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welcome everybody it is my honor, pleasure, privilege, and boopydoopy

to announce meme awards

2018! the very first



just memes goddammit






ooh! But before JUMP into it guys

as you guys know

memes are becoming harder to monetize

i know!

the great tragedy

the great depression

how do i monetize memes?

according to the atlantic, the lifespan of a meme

has shrunk from several months to just a few days

you have so many goddamn memes this year

what! you want more of ugandan knuckles

you just cant have enough

oh man i wish ugandan knuckles hang on for a lot longer

that would've really done the trick for me man

it's bootiful

we're living in the renaissance

the rena goddamn renaissance of memes

you dont understand

you dont know that youre in the good ol' days

when until you left the good ol' days

but I know

this is it baby

and it's all thanks to me

killing them so goddamn quickly

it's all thanks to me

that's right

I have the omnipotent power

a cringe apprently jesus christ

it's been a great year of meme review, I had a lot of fun

I don't know about you guys but its

pretty epik

that was disgusting

but let's have a look back, just for a moment

at where it all started




welcome everybody to my brand new show called


the internet hasnt been the same

ever since meme review!

you know i really enjoyed doing meme review

getting all my videos striked

it's always a pleasure

just givin away everything

you know the atlantic wasnt wrong

it's harder than ever to monetize memes

but IM not giving up


because i love frickin love memes

you dont know this about me fun little fact but like

memes is like the core center of my being

before we go into the very first meme award

i have one last duty

one last duty of 2018

and its to



big chungus im comin for you

i bet you're sitting there: oh wow! i'm gonna



big chungus is GONE

everyone on twitter: when are you gonna review big chungus?

oh it's happening right now

big chungus...

i love him

can i just say I luv him

he is So cute

15 characters who could defeat thanos

Big Chungus

It really is the perfect meme to sum up 2018

I'm kidding

now this started off as a reaction image

on uh whazzat reddit

and then someone photoshopped this image

and called it big chungus for ps4

i dont know about you guys but im kind of a gamer

id play this game

it's a pretty good game

featuring dante from devil may cry

oh Hecc yea

now a facebook post from someone that works in gamestop

posted that: i just had a customer come into my store

just read it lol im tired


well... did you have it in stock?

you know its the stupid gamestop employees that are always hiding the best games in the back

but everyone knows

you just gotta sing the big chungus anthem

for them to pull it out

hey you got big chungus?

sorry it's sold out

chunga chunga chunga

a chunga chuna what the hell felix

he'll go: chunga chunga chunga

Chunga CHUNGA chunga chunga






he realizes hes being dumb

it goes a little something like that it's a secret

There's only one image on my computer that's so unnaturally large that opening it in my browser just about slows

the whole GYN thing down to near halt unless I exit the tab and it's this single effing image.

big chungus its so goddamn big

i dont think people fathom how big big chungus really is

big chungus has gotten so popular

that they got a live action confirmed with it

and it's played by Lilly Singh!

ohhhhh yesss

finally a REAL actor

playing a really important role

I'm so proud of this community. I'm so proud

what are you so afraid of?

youre treadin on some mighty thin ice here

what do we do?

you make every shot count


Big Chungus in the last of us

big chungus is in last of us!

The Last Chungus


can wait to play that one

the chungle book goddammit Disney bought it

disney bought it it's over

well, it's been fun guys

damn level 10 boss

DAMN skinny-y chunga

uh huh

no thank you

eh no thank youuu




thats what i wannnt

next meme

we're getting into the meme awards guys

im sorry

but i gotta make sure i round up this year properly

i gotta make a proper gootsy bootsy

otherwise whats the point?

next up we have these gottemdamn awful



actually i'll say, they're the best

they're the best

ok so, here's whats going on

this guy just invaded

he should've scouted me

he's dead

he doesnt have anywhere near enough tropps and his army composition is just garbage

I Was just about to say that! his army composition is garbage

and once i do crush him, i'm going to capture his hero

uh huh

so, once i get his hero,

gameplay commentary that felix will make fun of

okay, that's very cool

ah! where did he go?

ah! they got a cute asian lady

and they just died... what did i do wrong?

you gotta change into an arrow formation!

but is she going to still win????

ohhh come on


ohh yeay they won!

lets jsut send in the cavalry

from what i see here, they got way less troops

this is so authentic

i really

the only thing that could make it more authentic is

if lilly singh was acting in this

that's the only thing that i think would make it even more tear breaking

i mean all those soldiers just died

you see like how

this is me when i game with my ePiC bRoS

now i'm not sure but

isn't that the exact same footage?????

that that asian girl was


isn't it nice when bros game together?

nothing makes me happier

seeing two bros bro-ing it out

at lords mobile

available now! download! link in the description

this video is (not) sponsored by lords mobile

it isn't btw (see i was right)

but if they wanna spend money on me

i would 100% take it

now we have these goddamn awful mafia war ads

that's become a meme

level one: poor

lucky poor

level 50: crook

jammin to the music

level 99 oh my godt!

i have to download this game

right, fricking, now

oh not the BFI

You're free. It's that easy guys. If you're ever in

prison and they're BFI comes at you

you know what to do.

Now what were they thinking when they made these mobile ads.

I don't know but it's working all right.

So we should have like a mobile ad where like a guy's

level a hundred. Right. And then like he'd give us all the way

stuff to like a girl and then you see like he's level

like decreasing and then like the girl would just literally

literally listening.

Literally the girl would just merely turn around and give

away all the stuff that she literally just got to the

guy next to her like that will be a good ad.

OK. So he gives away the car the most. Oh my God. The is

That that's a good ad right there. And if you don't think that's a good ad

then you don't know ads. You don't know ads.

This is how life is perceived by most people.

And like mafia game worse understands

finally a game that I can relate to.

This is how life is.

Level one. Oh you are so poor.

Just shoot the bag. Just shoot that god

damn back. Please Mary

Why do torch got to be like that.

Why do women got do you like that. It's like

Before I shoot the bang I'm not so attractive but

then I shoot the bank and all the sudden all the

sudden all the women wants me home.

Now I'm not sexism but I'm OK.

Women please leave a comment down below. Well you have to say in your

defense males have the car jump

scare waiting around anywhere to scare

me because all three.

Metres but it looks like.

We're in time for

Meme awards 2018.

Oh let's see the little bands you guys see this.

There's still facial dance. So if anyone else

ever does this dance I'm going to copy strike you

The number one category. You guys voted on Twitter.

We got over 58 billion

responses 58 billion that's a lot of

people based food me.

And the nominees are

Tied Parsky Dostoevsky due to awesome

popcorn chicken sprite Crane rare. Wow.

We had a lot of food names this year Burger King whole

lotta hard to swallow pills

or somebody that you miss a game and the

winner is. I. Actually don't know.


Some. Somebody that fact about

Come over here come out reintegrating long legged

dog. Here you go.

You burn it. Gosh damn it. Now what do you want.

But it. Took some I. Forgot.


Me Sad. That's right. We had a

year of a lot of tragedy. A lot of people dying.

But what's more important is this. What's sad

is me and the nominees are

moral disintegration

Roadblocks. Go commit not alive man

Nina. Dying of leg man. This is so sad.

While Luigi not in

Spain. And the winner is.

This is so sad. I mean they said it probably

should have seen that coming. This is so sad.

This is so sad. What do you have to say.

This is so sad.

This is just sad. Next. Me.

Science break. So what are the celebrated

Tory moments. Of the breakthrough on the

meet. We have Piers is stored in the vault.

We all learn something new today I think we can say I'm

something of a scientist myself. They did

surgery on a grape. Let's not forget that it's

math related to science. I can't

believe this is even a category. All right. Well who won it.

Oh my God it's so close. I thought it was in the store in the

box but it's not. It's surgery I know.

Great. God damn it. All right. There you go. Sarah.

God. Jesus. Here still a garbage me.

You know that right.

You're basically the worst meme of 2018. If I have

anything to say about it but here you go. Enjoy

your Oscar and get out of my sight

did Adam Max say.

Our next category. Is about

Obama. We've seen a lot Obama this year.

What's up with that. Like what's up with that.

Guys. We have Obama and we have a boom guy.

We have Obama and is gone.

So which Obama is the best Obama. Oh

my freakin gosh. Which one is it gonna be.


Okay. All right. I don't fucking care. Jesus Christ. This one

is more important. Sorry Obama. No one cares.

Gone be gone.

The sexiest meat sexy sex appeal.

Always have a place. It means

everyone knows everyone. But what was the sixth

year one of them all. We have a less than girl.

We have been small. Remember that one. We have families.

Some people like purple. We have about six.

More vessels 600 to 500

B.C.. At a discount. For. My

main modern age. My bro speak

big chunk. Jump. Jump

Jump and the sex. Yes meme award

goes to.

Oh God I hope it's power St because power sector is so

frickin pipe man. Oh it is about that. OK.

Barber said. That

Bowers had twins the sexiest name Sanders

was a close segregated. Very good.

Said. I guess a lot of people like

Her. What's up with that.

The best meme song everybody we had muffin some

crab. Hit or miss. I'm already

tracer mega Lavine damage to proceed.

Desk by secret. Beth listen. Howard meet

you in business America. By

which song really took the place.

Which song. Was the anthem of 2018.

Oh wow.

It is based on a Zynga.


I mean obviously people like this on years of TV

series and the whole thing.

I'm actually having an acceptance speech for my own

award show for my own song but god damn it I'll take it.

Okay. I guess

I merely wrote business. Yeah in an hour

two hours. That's all a tick. I don't think anyone is surprised

by that but still I just try to think of the dummies

lyrics I could possibly think of and it actually

sounded good so I'm really glad you guys like this.

I would love to do more songs in the future because it was so much fun.

I mean Brad nearly just went down to the veto.

I'm sure that's fine a lot of effort

and a lot of thought went into this but yeah. Thank you guys.

Thank you guys so much. Love you guys so

much. And next. Moving on.

Worst meme of 2018 everybody.

Which one took the price as the worst.

I think this is probably the most important. No one really likes

means it's not like I want to be here. It's not like you

want to be here. It's like every award show ever you just kind of want

to get to the point. Okay

so we have t c t Posey skedaddle.

Good God I hope that one dies. 49.

Article 13. Surgery on a great and

famous car. And the words.

Mean. When a team.

Goes too. Far

Tonight. Here you go.

Very cool.

Really surgeon in a great that and when we have best team

show and best meme left guys. OK

best meme show we have meme review

meme review meme review

meme review. Meme review and.

Options 6.

Well that's gotta be a mistake obviously. Oh thank God. Meme


Thank you guys so much. It's gonna be my

honor to rule means for another four

years. Thank you. I love democracy. What can I

say now the moment we've all been waiting for

The best meme of 2018 can you

do this Peter Pi has no legs or bonus.

Wow. These are all huge pain related mean. What a

weird coincidence. That's crazy. Oh wow. All

right. Let's see which one won it. Oh it looks like can you

do this

Is to me. Going to Kick it.

Oh wow. Thank you guys so much as my honor. I can't

believe I won two awards. That's crazy.

That's awesome. Thank you guys it's

very epic. I promise you guys

is not gonna go to my head like I'm still gonna be the

same level headed rounded guy and like I'm

not going to be like one of those

People like really sings that takes any

accomplishment and just think they're the.

Okay. I saw a special award as well most

which meme is most likely to end the human race

goes to the N-word. I just want to say.

I'm. A big ole thanks to everyone for an amazing

twenty eighteen. You know I kind of gave up on

this tent. But the

fact that you guys are still watching it really means a

lot to me. It's been such a blast this year.

And I hope and I can't wait to see what

2019 has to explore. Thank you guys

and I'll see you in 2019.

Epic. World this time.

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