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"Want sum cock?" "Ready for some action?"

"U top or bottom!" "saw you @ Tr3s last night?"

"BJ now"

So... Why did you decide to get tested for HIV?

The condom broke.

I know gay men are your target, but I´m a little worried.

I thought this was the kind of thing that only happened to other people.

Like going to a job interview with your fly undone.

Or having bad breath on a first date.

I was in a relationship for 8 years. That´s like 80 years in gay years.

I´m not gay, but my husband is.

Well, my ex-husband.

We broke up a couple of weeks ago, and I found out that he had been dating other people.

My ex-husband did a lot of gay things.

I have reasons to be concerned. I really, really misbehaved.

A lot of gay things.

I really did misbehave.

I think I messed up.

I can´t use condoms. They totally kill my mood.

So I always have unprotected sex.

I had too much to drink, and when I woke up the damage was done.

I come over every month, so I know what you´re about to tell me.

Can I just take the test?

Does it hurt? Do you have to take it while fasting?

I had a huge breakfast. I was nervous.

We never used condoms. I´m really scared.

Sorry, I´m just a little nervous.

Relax. We´re going to talk for a while, and then we´ll take the test.

This is a place that is targeted at men who have sex with other men.

Everything we do here is anonymous and confidential. We don´t judge.

If something happened, we just try to help you deal with it, as much as possible.

We try to give you some counseling and get you to think about a couple of things.

Basically, we want you to understand that whenever you have unprotected sex there´s a risk involved.

I just need to prick your finger, okay?

Then all we have to do is wait 20 minutes.

And we can talk about whatever you´d like while we wait.

We can talk about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Do you like it? I love it.

You know, this is where I work, it´s not a place for you to come cruising.

I need to talk to you.

You´re a child. Do you think I´d ever do anything with a client? Let alone you.

I mean you´re like... what? 20?

I´m 17.

I´m old enough to be your dad.

You´re right about that...

You´re 42, even though you tell everyone that you´re 37.

18 years ago, when you came to Lisbon, you helped out two friends of yours, a lesbian couple.

They gave you food, and you gave them something they wanted.

There´s some kind of misunderstanding. You´re wrong.

No, I´m not. I´m your son.

Do you remember them? They´re my moms.

Alice and Elisabete.

You never saw them again, did you?

I´ve been keeping track of a few things I found out for myself.

I once overheard them talking about you in the kitchen.

I added it all up, and found out where you worked.

Do they even know you´re here? What´s your name?

My name´s Afonso. They don´t know about this...

Look, Afonso: I promised your mothers that I´d help them out.

But I also promised I wouldn´t get involved.

I don´t want to be your dad, do you understand that?

Relax. I don´t want you to be my dad. I just wanted to meet you.

To know who you were... to talk to you.

Don´t you have friends?

You really need to lose that attitude.

People call you Ursão, right?

I know you have a kind heart, and that you just act like that to protect yourself.

It´d be great if we could be friends.

But if that´s not possible, that´s okay too.

I´m just glad I came over to meet you.

You don´t want a dad?

I have two wonderful moms. There´s nothing I´m missing out on.

I don´t really need new friends...

But I do like meeting interesting people.

And I think you´re pretty interesting.

Have you been to the movies lately?

Did you watch anything nice?

I really like movies. I think Iíd like to be a director.

Sorry, this is just not going to happen.

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It´s because I´m skinny, isn´t it?


Writen and Directed by André Murraças

Translation by João Mexia

Subtitles by Bear and the Subs

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