don't like literalists.

- Yeah, but you know we gotta keep you on top

of your game, you know.

- Okay I can appreciate that, keep me spry.

Keep me spry with the pen.

- Thanks for immediately folding on this one.

- Yeah, I know, I thought about it and you make sense,

if I run along unchecked, I'm just going

to eventually decline.

- You're gonna get lazy.

- I'm gonna get lazy.

You know what Gianna, I take it back.

Thank you for keeping me on my toes.

I did a complete 180 here.

- All thanks to Gianna.

Thanks for that sizzler Gianna.

I didn't get this whole question, I missed the P.S.

Oh well.

- Hey, wait, what the fuck I don't have the P.S.

What the hell!

- Oh well.

I didn't get this whole question, oops

here's one from Pow-lah Jaclyn:

Here's the question

Here's my question, what would a voice on the audio

recordings have to say to get recognition from Shane?

In other words, what would Shane have to hear on the audio

for him to at least say, I can't explain that.

P.S. Ryan, the sound on the audio fro.

- And then it just says dot dot dot, see more.

Shane screenshotted your question Pow-lah, and

didn't get the PS.

He didn't click see more.

- Ah we'll see.

- It's just a screenshot that says see more!

- Oh Well.

- What the hell?

- Oops.

The rest of that comment will remain--

- Unsolved.

- Here's what I want out of an E.V.P

criteria one, is that I know what it's saying without

you having to tell me, they're saying rubber baby

buggy bumpers.

- Oh wait a second.

- And two, I want to hear it with no prompt, and me

saying, yeah so what, it's a person talking.

- E.V.P's aren't going to be like me and you

talking right now it's not going to be like hey,

you listen to Huey Lewis and the News

- It would be like...

hey we're listening to-- (laughing)

- You said, and I'm quoting you, this is you two minutes ago

- Yeah

- You just said, I'd like to understand and know

what it's saying before you tell me what it's saying.

- Yeah.

- You did that.

- In this episode?

- You did.

Listen to what word you think this is saying

I think it's pretty clear what it's saying.

- What

- What

We heard a thing Ryan.

- Here's the thing...

- I'll tell you the thing--

- I can't wait to tell you the thing

- You hear my thing first and then

- I'll hear your thing first.

- The thing is, if you hear

something and you guess the word it's saying,

it inherently will then be a human sound.

- Yeah.

- Now let's hear your thing.

- My thing is I don't give a shit.

- Let's go to, oh this is a fun name, Tricia Branco Barber.

This is hysterical.

I'm an intuitive and my daughter is

watching this show.

The two guys have a table set up

with a box on it waiting for something to happen.

The earthbound spirit was standing next to the guy in

the red and black flannel shirt.

I think that spirit was having the last laugh.

- Lot to unpack here.

Do you think she's ever watching like, the Price Is Right?


- Yeah I was going to say, do you think she's ever watching

a motion picture where they shot in a

haunted location and she's like oh

there's another character behind Christian Bale,

who's tha, does he have a back story?

Oh wait it was a ghost.

- And does she watch movies with ghosts in them, like

Poltergeist, and think it's just a very confusing movie?

- Quick end of conversation disclaimer here,

we know nothing about Intuitives, I know I don't,

you probably don't, so we're talking out of our ass here.

If this is how it works, and they can just look at

things that are already on pre-recorded medium, like

a photograph or a film, that is fucking bonkers.

- So I think, Tricia Branco Barber, you're going to

have to chime in, chime off.

- No don't say chime off.

- On our next few episodes if you see

any spooky ghosts around the periphery.

She's very cocky about it.


This is hilarious, you wouldn't believe it,

there's a fucking ghost giving you a wet willy!

- There's a ghost playing a little banjo behind you!

You can't even see him!

I'm fascinated right now.

- Yeah

This one's from Chloe L. Easterling.

- That's also a fun name.

- Yeah, good names everybody.

I would have loved to see you guys in old west

costumes to provoke spirits just like you experimented

with costumes in the Salem Witch Trials episode.

Did you guys ever think about doing that again?

Party City has plenty right now.

Also Shane, seeing as how

the season premiered on Friday the 13th,

do you give any substance

in believing in Friday the 13th?

Hashtag Shaniac. Thank you

- After Salem Witch Trials,

I mean, we can flash back to that right now.

- Yeah let's take a look at the quality of those costumes

- Alright. - Well I feel good.

There's no pockets on this.

I don't know what to do with my hands.

- You don't look to happy.

- Come on ghosts!

- You can tell by looking at this footage, and you're seeing

it right now, that that's a felt hat.

My belt actually broke.

- Yeah.

We had truly planned on getting really

nice costumes for that and wearing them

for the duration of the investigation.

- Yeah.

- But when we realized how impossibly stupid they looked


We decided, maybe not.

- Same thing kind of happened here, we wanted to get

legitimate cowboy outfits.

I'm talking leather chaps,

- A big leather duster.

- Nice looking guns that could maybe fool a ghost

- Yeah.

- We just didn't have the funds

- Spurs!

- Spurs yeah okay.

I guess you thought about it more than I did, but we

didn't have the funds.

- One of those wine skins.

- They get it, they get it.

- So yeah, we didn't pull the trigger on that

a little cowboy humor.

- Yeah, we got it.

We didn't have the funds.

- And yes, I do believe in Friday the 13th, because

it happens pretty regularly.

What do we got next?

- Flo Mack.

- Yeah, let's do Flo Mack.

- The ghost noise wasn't a whisper.

It sounded like metal being scraped against stone.

- I agree


- So matter of fact! - I know.

- There's no exclamation of this at all, it's just periods.

- I love how Flo Mack does business.

- In fact, we had two whispers.

We had one in room at the S.A. building.

- Yeah show that.

- Our audio recorder picks up what

sounds like a loud whisper.

That one, pretty good.

Of the two whispers we got, this

probably isn't the most compelling.

Let's go to the next one.

Our audio recorder picks up what sounds like

a whisper from a small child.

That's us in the kid's room, with the door opening.

Happens when Shane opens the door

that was opening by itself.

That one's pretty compelling to me.

That one actually sounds like kid,

it has a breathy quality to it, I don't know.

I don't know what else to tell you Flo Mack.

I guess Shane, Shaniacs


The smirk on your face.

- Don't worry guys, we're good.

Next question from Jessica Aguilar.

Next time you guys go yo a place where children's spirits

might be, try bringing a little toy.

I've seen in different

supernatural shows that they sometimes do that to make

the child more comfortable.

Just an idea! Love you guys.

Heart heart.

- Yeah That's actually a pretty solid idea, we've

done that a couple times, we did do a Timmy with a little


- Ah yes.

- They're caller trigger objects

They're used to make the spirits a little more

comfortable and maybe they'll be a little bit

more active because of that.

We do do that later in the season.

- Later in the season.

- But, do you think in the future maybe we should just

bring a whole backpack full of pogs and uh--

- Props, have a bunch of just little gadgets and trinkets--

- Yeah you'd be the toy man.

- Yeah, or it could be full of fake pistols.

- Why do all grownup ghosts want pistols?

- In this scenario they would want a pistol.

- Oh okay I thought you just meant any location like

- No I meant like I would have,

- Hey ghosts, you want some guns?

- This comes (laughing) this comes from Matt Walker.


Ryan, I think you might be a psychopath; you need to chill.

Shane, you are cool.

Well I can't imagine why Shane chose to pick this

question for me to read.

What went into your thought process

to having this be on the show?

- This is what you get, Ryan was running late today

he couldn't pick the questions, so I picked all

the questions.

- Yeah. - Big deal.

- So Shane picks the questions, we get

one question that's not complete,


we get one question that's not even

a question, it's a statement.


it's a declarative statement saying Ryan you might be

a psychopath you need to chill, Shane you are cool.

Man, you really dug through the trenches here.

- You weren't here!

I had to pick them myself!

- You unearthed some gems.

You did a mining operation of your own here.

- Yeah I found some gold nuggets baby, these are nuggets.

This week it's all nuggets.

Put that graphic up.

All nuggets.

- You know what, us Bergaras, we got thick skin,

we don't need to take little cheap shots

to the bow like this guy just did.

Your torpedoes are just bouncing off

my rough exterior right now.

- I'm not even firing torpedoes,

- I think you just did.

Lisa Porcho says, the plague spoken of could

have been Consumption, known tody as Tuberculosis.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Next question.


- Was that not a good question as well?

- No , I think it's good.

Alright, moving on.

Another great name here, this comes from Josephine Jericho

Shane seemed more at awe and Ryan more daring

with provoking the ghosts this episode.

Why is that?

- Was I in awe?

I don't really remember being in awe at this place.

I was kind of marveled by the town itself.

- You know what, I think I'm just getting

a little bit braver to be honest.

There are situations that I still am very uncomfortable

with, when I have to be in a lock-down, and

when I have to go into a small space, there's

certain rooms that make me feel very uneasy.

- You couldn't get less braver at this point.

You just start from zero.

- Sure, yeah, I'll just take that.

I'll spin that as a compliment.

I'm just going up.

- Ryan what do we have coming up next week?

The second episode of the season,

very exciting, what have we got?

- We got something that goes way out there.

- Ohhh.

- But it's gonna be a fun one.

He's not going to be here next week,

he's going to be on vacation, like a douchebag.

He's already dressed for vacation, look at him.

Oh shit!

He's got the Hawaii shirt on, he's got the

sunglasses, all he needs is a

little tiki tiki rum rum.

- Up here, I'm already gone!

- That does it for this episode of

BuzzFeed Unsolved Post Mortem.

Make sure you watch the episode on Friday, and

then send in your questions to the BuzzFeed Unsolved

Facebook page and the BuzzFeed Unsolved Instagram.

That does it for this episode, see you guys next week!

- And while we're there, have a little ghost go by,

he's just a little cowboy ghost though,

he's got a little cowboy hat and he's just flyin right by!

Isn't that fun?

- That's fun.

That's the end of the episode right?

- Yeah is that good enough?

- Yeah.

Wait, just, no more hotdog?

- Oh you want more hotdog.

- No no no. That's it.

I thought I had to wrap it up quick.

- Oh, based on that feedback.

- No, the hotdog is dead.

It's dead. He buried it.

- Hey Ryan I like your shirt

- Thanks I like yours too.

- Thanks

- Buy it here. - Buy it here.

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